Get to Know Flynas, Saudi Arabia’s Low Cost Airline

Flynas Airlines Saudi Arabia

Flying with Flynas and Booking @ Cleartrip to Get Low Airfare Deals!

Flynas Airlines Saudi Arabia

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Traveling by flight has become easier because of the surge in low-cost carrier. Based in Saudi Arabia, Flynas is also a low-cost carrier that operates fights to both national and international destinations. The company gains one-upmanship over the other airlines because of the premium features and affordable prices that it provides. You can do Flynas booking on online travel portal Cleartrip after searching and comparing flights.

Besides operating domestic flights, Flynas also flies to many international destinations like Athens, Beirut, Riyadh, Khartoum, Istanbul, Amman, Kuwait, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Egypt, Lebanon, Turkey, Kuwait and more.

Services offered by Flynas:

Flynas offers a wide range of services like:

1 Onboard shopping– It lets you shop while you are flying. You can purchase different products while you are onboard flying to reach your destination.

  1. Pre-book your meals– Want to enjoy a scrumptious meal; FlyNas lets you book your meals while you are booking your ticket. It has a wide range of food options like biryani, pasta, kid’s meal, cheese omellete, etc.
  2. Access of the lounge– With Flynas, you can also get access to lounges at different airports for a relaxing experience. Here you can enjoy fresh beverages, relax and enjoy free Wi-Fi.
  3. A comfortable journey– To make you long haul flights less hectic, Flynas Airlines is equipped with all the modern facilities and seats that offer perfect comfort.

Why make Flynas reservations on Cleartrip?

One of the main reasons why people log in to Cleartrip is because this online platform allows fast, reliable and easy ticket booking services. It not only allows the passengers to book the flights but also allows them to check the flight status and also get scour through the various hotel options at the desired destination. Here you can check Flynas booking online by comparing rates with other airlines and book in less than a minute.  Cleartrip provides all the information about the flight number, time of arrival and departure, and flights by other airlines on the same route. What makes it so preferable is the attractive promotional deals and discounts that it offers. So apart from getting all the information, the passengers can get flat discounts on the ticket fare. Use this online platform to make your bookings in advance and get a chance to discover the world at an affordable discounted price.

Here are some of the important features of using Cleartrip as your Flynas Flight Booking partner.

You can make use the feature of one touch and get your flights booked within a couple of minutes.

  • Check the PNR status online.
  • Option of web check in and printing out of the boarding passes in advance to save time at the airport.
  • Use the Cleartrip mobile app for Flynas bookings.
  • You can get the best discounts and deals for Flynas international and domestic flight tickets.
  • Cancellation of the tickets and rescheduling.
  • Different options for making payments which make it flexible and a reliable way of getting your flight tickets.

Use Cleartrip To Check Flight Status and PNR Status Online

Cleartrip allows you to see real-time status of the flight departure and arrival by route or by flight. This way you will get the latest update about the flight schedule. Usually flights depart and arrive on time but sometimes due to bad weather or any other unavoidable circumstances there is a delay and flights get rescheduled and sometimes canceled. So, real-time flight status gives you up-to-the-minute update so that you can be sure before heading to the airport.

Cleartrip has also made it easier to check your PNR status online. PNR will give you the information regarding the real time status of the booking. With Cleartrip, you will get to know whether your booking is confirmed or not. You can also get information on the exact time of arrival and departure. All you need to have is your PNR number, download the app and feed the PNR number to get complete details of your flight status in one go. The feature of checking the PNR status is one of the numerous features of Cleartrip. You can use the one-touch feature of booking if you wish to book tickets within few seconds.

Besides this, Cleartrip offers a number of useful features like easy to use interface, auto filling of information to make flight booking easy and less time consuming, Safe and secure payment gateway, flexible payment options and more. With all these features, Cleartrip becomes one of the best choices when it comes to flight or hotel booking.


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