Tasmania’s Top Scenic Road Trips

Bruny Island Tasmania

Top 5 Scenic Road Trips in Tasmania

Overland Track Tasmania

Tasmania is like a mix between Australia and New Zealand. It has the ruggedness of the former, but also the fairytale-like splendour of the latter. Found off the coast of southern Australia, this gorgeous coastal region with amazing wildlife and beautiful nature needs to be seen to be believed.  Tasmania is an ideal location for taking scenic road trips.

Now, what makes Tasmania particularly good for road trips is just how compact it is. Tasmania isn’t that big, and yet, there is a lot of variety for a place where you don’t have to drive for hours on end to change your scenery. You can hang around the coast at one moment, and then after a couple of hours, you can hike around the mountains, take photographs, and just take on any kind of adventurous holiday you want.

So, whether you’re going by camper, car, or maybe a motorcycle with some kind of caravan, know that you will find exactly what you need for an adventurous and scenic trip. Whether it’s basking in the beautiful landscape, taking photographs, or trying out some adrenaline-filled activities, you will find it all in Tasmania.

Tasman National Park

First, drive to the Tasman Peninsula. From there, stop at Eaglehawk Neck. This is the place you want to see if you are gunning for taking the best pictures ever. An amazing spot to wait for the sunrise or sunset going over or into the sea.

Climbing in Tasmania
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Now, while you’re here, you can do several things as well. Frist of all, try out hiking. There are several spots and areas that have great hikes, like cape Raoul, a wonderful trail just southwest of the Tasman Peninsula. It’s a 14km 5 hour walk that allows you to see the amazing ShipSterns Bluff. You can also find a good campsite that has a wood fired sauna, a perfect place for any traveller who wants to stay the night.

Next, cape Huay should be your next stop. Here you have 8 kilometres of amazing views and rugged landscapes. Furthermore, the Totem Pole can be found here – a rock climber’s dream. Namely, the Totem Pole specifically is very popular among rock climbers, famous for its many climbing routes, and its danger.

Bay of Fires

Bay of fires needs to be seen to be believed. This bay got its name due to the orange rocks that are smack dab right in the middle of the white sand and blue water. The pearly white sand along with the crystal blue water all make the rocks seem like they’re ablaze.

Now, besides photographing the amazing rocks and area, this is one of the more relaxed places in Tasmania to hang out. Set up a barbeque, enjoy a nice warm fire, and watch the sun set over the rocks, have it all look golden and shining.

Bay of Fires Tasmania
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Now, while you’re here, you can do a couple of things. Obviously, photography is a must when you’re here. The natural colours here give you special composition and styles that you can’t really see anywhere else. However, what we really advise you do is just check out Binalong Bay.

Found right at the southern part of the Bay of Fires, Binalong Bay is a beach right out of a dream. With sand as soft and as fine as a blanket, and the sea air as refreshing as the water you can take a dip in. Go on a hike, or maybe just have a cocktail or two near the beach.

Freycinet National Park

Freycinet National Park can be found around 200 kilometres up the eastern coast. There you can hike up the top of Mount Amos, or check out the Hazards mountain range. Even if you think the weather is a bit unfavourable, you can always try and go do a walk to a special viewpoint the overlooks the bay.

Freycinet National Park Tasmania
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You should keep in mind that the Freycinet National Park is one of the oldest parks in Australia, and one of the most beautiful pieces of land you will ever see. Of course, if you feel overwhelmed, you should get a good road trip planner. These can help you get some focus on where you are going, how to get there, all the while staying safe and sound.

Bruny Island

Bruny Island can be found on the southern coast of Tasmania. You can grab a ferry that leaves from a town called Kettering, and then moves forwards to said island. You can expect the journey to last around 20 minutes, so even people who tend to get seasick can handle this trip.

Bruny Island Tasmania
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Now, Bruny Island is basically two separate islands that are connected by the Neck, a small stretch of road that is necessary for you to traverse if you want to reach the island. Once you reach the island, be sure to try some of the whiskey, wine, or some of the delicious food here. Then, take a hike on the Fluted Cape Track that start at adventure bay and goes along the southern part of the island.

Mount Field National Park

What about some waterfalls, how can you say no to these? Just go to Mount Field National Park, form Cradle Mountain, and then stop by Nelson Falls. Pass through native rainforests, pass by amazing roadside lakes, and bask in the glory of these amazing surroundings. Walk to and through Montezuma Falls, and then finally arrive at Mount Field National Park.

Mount Field National Park Tasmania
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Once you arrive in this area you will see a visitor centre, and a campsite. There is a ton of info within the centre that concerns the flora and fauna. Move on to Russell falls, an easily accessible waterfall, or rather, two of them. Russell falls is a two-tiered waterfall that seems like it comes from nowhere. From there, you need to move towards Horseshoe Falls, another pristine and gorgeous waterfall.

Stare out into the sunset, reconnect yourself with yourself, and with nature, try to mediate a bit and be present in the moment. Sit next to the waterfall and try to centre yourself.


And there you have it folks, a couple of scenic places that you simply can’t miss if you’re going to travel around Tasmania. Check out Freycinet National Park or Bruny Island. Don’t miss the Bay of Fires and the amazing beaches there. Finally, check out the Mount and Tasman national parks. There you can see amazing waterfalls and beautiful trails.

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