How To Prepare For Safe Ski Holidays

Ski Vacations

Safe Skiing: Practical considerations for your next winter holiday in the mountains

Once upon a time skiing holidays may have the exclusive realm of the rich, and relatively famous.  While there’s no doubt that they are hardly a budget-friendly getaway, it would be fair to say that prices have dropped and ski holidays are a little more accessible than they once were. It means that more and more of us are hitting the slopes, and really making the most of winter in the mountains.

Ski Vacations

Of course, this is a holiday that can prompt more safety concerns than a basic beach break. We’ve heard some tales of high-profile skiing accidents over the years, and this is where today’s article comes into play.  We will now take a look at some of the best precautions you can take when it comes to safely prepping for your ski break.

It’s not just about the slopes

One of the biggest misconceptions about ski getaways is that accidents only occur on the slopes. Sure, this is where some of the big problems can start, but it’s not the only place.  After all, ski resorts are full of a lot of other activities as well, ranging from spas to bars and other mountainside attractions. It means that there are a lot of footpaths that can become icy, which is where accidents can happen.

To ensure you are covered for any possible accident either on the slopes or around the resort, it’s worth getting winter sports travel insurance from a specialist provider like Staysure.

The weather can be your worst enemy

At this point, most of you probably think that we are referring to the icy conditions. Granted, this is always going to be a “small” issue, but there is another unexpected one as well. This comes in the form of the sun and due to the high altitude that you are operating at, sun damage suddenly becomes quite a real possibility. In fact, before each and every ski session, make sure you arm yourself with plenty of sun protection.

Make sure you are in good shape

The TV shows might make skiing look a really straightforward affair, but if you have never gone skiing before don’t underestimate the impact it has on your body. This is something which can feel utterly relaxing at the time, but by the time your second day comes you may well be bruised and suffering from sore muscles.

Making sure you are in decent shape can help you no-end this regard, so research some exercise programs which can prep your body.  Since you’ll be using your leg muscles the most, doing some exercises to strengthen your leg muscles will pay off in a big way.

A final point: helmets are essential

We were almost tempted not to include this section, as it should hopefully be something that is completely obvious. As we alluded to previously, there have been some terrible stories of skiing accidents and some of them involved people not wearing helmets.

Nowadays, some resorts won’t even let you start skiing without wearing one of these – and this should tell its own story. In short, make sure you are well-equipped, as without them you are putting your safety in real jeopardy.

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