Dubai Desert Safari Will Be The Highlight of Your Vacation

Desert Caravan

7 Reasons a Dubai Desert Sand Safari Will Be The Highlight Of Your Vacation

Desert Caravan

Dubai is a marvel to behold. It has the world’s tallest building, the only 7-star hotel in the world, the largest shopping mall on the planet and the list goes on. With all that aside, there is nothing that characterizes Dubai as much as the tremendous and vast surrounding desert.  However, unlike ancient times, there are a lot of things to do in Dubai desert in unconventional ways. For instance, camel rides, quad biking, sand boarding etc. These activities make the desert safari in Dubai the ultimate fun and exciting activity. It is also one of the top ten activities in Dubai and a must-do experience for tourists.

You will find a number of tour operators offering the best Desert Safari adventure with different inclusions as it is not only a safari experience but a lot more than that. If you are visiting Dubai for the first time, a desert safari is a must-have experience for you to witness the desert biome and watch the ancient lifestyle of Bedouin people. Here are the top 7 reasons why Dubai Desert Safari will be a highlight of your tour.

Dune Bashing

Dunebashing in Dubai

Flickr by: Land Rover MENA

If you have ever been on a roller coaster ride and enjoyed it, you will love dune bashing too. It is the number one reason why you must experience a desert safari in Dubai as it gives an exhilarating experience to the tourists. In dune bashing, a 4×4 vehicle that is fully equipped with roller cages slams down the high sand dunes in the speed. The passengers are completely safe in this ride because only specially licensed drivers are appointed for this kind of driving in the desert. Also, all the seats have seat belts so passengers don’t need to worry about their safety. The skillful driver moves the vehicle at such speed that it gives a feel of a roller coaster ride. This dune bashing session is 15-20 minutes long in basic packages however, you can enjoy 30-35 minutes dune bashing in advance safari packages which costs a little more. This exciting activity is ideal for young people, but older folks with heart ailments or back/joint problems must avoid it.


Desert Sandboarding
Wikimedia Commons by: Drorbamidbar

It is a fun desert activity in which you move up and down the high sand dunes. For the safety of the visitors, helmet and knee pads are provided by the tour operator so you can enjoy this fun activity without worrying. This activity can’t be performed anywhere else so you need to visit the desert at least once to experience it yourself. Mostly, kids love sandboarding as it gives them the freedom to play in a different open-air environment.

Quad Bike Ride

Rode an all-terrain vehicle before? Now is your chance to ride a quad bike and experience the thrill of a lifetime. Quad bike activity is not a common inclusion of a desert safari, but it can be availed at an additional cost on your trip. You can enjoy quad biking with your friends and exploring the vast desert landscape. Again, for the safety of the riders, riding apparel and all other safety equipment is provided by the tour operating staff and also an on-site instructor is always there to guide you with the handling of the gear. So if you are an adventure lover, the quad bike is one of the reasons why you need to take a desert safari trip.

Camel Riding

Camel Riding Dubai

For all the people coming from Europe, US, UK and Canada, camel riding is a unique experience. It’s nothing like riding on horseback. You will scream in thrill and excitement from the moment the camel gets up to take you for an ultimate ride. In ancient times, camels were used as a means of transportation that’s why they are often called the “ship of the desert”. Thus, it is a part of desert safari adventure in Dubai and visitors simply love it.

Emirati Dinner with Shisha 

Once you are done with the above mentioned activities of the desert safari, the real fun awaits you in a Bedouin-style desert camp where you can relax in a comfortable low seating environment which is called majlis. There you can enjoy some complimentary shisha and munch on some snacks and dates. Also, Arabic coffee, tea and soft drinks are served throughout the trip. Moreover, the reason why desert safari is a famous activity among the visitor is its buffet dinner. The menu has a huge list of Middle Eastern cuisines which are suitable for both veg and non-veg guests. From BBQ items, salads and desserts, you will find a lot of options for dinner. Desert safari is a great opportunity for food lovers to taste a variety of Middle Eastern cuisines in one place.

Henna Tattooing

Henna tattooing is a specialty of the Arab region and it has significant importance in Arab culture. In Muslim weddings and festive occasions, women adorn an intricate temporary henna tattoo on hands and feet and to express their happiness. Thus, if you want to get one, come to the desert safari and you can get a free henna tattoo on your hand and enjoy other exciting activities. Henna tattooing is arranged for ladies and kids in desert safari camp as a souvenir of their trip.

Tanoura Show and Belly Dancing

Belly Dancer Show

Wikimedia Commons by: flightlog

While you enjoy a buffet dinner, watch spectacular performances by belly dancers and talented tanoura performers. However, belly dancing is prohibited in the city, the desert safari is the only place where you can witness this mesmerizing hip twirling performance. The belly dancer shows you different acts with sharp swords and knives which is really appreciable. On the other hand, tanoura dance is a sufi dance form from Egypt in which a male dancer moves round and round while narrating a story. You will simply fall in love with the beauty of tanoura dance because it is a unique form of art.

Furthermore, you can pose for a memorable picture wearing the customary dresses (Kandura dresses for men and Abaya for ladies). These are kept in the Majlis territory. Above, we gave you 7 amazing reasons as well as highlights that will make your desert safari experience extraordinary. If you are visiting Dubai, do add desert safari in your list of activities which you must experience in this city.

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