Finding The Best Local Foods to Try While Traveling

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local food markets

Where to Find the Best Foods to Try While Travelling

local food markets

Eating while traveling is one of the best benefits of going abroad. Getting to try new and exotic foods is one of the many reasons why we choose to take a trip. Sometimes it’s a dish we have tried so many times at home, or it is something we have read about in travel articles. Whatever the reason for wanting to try a new cuisine, here are some of the places to try some wonderful regional food while traveling abroad.

Local Markets

Food markets are everywhere, in almost every country across the globe. Hitting up one of these local markets will get you right into the local food action. This is where you can find fun fresh ingredients, interesting fruits, or wonderful meals that are prepared by the people themselves. The locals often love to share their products and traditions with you, and it means the money in their pocket directly, which is a good reason to shop local from those who know the food and culture best, the people. Depending on where you are staying, you can even make dishes out of the ingredients you purchase.  Engage the local market sellers in a conversation about how to prepare a dish with their product – you may just bring a prized recipe home with you.

Take-Out Food

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that some of the most interesting and affordable food you can find is from take-out or delivery places. The food you can order in other countries can vary significantly and may not be the same as your home.  It can be apparent in countries like Singapore, or in Asia, the jollibee singapore menu has some options that we can’t find at home that are fun, tasty and a great introduction to their food culture. The point of traveling should be to get educated on different country’s cultures, and this is a quick and convenient way to get introduced.  Another growing trend for convenient take-out of local favorites is to dine from a food truck.  Uniquely designed food trucks are cropping up in most major cities and provide great food specialties prepared by passionate mobile chefs.

Find Restaurants in Local Neighborhoods

Getting a bit away from the high traffic tourist zones to nearby neighborhoods where locals live, can pay off with discovering mom and pop restaurants where good food is served to local residents.  Whether its a cafe, brasserie, or grill, you’ll be introduced to the regional dishes that are comfort-food for those who live there.

Fine Dining

For those of us that can afford it, consider fine dining or high scale restaurants. This is a good way to test your taste buds with some of the highest quality food you can find while abroad. It is also a nice treat to go out for the night and try some interesting dishes that can only be found at highly rated or reviewed restaurants. Although it can be costly, the opportunity to travel and taste exotic food at a prestigious restaurant is an opportunity that cannot be passed up. You never know the next time you will get to try a crazy seafood dish, or spend a night at a 5-star restaurant overseas!


Travelling allows us to expand our cultural knowledge in such a fun way. One of those ways is through food. We have used food to get to know each other for as long as we can remember, and it is always a treat to go abroad and learn about the people and culture through food. Local markets, fancy restaurants, and even fast food are all ways to expand our tastes and get to experience the ingredients or meals that we eat at home, but in a much more meaningful way.


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