Tips For Visiting Fukuoka Japan from Hong Kong

Fukuoka Japan Gardens

Flying From HK to Fukuoka Japan? Here is what you should know about the beautiful city of Fukuoka Japan

Fukuoka boasts of being one of the liveliest cities worldwide with an array of green spaces, cultural sites, alluring parks, famous museums, and showbiz, among others. The city’s climate is warm and brings the holiday feeling such as imagining yourself relaxing by the beach. Fukuoka also has dependable public transport making it easy to explore the surrounding areas. And it is one of the modern cities in Japan.

Fukuoka Japan Gardens


Visitors who love outdoor can bath in the sun and surf at Momochi Beach. Urban parks also offer appealing areas where you can jog, hike trails, and so on. One of the best parks to visit is Ohori Park. This park features magnificent city views as well as waterside thoroughfares. There is also Fukuoka’s rich history of the ancient castle ruins open for you to explore its attractive appearance. Keep reading. This is just the beginning of the fun!

Shopping and Entertainment in Fukuoka

The city’s district that offers major shopping and showbiz is in Tenjin. Apart from being a contemporary urban landscape, Tenjin hosts some of the biggest renowned department stores and famous shops. The well-known Canal City treat shoppers to incredible retail setting with a whole fountain show. If you are interested in art, Fukuoka’s art museum hosts a wide selection of fine Asian art. These arts are gathered across the continent, and some of the pieces come from the world’s greatest artists.

Of course, you will need some food and rest after exploring all the above. Fukuoka is a home of tasty and excellent food to kill your hunger. The Japanese know that Fukuoka is the home of famous street stalls like Hakata Ramen and quaint Yatai. Food is always within.

Hk to Fukuoka Flights

Most flights from Hk operate every day in and out of Fukuoka Airport. The flights are affordable and service other renowned towns in Japan as long as you know more about the flight time, and book in advance. Fukuoka has a population of about 1.5 million people and divided into seven wards. Most cultural sites and shopping regions are found in Chuo-ku, which is the central ward and administrative center. In this ward, you will discover Ohori Park, which holds the city views and castle ruins.

Hakata-Ku, which boarders Chuo-ku to the north, holds the city’s major railway station as well as the Fukuoka Airport. This is why businesses and corporate headquarters are found in Hakata-Ku. This city is a home for music and arts; therefore, socialization is guaranteed. There is also a ferry terminal to Hakatak Harbour that links numerous islands in the area.

Bottom line

There are many exotic places to visit in Fukuoka. You can explore the Canal City, Fukuoka Tower, and Kyushu National Museum, among other spectacular areas. If you are in HK and plan to visit Fukuoka, know about the flight time, and book a hotel in advance. You will have fun moments in the city and even explore more unique adventures


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