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Mixed Grill
14 Jan

Manage Your Food Before Taking Off on Vacation

If you’re building up to a big break away, you might find yourself with a fridge full of food you want to use up before you take your trip. But you don’t have to cook up everything in your fridge and eat it all in one go. Using it as an excuse to enjoy the finer food things in life can help you start your holiday early and make the food you have on hand an excuse to party ahead of your holiday. Here’s how to manage and enjoy your food before you go away.

Mixed Grill

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‘Themed’ Food Night (Or Whatever’s Left In Your Fridge)

If you are travelling to sunnier climates like Carlsbad, CA, you have the perfect opportunity to rise to the occasion and have some themed pre-holiday food. This actually means ‘whatever you have left in the fridge’, but why not meet the challenge of making it a themed food event for your big send-off. If you’re visiting the sea in Carlsbad, CA, match your food to the occasion with a big barbecue to clear out of whatever’s left in your fridge freezer. From steak to chicken breast, grill it all up and get rid of it before you have to go. If you are considering a trip to look at moving to sunnier climes like Carlsbad, check out: You’ll get local help from experts that know the local area well. Sample the delights of the local area and see if it’s right for you.

Prepared Dinners

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Itemize What You’ve Got Left

So you’ve had your ‘pre-holiday barbecue clear out’, and now it’s time to assess what you’ve got left in your fridge freezer or pantry. Make a solid, itemized list of everything you have. If you’re feeling super organized, assess what you’ll have the night before you go or for breakfast before your big flight. Why not go the extra mile and whip out that recipe list. Especially important if you’ve got more than one person to feed, making a recipe list will make it easier for you to prepare meals in advance before you have to worry about packing for yourself and your family, as well as helping you to save money.

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Get A Pre-Holiday Takeaway

We all know that eating the night before you go away is more about quickness than home cooking. Why not put some money aside so you can truly enjoy yourself the night before. Whether you want to enjoy a delicious meal or choose a preview of the food you’re going to enjoy while you’re away. Spending the night before you go enjoying a meal in the luxury of your own home is the perfect send-off before you jet away to sunnier climes.

Using your pre-holiday food as an excuse for a celebration is the perfect way to enjoy the run-up to your trip. Whether you’re rustling up recipes for yourself, your friends, or your family, you’ll be sure to enjoy using up your food to avoid waste and splashing out pre-holiday. Here’s to a happy holiday for you all this 2020.