Clubbing in Europe

10 Best Cities  in Europe To Go Clubbing

Clubbing in Europe

Europe has always been the best destination for summer vacations. Regardless of how many places you have been to, there still are many cities to explore in Europe for famous wild parties. Maybe the next city you will tour will be better than the current best that you know.  Because of the diversity in experience, entertainment, needs, and preferences, your best European clubbing city may not necessarily be the one that some other person recommends.  We’ve got a great list for you of the 10 Best Clubbing in Europe recommendations.

Whether you are traveling for a vacation or you want to explore lifestyle in Europe, clubbing in the best cities can add significant value to your knowledge and change your perception of your vacation. I know that you have read a lot about the best cities you can go to for a clubbing tour. But I want to remind you that “the best” is inexhaustible.

These are the top 10 best cities to visit for clubbing in Europe.

1. Ayia Napa, Cyprus

As an island country, Cyprus is an appealing destination for beach activities in Europe. During the Summer, you can expect to party every day. Apart from the beaches, the clubbing here runs through the night until after sunrise. At The Castle, you can party from 10 PM until 5 AM and go out for beach activities during the day.

2. Le Havre, France

Le Harvre Harbor France

Once a devastated city by World War II, Le Havre is now a lively port city in the Northwest of France. Although not popular among many people, the city is an exciting place for people who like having fun and nightlife.

Between many clubs and bars, there is somewhere that fits your taste. Le Country-Club is a perfect destination for everyday partying – except for Mondays.

3. Barcelona, Spain

Clubbing in Barcelona

Spain has incredibly favorable weather. It is never too hot nor too cold to party all year round. In Barcelona, you will find many clubbing places where you can spend your vacation making merry, and they are affordable than those in most cities.

Overlooking the beaches along the Meditteranean Sea, Opium Barcelona is one of the clubs you need to visit. You can enjoy the scenery while partying all the time in your afternoons.

4. Berlin, Germany

Germany is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world. The capital, Berlin, gives you every reason to arrange your clubbing tour there. In Berlin, the clubs are cheap, with no restrictive policies. And you can join other travelers to party at Club der Visionäre. Partying for long hours is possible.

5. Zagreb, Croatia

Croatia is known for yachting. However, the capital city offers ample partying opportunities in style. You can join any club and dance along with the locals as much as you wish. There are many choices of clubs in town, like SPUNK, that you can go to for various musical genres.

6.  Ios, Greece

Ios Clubbing Greece

The peninsular country, Greece, has many islands where you can visit for your Summer vacation. Ios is one of the destinations you can consider for your clubbing needs. While you can enjoy the warm summer sun by the beaches, you cannot miss the partying in Ios Club in the evenings till late at night.

7. KaZantip, Crimea

KaZantip is established as a clubbing republic. Partying, beach life, and sports are all you will find throughout the Summer. Remember to visit the Kazantip Leopolis Hotel for the fun and everything.

The best DJs from across the globe perform in KaZantip to make parties more lively. Do not forget to book your “visa” for entering the partying territory. The visa requirement is that you should be ready to party and be happy during your stay.

8. Krakow, Poland

For tourists looking for a party after party destinations in Europe, Krakow should be your first consideration. The city is established as a partying center for travelers. The Frantic Club opens at 10 PM, and you can join other travelers looking forward to partying. Drinks are also cheap, and hostels are ready to get you out for the best fun you want.

9. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Clubbing in Amsterdam

We know that the people of the Netherlands like having things slow and calm. But in the capital, Amsterdam, you can expect so much from music to various types of festivals. The high-rank clubs within the city like the Shelter are ready to host you for the best entertainment in town. Partying in Amsterdam runs throughout the night – from evening to sunrise – is such places.

10. Basel, Switzerland

Basel is the third-largest city in Switzerland. It is very close to both France and Germany, the hubs of music and clubbing in Europe. Because of its closeness, various party clubs in the city attract the world’s top DJs for live performances to make your nights. You can head over to Nordstern to experience the best music performances while partying all night.

The Verdict

While it is easy to think that things are expensive because of the demand and flow of people, you cannot miss places that are always offering affordable services and hostels in Europe. Clubbing is one of the cheapest activities to add on your Europe tour to-do list. Make sure you mark these destinations on your carte a gratter, so you do not miss out on the fun


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