5 Ways to Banish Those Post-Holiday Blues

Post Holiday Blues

Blues be gone! 5 ways to banish those post-holiday blues

Glorious sunsets, incredible vistas, new friends, new food and not a responsibility in sight. It’s true that once you’ve been bitten by the travel bug, everything else just seems dull by comparison. So, when the time comes for you to pack up your travel gear and head to the airport one last time, it’s no wonder most travellers arrive home feeling miserable and suffering from the dreaded post-holiday blues.

Post Holiday Blues

The thought of heading home to work or to your studies can seem utterly deflating – you have to set alarms, have responsibilities and your time is, sadly, no longer your own. It’s a difficult scenario to accept, especially after months on the road, doing your own thing. So, what’s the solution?

Read on for 5 ways to banish those post-travel blues.

Relive your travel memories

Let’s be realistic. After a couple of days of your 9-5 or heading back to college, you’re going to need a pick me up. And what could be better than revisiting all your favourite travel memories? Get your favourite pictures printed off and put on display – you can discover canvas picture prints by clicking the link. If you have leftover money from your trip, tickets, business cards or any other little trinkets then consider putting them together in a memory box or creating a memory board that you can look at with pride. It’ll give you a boost when you need it.

Consider the best things about being home

Ok, so you’re feeling pretty low right now and it might not seem like it, but there is actually a lot to look forward to back at home. You just might not realise it yet. Your family will be desperate to see you and your friends can’t wait to catch up over a few drinks and hear some of your travel stories. You might have missed your mum’s cooking or the family dog! You’ll also realise how much you appreciate the comfort (and privacy) of your own bedroom.

Look after your body

Travelling is mentally and physically demanding. Fatigue, stress, anxiety, lack of sleep and of course poor food and alcohol choices, means we’re often left feeling sluggish, unhealthy and lethargic. Heading home to a simple routine means you can start to look after your body again. Enjoy fresh meals that are bursting with nutrients and goodness, choose water over alcohol and enjoy a good night’s sleep for a change!

Keep in touch

You’ve probably amassed plenty of new friends whilst on the road. Hopefully, you linked up on social media or you have their contact details. Don’t be afraid to reach out and catch up! You can talk about your memories and even consider meeting up again soon! This will certainly give you a much-needed boost.

Know that it’s not over

Your travel adventures are just beginning. While you’re back home, you can work to help finance your next trip overseas or study so you can travel and teach abroad! Having something to look forward to will always make you feel good.


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