Best New York City Nightlife Spots Where Locals Hang Out

New York City Nightlife

Finding the Best Nightlife in New York Where Locals Hang Out

New York City has long been known as the hub of all the elite clubs in the world of entertainment. Being in NYC and not hitting the nightly party scene is a crime in its own way. So when you are tired dragging yourself around the sites in the daytime and doing what everyone else does, take a nap, then get dressed in your best outfit, and you’ll be ready for the fun that starts late in New York.  Here’s a rundown of some of the Best Nightlife Spots in New York City.

But where to begin with? Fret not. We have your back. Just browse through our meticulously curated list of nightclubs that let you enjoy a sneak peek into what the locals do for fun in NYC. You may choose one, or you may want to give all of them a try. That’s your call. Only remember that while you are in NYC, you’re at the height of glitzy nightlife in “the city never sleeps”.

Black Flamingo

New York City Nightlife
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Located in Brooklyn, Black Flamingo is one place that emanates extreme vigor and ardor. A few steps into it, and you may sense a Miami-kind of a feeling in the air.  The discotheque flaunts parties that are too good to be true. The soundtracks are specially handpicked by the scene veterans and are famous for making anyone groove to their techno beats.

Once you are done dancing to deep house or club beats, you can head upstairs at the Flamingo restaurant where they serve vegan food, so tempting that it will leave you feeling amazed and fulfilled as well.  Amongst a long list of flavorful delicacies, it is a must to try their burritos, quesadillas, and the delicious mushroom tacos.

Le Bain

Le Bain Rooftop Bar
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If the long queues don’t deter you, then you must give a shot to Le Bain, the rooftop bar at the Standard Hotel. Not only does the incredible music, but the glamorous crowd also plays a credible role in luring the masses and making it a huge success. With a spectacular view of the Hudson River and New Jersey on the outside and a giant dance floor with celebrity sightings and a freaking hot bathtub on the inside makes for a splendid evening altogether.


New York Nightlife
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This is the only club that offers live percussions, Brazilian funk, smooth transitions, Afro beats, rum punch, margaritas, etc., all under a single roof is one and only Bembe. Located under the Williamsburg Bridge, this place does complete justice to the hype that surrounds its name. To understand the sheer pleasure of swaying on the tunes of dreamy DJs, you must hit the floor and show off your sexy samba and salsa moves while sipping on everybody’s favourite Louis xiii cognac.

House of Yes

New York Disco
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Famous as being the baby of Kae Burke and Sapozhnikova, this nightclub of Brooklyn has no boundaries in terms of entertainment.  Since its opening in the year 2015, House Of Yes has gained significant recognition owing to its spontaneity and playfulness. If trance DJs, aerialists, magicians, and circus performers are not enough to hold you in, then the quirky costume parties are sure to juice up your weekend.

The club stays awake even after 3 am, and the environment gets hot at around that time. Thus, it is advised that you grab a few energy drinks if you wish to be a part of the scene until the wee hours.  So if you are looking for some sheer fun without having to regret it later, say ‘yes’ to this one and enjoy a spinning night.


New York Nightlife
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It is said that to stay in the game and to maintain the consistency of being popular, every club is required to continually evolve and get into the race of being better than others. But one club that outdated all such beliefs and stood strong on its terms, for ten long years, is the evergreen 1 OAK.

The owners of the hottest nightclub of America are befittingly applauded for striving hard in making 1 OAK what it is today- a perfect experience for its clientele. With hip-hop and pop as its primary focus, the club brings up a new local talent every night to turn the heat on.

Pro tip: Drop by after midnight to catch an exclusive party that too in full swing.

Good Room

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Greenpoint’s Good Room is one place, launched in 2014, by the music lovers for music lovers. The vibe of the area owes its popularity to the fact that it has been designed quite thoughtfully by the nightlife luminary Steve Lewis. With its large dance floor, terrific sound system, etc., Good Room makes for an excellent ambiance for some crazy night fun.

The place has been accepted well by the night owls, and it has not ceased to be the talk of the town for years now.  For the dress code, you can do away with casual too, but yes you have got to pay to enter!

Final words

In a city that never sleeps, finding a great nightclub isn’t rocket science. But yes, when we are talking about New York, being well-informed in advance won’t hurt much. You never know that for a fast-paced city like NYC, a club that was a hotspot yesterday might be an old news today. So do your research well before you zero-in on your choices. Have fun!


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