Setting Up Your Campsite With 5 Quick and Easy Tips

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RV Camping Tips

Streamlined Motorhome Camping: 5 Quick and Easy Tips for Setting up Your Campsite

RV Camping Tips
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Camping can be a lot of fun, especially when everything goes smoothly. Some people find themselves struggling to get set up, though, and end up feeling stressed and annoyed instead of relaxed and happy.  Fortunately, a bit of planning and research will make it easy to set up your campsite without trouble or delay. Keeping the following five easy tips in mind should make any upcoming motorhome camping trip more enjoyable.

Get Organized Beforehand

Whether for people who travel in sprawling RVs or those who drive cars equipped with roof top tents from Roofnest, preparation always pays off when it comes to camping. Arriving at a campsite well before the sun goes down will always make things easier, but there are additional ways to ensure an enjoyable setup experience.

One of the most effective of these is simply to organize camping supplies before ever setting out from home. Inexpensive plastic containers available at many retailers can be used to keep camping equipment protected and sorted intelligently.

All of a future campsite’s grilling implements, for instance, can be kept stored together in a single bin. While larger items like folding chairs and tables might not fit in storage containers, they can still be secured together with bungee cords or the like. Organizing camping gear before leaving on a trip will make every evening’s setup process go more smoothly.

Clean Up Before Setting Up

Even well-reviewed campgrounds often feature more debris and dirt than is desirable for comfortable camping. A quick bit of sweeping up before breaking out the camping gear will quite often pay off.

After all, it is always easier to clean up an otherwise empty space than to work around coolers, chairs, tarps, and other impediments. Make cleaning the first part of each campsite’s set up and things will work out better in the end.

Develop a Quick Plan

Once you’ve set up campsites a few times, a feeling will develop for how things should best be situated. Even then, the nature of the space that is available each night will need to be accounted for.  It is never any fun to put camping gear in place only to need to move it around later. Take a minute to survey the camping site and develop a mental plan covering where things will go before physically moving them into place. Account for issues like electrical hookups and the like and subsequent adjustments become less likely to be needed.

Wear Appropriate Clothes

It can be tempting to jump down from the cabin of an RV or truck and get right to work setting up a campsite. Oftentimes though, it will be better to change into some more appropriate clothes.

Should it be overly warm outside, for instance, a t-shirt and shorts might make for the perfect campsite setup outfit. Throwing on some gloves before handling heavy camping gear could be desirable, as well.

Take Your Time and Have Fun

Rushing is the number-one cause of campsite setup problems and frustration. Trying to arrive early enough to allow plenty of time will always make for a good start.

Even when there is not a lot of daylight left, it will be best to keep to a reasonable, measured pace. That will make delay-inducing mistakes less likely and help keep the mood appropriately relaxing. Motorhome camping veterans almost always develop an ability to stay calm even under pressure.

A Great Start to Any Motorhome Camping Trip

The prospect of setting up a motorhome campsite can sometimes be a bit stressful. Campers who follow these five pieces of advice can count on having a lot of fun while away from home.


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