Why London Gatwick Airport is so Popular as a UK Gateway

London Gatwick Airport

5 Reasons Why London Gatwick Airport Is So Popular In The UK

London Gatwick Airport

Initially known as an overflow option for Heathrow airport, Gatwick has quickly become a key airport for millions of passengers. Although it’s only a single-runway airport, it’s also incredibly busy and operates two terminals. So, why is Gatwick airport so popular in the UK? Let’s take a closer look at why London Gatwick Airport is the choice of so many travelers going to and from the UK.

Pick Up & Drop Off 

Whether you’re being dropped off by a Woking taxi company or family or friend, the airport is accessible by all public transport and cars, which saves paying for parking whilst you’re abroad. The airport can provide you with a journey planner to help you find the most suitable mode of transport and route for the best-streamlined journey. You can easily be dropped off and picked up at Gatwick, as the airport has a clear system that makes the process as seamless as possible.


Whether you need the North or South Terminal, the two are connected by an automated passenger mover that stretches over 1.21km. Whilst the North Terminal hosts flights by airlines such as Emirates, TUI, easyJet and Virgin Atlantic, the South Terminal tends to see airlines, including Turkish airlines, Thomas Cook, Ryanair and British Airways. There are also shuttle buses to help passengers get between the two terminals at the airport.

Airport Upgrades 

Gatwick airport gives passengers the opportunity to upgrade their airport experience for an affordable package. You can choose:

  • Premium Passport Control – You can get to the UK border and through passport control quicker and efficiently.
  • The Best Security – You can breeze through the airport with ease, as you book security for a relaxing start to your trip.
  • Lounges – Relax in the premium lounges, where you can enjoy complimentary drinks, food, magazines and Wi-Fi.
  • Premium Parking – Park in the most convenient parking spaces at Gatwick airport, including wide bays and terminal-level access.

Places To Stay 

If you have an early flight out or a late arrival time and you live a fair distance away from Gatwick, book a hotel at the airport. You can book the hotel with ease through the Gatwick airport website to choose the hotel of your choice; from Bloc Hotel to Hampton by Hilton found by the North Terminal and Yotelair located in the South Terminal. Having the option to stay at the airport overnight makes travelling more streamlined; an excellent choice if you’re travelling for business purposes or with children.

Plenty To Do 

Waiting to board the plane can be tedious, especially if you got there extra early to check in your luggage or your flight is delayed. Fortunately, Gatwick airport has plenty for you to do, whether you want to do some last minute holiday shopping for essentials or if you forgot something, for snacks for the flight or even to have a quick bite to eat before you board. With renowned high-street brands and food chains, including Skinny Dip, Hamleys, World Duty-Free, Nandos, Wetherspoons and Wagamama, you can relax and let your holiday begin at Gatwick airport.

So, as you can see, Gatwick airport has everything you could want from an airport, whether you are travelling for business or leisure purposes. Book your holiday and make the most of the features Gatwick has to offer for a seamless travel experience.


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