7 Top Affordable Spring Break Destinations for 2020

Spring Break Destinations

7 Best Cheap Spring break Destinations 2020

Spring Break Destinations

The spring break is a beautiful time of the year with pleasant weather in the USA and school break time to go exploring which tourism and marketing with it. The best spring break destinations in the USA, as well as neighbouring countries of Mexico and other Caribbean+ island nations, will serve as cheap destinations to visit on account of proximity and availability of flights.  Your first challenge is to find cheap flights to your preferred location by planning early!  So here’s our list of great cheap spring break destinations you can visit this year to let your hair down and party hard!

Fort Lauderdale

Ft. Lauderdale Beach

Bask in the beauty of the beach at the promenade, take a stroll down Las Olas Boulevard to unwind with shopping or a cup of coffee. Spending time at the Riverwalk arts & entertainment can be a great option for spring breakers while in the city. When you are tired of the beach, flamingo gardens in the city would be a good idea to give a visit to.

Cancun, Mexico

Spring Break Cancun

Located in the south-east of Mexico, Cancun is a pristine coastal paradise that is perfect for spring break getaways. With its amazing underwater museums, coral white-sand beaches, this destination is especially ideal because of the availability of cheap accommodation and food. Flying to Cancun is inexpensive and exploring beach activities like snorkeling, surfing is a must while you are there.

Panama City

Panama City Beach Florida

Another destination from Florida, Panama City is known for its pearly white beaches which have a high concentration of bottlenose dolphins. The city is surrounded by two state parks – St. Andrews & Camp Helen which are ideal for families to visit together. It is one of the most awesome places to go for spring break.


Jamaica Beach

Moving further south to the Caribbean, Jamaica tops our list for spring break destinations in the region. An exciting mix of beaches, mountains, rivers, mineral springs and rainforests, Jamaica has a little something for all types of travelers. We recommend the island nation with exotic fruits and classy wood. Party culture has been prevailing here for decades, so you can be sure of good times while on your trip to Jamaica.

Dominican Republic

Dominican Republic

A beautiful island nation with a cheerful, friendly and pleasant vibe- Dominican Republican is for all spring-breakers! If you are into beaches, resorts and parties, the beauty and energy of this destination will surely infect you with the joy you are looking for! Santo Domingo is actually a smart choice if you are managing your bookings at the last minute. The city is an ideal choice for history and culture enthusiasts too. The country hosts music festivals where the Cumbia & Salsa rhythms will have you shaking your leg, no matter what you are thinking.

La Paz, Mexico

La Paz Mexico

The quiet charm of this Mexican town will sweep you away. Be it the cafes on the sidewalks or the stroll on the Malecon (a stretch overlooking the sea), La Paz ensures an exciting ride for spring breakers. Activities like whale watching are also popular affairs in this cosmopolitan city apart from the nightlife.

Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach

Closer to home, Virginia Beach is a city in South-eastern Virginia with a beautiful 3 mile-long boardwalk! To energize and enthuse visitors, the city hosts a range of options with its amusement parks, golf outings and other activities like whale watching. It is an extremely pleasant location for families as well as college-goers because of its easy-going and peaceful vibe.

Spring break between February and mid-April can be an exciting time for college students and professionals to get a breather in life! Make sure that you plan in advance to reap the maximum benefits of our spring break ideas at reasonable prices.


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