Great Reasons To Visit Devon This Summer

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Reasons to Visit Devon England

Why A Trip To Visit Devon Should Be On Your Agenda This Summer

Reasons to Visit Devon England

Whether you’re planning what to do with the kids during their long 6 weeks off, you are looking to explore the best of British coastline and countryside, or you are planning a huge cross-generational family get together, Devon is the place to be. Summer in Devon is like no other, keep reading to find out why it should feature on your summer to-do list with our great reasons to visit Devon today!

It’s A Trip To Suit Every Budget

Holidays, particularly those during the British summertime can get extremely expensive! Travelling domestically to Devon is one of the best ways to really make the most out of your holidays, by maximising your annual leave and the quality time you can have with loved ones.

Devon, as a popular holiday destination, both for Brits and for those travelling from further afield, has a wide variety of accommodation options. From family friendly, South Devon Holiday Parks to camping fields and sites, to boutique hotels perfect for a luxury, couples’ getaway or brief babymoon, this gem really does have something to suit every style, every party and every budget.

The Best Of City, Country & Coast

Visit Devon England

Perhaps the most unique and best feature of Devon is its landscapes, which boast the very best, cosmopolitan city to fantastic, rural heartland in the National Parks and the amazing, Jurassic coastline. We recommend that you can spend time in all three environments to truly get a comprehensive experience of all Devon has to offer.

Exeter is a fantastic, vibrant city, full of young artists and great places to eat, drink, shop and explore. The city has a unique, underground history and lots of attractions and things to do – both indoors and out, perfect for a drizzly summer day.

Devon England port town

Alternatively, Dartmoor is just endless exploration opportunities, from the world-famous, Neolithic rocks to enchanting forests, this is a great place to explore when it’s warm, with the kids in tow, too. Finally, the coast has its own prehistoric stories to tell, but charming fishing villages and small towns with hidden coves the best part about travelling to Devon in the summer. Whatever scene you prefer, it’s can be as slow and leisurely or action-packed as you choose.

Enjoy Festivals & Free Events or Celebrations

Devon is the home of so many fantastic, close-knit communities. These proud, welcoming towns regularly play host to events and festivals during the weekends in the summer and into the autumn, too. Every weekend you’ll be sure to find something to join in with, whether that’s a fantastic firework display over a local harbour, a fancy dress parade, a fun and free water sports event or scavenger hunts through the Dartmoor forests.

One of the best things about attending these events and festivals, is that you can really get involved, and enjoy the true Devon experience. What’s more, local areas are always keen to show off the very best of their community, meaning you’ll get to see the highlights of Devon without even trying. Some of the events are really famous and an absolute must-see bucket list item, such as the Sidmouth Regatta, in which the Red Arrows always do a famous fly-by.

The Local Cuisine – It’s Really Like Nowhere Else

England doesn’t have the best reputation when it comes to food. Most of the world considers the cuisine to consist of blood sausage, boiled cabbage and jellied eels. Yet, in Devon, the famous foods and dishes you can’t leave without trying sound absolutely delicious and taste even better. This is your Devon food bucket list:

  • Devonshire Cream Tea
  • Cranch’s Sweet Shop – Salcombe
  • An Ice Cream On The Beach
  • Fish and Chips
  • Fudge


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