Great Tips For Living as a Student in London

Students in London

Practical Tips for Living as a Student in London

With over 372,000 students based in London, it would be fair to say that it’s something of a hotspot for further education. To put some context around this figure, this equates to around 16% of the total students in the UK.

Students in London

However, when compared to other university cities in the country, there’s no doubt that there are some huge differences when it comes to London life as a student. Today’s article will look to identify these head-on, so you can be prepared ahead of your upcoming studies in the capital.

Accommodation is more expensive, and smaller 

This is hardly going to be a newsflash for most of you; we hear time and time again about the extortionate cost of accommodation in London.

However, at least as a student, it’s probably worth repeating. Not only is it expensive, but it also tends to be much smaller than what you will find in other cities (or what you are used to).

Ultimately, long before you arrive for your studies, make sure your expectations are realistic. You might need to turn to a London storage company in a bid to get around the smaller size of your living accommodation, so take everything like this into consideration in good time.

Make the most of your student ID 

London might be expensive, but students are looked after in a number of ways. Their student ID can help them no-end with this and ensure that they qualify for all sorts of discounts that the typical Londoner just isn’t able to get.

Sure, you’ll have to pay full price for somethings, but before you buy any item always check if there is some sort of discount.

Try and be a tourist whenever you can 

After a few weeks of arriving in London, you can become enclosed in your own little bubble. Sure, you live in the capital, but you’ve suddenly become a local. It means that you won’t sample the classic attractions and by the time your studies are over, you’ll realize that you missed out on a lot that were on your doorstep.

As such, try and be a tourist whenever you can. As we have already alluded to, your student ID can help you with this. Try and tap into it on your free weekends so you can leave your studies behind after taking advantage of all of the famous attractions.

…But live your “normal” life outside of Zone 1

On the flip side, your normal life should really try and escape Zone 1. Sure, this might be the place that tourists know of, but it’s also the place where you’ll find the expensive restaurants and other establishments that can really inflate your cost of living.

It’s all about finding a happy medium. Do the tourist things, but in terms of day-to-day living you’ll have much more luck if you turn to the smaller, local areas of London, where you can get so much more value for money and really enjoy your life as a student in the capital.


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