Now May Be The Best Time to Book a Private Jet for Business Travel

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Private Jet Travel Tips

Everything You Need to Know About How to Book a Private Jet For Your Essential Business Travel

Many people believe that you have to spend thousands of pounds (or dollars) to fly via private jet. After all, only movie stars and celebrities use charted flights because they have the money. Right? No, Wrong! It turns out that booking a private jet is not only convenient but can also be cost-effective.  With current concerns about flying in large aircraft with hundreds of passengers, and airlines cancelling many of their flights, this may be the best time to learn how to book a private jet for your business travel.

Private Jet Travel Tips

You can save a considerable amount of time and money by choosing to use a private jet-hire service. While extras like personalized chauffeur service may factor into the overall cost, a good number of jet hire companies do offer surprisingly affordable packages. This article shows you how to find the best jet hire service for your upcoming business trip.

Commercial Jet Hire Company Services

To make an informed decision, you need to have adequate information on that particular subject. You, therefore, need to look at what different private jet charter companies offer. This section looks at three levels of operation, namely interstate, continental and international private jet hire service.

Interstate Private Jet Hire Service-Jetsuitex

The Jetsuitex company motto ‘No line and no waiting’ adequately sums up what you can expect when you charter a flight with a private jet hire provider.  You won’t have to go through long TSA lines, the hallmark of post 9-11 American airports, or be on a crowded commercial air flight. Private jet hire passenger lounges are client-exclusive facilities that function independently from commercial airline passenger terminals.

Furthermore, private jet charter companies don’t require that you to check in 2-hours before the departure time. You can check in 20 minutes before boarding your flight. While waiting for your flight, you will have a choice of caffeinated drinks, alcoholic beverages, snacks and fruits.

Jetsuitex offers round-trip and one-way flights in only four states, namely Washington, California, Arizona and Nevada. You can expect business-class level comfort on all flights.

Continental Private Jet Hire Service-Newjet

With over 70 global partners, Newjet has a fleet of over 1000 accredited aircrafts ranging from small 8-seater jets to 20-seater passenger craft. While based in the United Kingdom, Newjet jet hire service can fly you from London to Amsterdam, Turkey. This private jet hire company is, thus, a viable option for anyone with business interests across Europe.

Newjet’s commitment to a lower carbon footprint is why the company has a number of environment-oriented flier programs.  You, therefore, contribute positively to the environment every time you fly with this company.

Their frequent flier program allows you to make savings with each subsequent flight. Furthermore, you get to fly to multiple destinations across Europe via Netjet’s multi-stopover business packages.

International Jet Hire Service-Delta World Charter

DWC is the ideal private jet hire service company for globe hoppers. Reason being, DWC can take you to any destination on the globe. This feat is possible due to the company’s extensive fleet boasting well over 60,000 aircraft.

The array of jet hire services from this provider range from basic private charter service to packages with personal chauffeurs and gourmet catering. Their Business VIP travel package grants you access to world-class luxury private jet hire service.

Booking international charter service from this company saves you loads of time clearing through security, customs, immigration and luggage.

How to a Chartered Business Flight

Booking a private jet when you are planning a business trip is a multistep process. The steps involved are outlined below.

Make a Trip Summary

This step involves making a comprehensive summary of your travel plans. These plans should include departure and arrival destinations, your preferred departure date, a list of the items you will take with you and your on-flight preferences. The latter item includes beverage and meal options, and on-board facilities such as Wi-Fi and satellite phone service.

Having this information at hand helps you identify which charter package best meets your needs in terms. More importantly, you will be able to determine how aspects such as luggage and satellite phone service, affect the overall cost of your chartered flight.

Picking a Private Jet Hire Provider from SERPs

Now that you are familiar with the three levels of operation, you can confidently identify which service suits your particular business needs. If you need to take a short and quick business trip across state lines then an interstate operator like Jetsuitex should suffice. However, if your travel plans include destinations in mainland Europe then an international private jet charter is best.

Begin by making search engine queries for private jet hire companies with flights to your intended destination. A typical search query is something like ‘private jet flights to Las Vegas’ and so forth. You will get several jet hire company options in the search engine results.

Next, use the air fare calculator on each jet hire company landing page to determine which provider offers the best rate. Making a list of what each provider offers should make things easy.

Booking a Charter Jet Flight

Once you identify the right private jet hire company, return to their landing page and proceed to book your flight. All you need to do is confirm the details on the quote estimator. Doing so will directed you to a page displaying the air fare tiers for your intended departure and arrival destinations. Pick the tier that best suits your budget and travel plans.

Print Booking Information

Once you pay for your chartered flight, you will receive a prompt to print your booking information. Clicking on the print icon will produce a slip bearing a summary of your flight information. You are required to provide this slip on your arrival at the private jet hire boarding facility as confirmation of your flight.

The Private Jet Experience

Despite the smaller space, there is a lot you can appreciate about the cabin of a private jet. Past the cockpit at the front of the plane, comes the preparation area. This is where a flight attendant prepares your meals, snacks, drinks and beverages. The passenger area and amenities comprise the rest of the plane.

The seating area can have up to twenty seats comfortable recliners depending on the size of the jet. Each seat features a dedicated digital infotainment console and retractable table for your laptop or tablet. You can also make calls to any place on the globe via the concealed satellite phone on your seat.

To round off the essentials, the air conditioning on private jet planes is state of the art. You will also love the safety features on private jets. Each seat features over the shoulder seatbelts, easy-to-access oxygen gas-masks, and float vests. By opting to choose a private jet hire service, you will fly in style, safety and comfort all the way. JetApp is the best app for booking private jet in seconds.

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