5 Best Ways To Save Your Travel Pictures From Disappearing Forever

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Photo Saving Tips

5 Amazing Ways to Save Your Trip Pictures From Disappearing Forever

Photo Saving Tips

Everybody wants to keep those memorable moments from their trips alive to enjoy them over and over again.  You may be surprised to know that about 20% of people don’t ever back up their computers. That number is the minority, and though it’s declining every year, it still leaves a considerable number of people vulnerable to losing their data.It’s bad enough to lose documents you’ve worked hard on, but what about those once-in-a-lifetime memories? When you go traveling and return with your snapshots, you want to ensure they’re there forever.  Here are five 5 amazing ways to save photos from your trip.

After all, the memories might begin to fade, but pictures won’t…  How many times have you been in the position of wishing that you had saved pictures from that awesome weekend eight years ago? Or being sure that you did, but being unable to find them now?

Make sure you’re saving photos in a foolproof way. Don’t leave your only copy of them at the mercy of technology.

Consider Saving Photos to an Online Back-Up

Gone are the days when back-ups had to be on external hard drives.  Online back-ups can be extremely convenient as they can be accessed from anywhere. There’s nothing physical to lose—you can log into the Cloud and re-download whatever you’ve stored if there’s a hardware failure.  Many of these services will automatically back up your hard drive, meaning you don’t even have to think about it once you have that service up and running.

There are also web-based image hosts you can use to keep pictures on if you don’t have a huge number of photos.  Be careful with these, though—it’s always possible for a website to go down, so this shouldn’t be your only method of storage!

Save Copies Across Multiple Devices

Online back-ups aren’t infallible. Nothing is when it comes to technology!  Make sure you have your pictures saved across a number of devices. There are many options for this.

You can store your pictures on a memory card, flash drive, or external hard drive. You could even go old-school and burn them onto a disc.  Keep copies of the pictures on your laptop, phone, and even your tablet. Make sure that, if one piece of technology fails you, your memories of that awesome trip aren’t gone forever.  This could just be the safest way to store photos, but be careful you don’t lose what you’re storing them on. 

If you’re the kind of person who holds onto physical things better than they navigate digital spaces, this method might be perfect.

Print Your Images and Keep Physical Copies

Physical copies might seem pretty outdated to some people, but there’s value in having pictures you can actually touch.

Use a printing service to get some copies that you can keep in a folder.  There are many apps that can capture your pictures from your phone and deliver prints to you or photo books at extremely reasonable prices.   Or get cute little framed Polaroid-style pics printed and make a scrapbook out of your memories.  That way if anything were to happen to your digital copies, or if you were to lose your storage device, you have all of the memories right there at your fingertips.

Printing pictures is usually pretty inexpensive if you don’t have a ton of them. They also could make for excellent decor in your home, if you have a wall that’s looking a little bare.

There’s something seriously nice about holding the memories in your hand, and it may just be the best way to keep photos.

Post Them on Social Media

A great way to have copies around—if you’re not worried about privacy!—is to post the pictures on social media.  Not only does this share the memories with your loved ones, but it also saves copies of them to that website. If you ever lose the pictures, you can go back and re-save them.  If you’re not sure how to save photos, don’t worry. It’s easy!

When it comes to Facebook, it’s as simple as right-click, ‘save image as.’ Instagram makes things a little more difficult, but a PC or Mac screenshot should do the trick once you’ve opened up the Insta page on your computer.  Aside from using social media as a back-up image host, it’s undeniably satisfying to share them with people and see the likes and comments roll in.

Be Organized!

No matter where you save your pictures, it’s still possible to lose them.  If you’re a hoarder, you might find that your devices end up with thousands of files and folders.  If you’re a tad lazy (there’s no shame in it!), you might find that those files and folders have gibberish names. A keyboard smash is not a suitable name for a file, but we’ve all done it when we’re in a rush.

When you’re saving pictures, take the time to put them in a folder labeled with the date, location, and occasion if it applies. Save yourself the panic later of thinking you’ve lost your pictures then having to scroll through screeds of files to ensure you haven’t.  It’s also usually easy on a device to order files by date or in alphabetical order at the click of a button. If you name your files properly then do this, finding anything should be a piece of cake.

Make Sure You Have Those Memories Forever

Even in a digital age that makes saving photos quick and convenient, it’s all too easy to lose pictures and memories shortly after a trip. You’re too busy suffering from the post-trip blues to label your files properly, or you throw them on a memory stick that you later lose.

So to prevent regret:

  • Save your photos, either to an online back-up or to multiple different devices
  • Share the ones that you’re happy with for other people to see
  • Print physical copies
  • Make sure they’re easy for future-you to find

You’ll thank us later!



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