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Bali With Kids

6 Things To Do In Bali With Teens

Are you going to Bali with teenagers? Wow, that’s a great travel destination choice!  There are so many fun things to do in Bali that it’s hard to count. If you decide to try them all, your teens won’t have time to look at their phones. They will be happy to immerse themselves in Balinese culture and gain an unforgettable experience.  Let’s take a look at the top five things to do in Bali that are totally a must-try.

Go surfing 

Bali Surfing

Surfing is one of the most existing things to do in Bali with teenagers. If your kids are sporty and do like to be in the water, they will definitely want to try to stand on the board and “catch the wave”.  In case surfing is not something your commonly do, you can hire a qualified instructor. There are dozens of surf schools and camps on the island. So it will be easy for you to find someone with experience who will teach your teens to surf.

There are many beaches in Bali suitable for surfing, but we highly suggest you go to Seminyak beach. It has moderately high waves, and it’s just a perfect choice for first-time surfers and intermediates.

Snorkel with tropical fish 

If your teens are not fond of extreme water sports like surfing, you can invite them to try snorkeling.  While snorkeling, your family will meet angelfish, rainbow fish, clownfish, and other colorful creatures that all you have seen in Finding Nemo.

There are many spots near Bali where you can explore the underwater world. If you want to see vibrant coral reefs and tropical fish – go to Crystal Bay. If you have a dream to swim with manta rays – visit Manta Point. If you want to see deep-sea creatures like shrimp and moray eels – go to Gamat Bay.

It’s worth mentioning that your teens don’t have to be good swimmers to try snorkeling. They will wear life vests and will be watched by a snorkeling instructor while swimming – nothing will endanger their lives. So if you visit Bali with teenagers, don’t skip this fun recreational activity.

Take a tour to Pink Beach

Bali Pink Beach
Flickr by: Schristia

All teens are obsessed with social media. And there is no room for a doubt that your kids will want to take awesome pictures for Instagram during the trip.  If you want to surprise your teens, take them to the world-famous Pink Beach located on the territory of the Komodo National Park. Komodo Island is located close to Bali, so you can take a day tour to visit this magical place.

The beach with soft, pink sand and crystal clear water is just a perfect spot to take Instagram-worthy pictures. If you travel with a teen daughter, you can be sure that this place will impress her a lot.

Enjoy magical rice terrace walk

Bali Rice Pady

Bali is famous not only for its beautiful beaches but also for its magnificent rice paddy fields. So if you are looking for the things to do in Bali, we highly suggest you add a morning rice terrace walk to your bucket list.

Well, it might be challenging for you to convince rebellious teenagers to wake up early in the morning and go for a walk. But you have to find the right words to get them interested.  During the walk, teens will learn more about the rice cultivating process, have a swing, and take another bunch of stunning photos. All your family will be amazed at the breathtaking beauty of the Balinese rice terraces.

The best walks and hikes around Ubud include Campuhan Ridge Walk, Tegallalang Rice Terrace, Jatiluwih Rice Terrace, to name a few. You can have a walk with and without a guide, it’s up to you.

Practice yoga

Do you love yoga and want your kids to start their yoga journey? Take them to Ubud for a week, and they will fall in love with yoga.  Many teens find yoga boring. They want to practice asanas neither in a tiny, stuffy fitness studio nor at home with their moms and dads. But guess what? They get really excited about yoga when visiting Ubud, the yoga capital of Bali.

Yoga in Bali

There are hundreds of yoga studios in this part of the island, and each studio offers a unique experience. Here you can find the best teachers and do yoga outside enjoying a fantastic view of rice fields and tropical forest.  In Ubud, your teens will understand that yoga is an exciting thing. They will see the real benefits of physical exercises and meditation and will want to make yoga part of their lives once they arrive home.

Watch an authentic dancing performance

Bali Dance Performer

Are you looking for things to do in Bali with teenagers at nighttime? Go watch Devdan, a traditional dance performance.  Here is how the performance looks like in real life. More than 30 dancers in authentic, bright costumes dance and use a great variety of props, including swords, puppets, water, and fire.

Once the show begins, dancers walk down the aisles, greeting the viewers and inviting them to participate in the show. If you sit in the first row, it’s highly likely your teens will be invited to the stage.

This show will not only entertain your family but also allow you to learn something new about Indonesia. Each dance performed on the stage represents a tradition from an Indonesian island: there’s a rain dance from Sumatra, a drum dance from Papua, and spectacular ceremonial dance from Bali.

Wrapping it up 

We highly suggest you try surfing and snorkeling, visit Pink Beach, watch a dance show, have a rice terrace walk, and do yoga in Ubud before trying other things. Why? Because these activities are exactly what your teens need during the holiday.

If you have enough time, you can also explore other things to do in Bali with teenagers – there are many more activities for you to choose from.


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