Maldives Overwater Bungalow Resort

15 Countries With Stunning Overwater Bungalow Resorts

Maldives Overwater Bungalow Resort

Luxurious Overwater Bungalows are cropping up all across the globe.  There was a time not so long ago when Tahiti had the exclusive bragging rights for these indulgent resorts.  With picturesque thatched-roofed huts perched dramatically over glistening aqua waters, these resorts have been the favorite of honeymooners for decades.  But recently, tropical destinations across the world have engineered their own overwater resort developments.  So while Tahiti will always keep her crown as the most exotic setting, there are beautiful overwater resorts to explore worldwide.  So it’s time to round up some airline tickets and fly away to an exotic island paradise with post overwater bungalows.

How to Decide Which Destination Is right For You

Tahiti Overwater Bungalows

Ease of Flights – Traveling to these beautiful resorts is likely to involve hours of flying to exotic locations.  You will want to identify an airline like Etihad airways airlines that has flight routes covering most of the globe.  Keep the best weather seasons in mind when pricing out your flights.

Currency Exchange – The beautify and pampering you will receive at these resorts does not come cheaply.  Since most are located in remote settings, most resorts are offered on an all-inclusive basis and may include transportation costs from the airport to the resort.  You will want to be aware of whether the resort’s rates are tied to the Euro or a local currency which may be to your favor.

Language and Cuisine – Virtually all of the overwater bungalow resorts cater to international travelers so communication with the staff should not be a problem.  You will probably be enjoying all your meals at the resort, so be aware that the local cuisines of the region you are traveling to will most likely be featured at the resort.  This means French Polynesian dishes in Tahiti, Indian and African cuisines in the Maldives, and Mexican cuisine in Latin America.  Fresh seafood is of course prominently featured at all of these resorts.

Here’s a quick look at where-in-the-world you can find offer overwater bungalow resorts:

Overwater Bungalow Resorts

South Pacific

Tahiti Overwater Resorts– where it all began in 1967 with the construction of the first thatched bungalows in the world.  Now Tahiti boasts 884 overwater bungalows in 22 hotel resorts located among 7 lagoon-ringed fabulously beautiful islands. Tahiti is a French territory, so the culture and cuisine will reflect a bit of French elegance and flavor.

Fiji Overwater Resorts – Overwater “Burres” are relatively new to the Fijian scene.  Today there are 4 resorts perched on lagoons with overwater bungalows.  This destination offers real value for your money as rates are based on the Fijian dollar which often translates to big savings over many other destinations.  Rather than paying in the thousands of dollars per night, you can often find rates under $500!

Middle East

The Maldives Overwater Villas – In the past 20 years the Maldives have set the pace for ultra-luxury overwater bungalow resorts.  Today there are 80 floating villa resorts each on its own private island, with an astonishing 5,000 villas to choose from.  With so many resorts to select from you can find floating villas in all price ranges.  The Maldives are located in the India Ocean southwest of India, and often involve lengthy flights.  You might want to transit through a destination you also want to visit like Dubai or London.

Overwater Resort The Maldives

Qatar Overwater Resort- The new Banana Island Resort Doha is Qatar’s first 5 star overwater villa resort.  This resort has a family-friendly atmosphere and is an alcohol-free resort.  It also boasts one of the world’s only 5 bedroom overwater villas so you can bring the entire family to vacation together.

Southeast Asia

Philippines Overwater Bungalows – With 4 overwater bungalow resorts on four different islands, the popularity of water villas are growing.  3 of the resorts are operated by El Nido Resorts and have various price points.

Cambodia Overwater Villas – Perhaps the most affordable overwater villa experience can be enjoyed in Cambodia at one of their two resorts.  The 4 Rivers Floating Lodge is located near Angkor Wat and features unique tented villas that are incredibly affordable to stay in.  The other is a luxurious floating villa resort that occupies two tiny islands and offers spacious villas and gourmet meals.

Southeast Asia Overwater Resorts

Indonesia Overwater Eco Resorts – From Singapore to Bali, Java, and beyond, overwater villas and huts dot the exotic seas of Indonesia.  Long the playground of jet setters and yachtsmen, many of the resorts here offer lavish villa experiences tucked into marine reserves and eco settings.  As you might imagine, health, wellbeing and sensual experience are the focus of many of these hidden gems.

Thailand Overwater Resorts – Floating homes have been a way of life in Thailand for centuries, so it should be no surprise that Thailand offers some of the most unique and affordable overwater hotels on the planet.  The expansive coastline of Thailand and major rivers all offer overwater hotels, ranging from traditional boat lodges to luxury villas.  No matter what your budget is you will find fun and interesting hotels from the beaches of Phuket to the River Kwai.

Vietnam Overwater Hotels – Vietnam is a new entrant into this marketplace with two hotels offering a few overwater villas.


Jamaica and St. Lucia Overwater Villas – Sandals Resorts are the first to bring lavish overwater villas to the Caribbean.  Known for their luxury couples-oriented all-inclusive resorts, the five-star Sandals resorts feature butler service, upscale dining, premium liquors, water sports, and are designed with romance in mind.

Latin America

Panama Overwater Resorts – Panama has entered the overwater resort space in a big way with 42 overwater villa properties.  Ranging from small eco-friendly boutique resorts to lavish chic villas, there is a size and style of overwater accommodation for every taste and budget.

Honduras Overwater Bungalows – There are three overwater properties in Honduras that offer laid-back eco and budget-friendly accommodation.  Two are located near the famous Roatan reefs and make a great choice for dive enthusiasts.

Belize Overwater Hotels – From luxury to budget lodge, Belize currently has 5 overwater properties. The ultra-exclusive El Cayo Espanto resort is located on a private island close to famed Ambergris Cay and offers privacy coupled with world-class service and amenities.  Other resorts offer a more laid-back secluded grass shack island atmosphere at affordable prices.

Mexico Overwater Resorts – Some of the newest overwater bungalow developments are located in the azure waters of the Riviera Maya Mexican coast.  The El Dorado Maroma and Rosewood Myacoba Resorts couple deluxe overwater villas with the popular Mexican all-inclusive lifestyle experience.

So the good news is that wherever in the world you are planning to fly, there are overwater bungalow opportunities not far away for your ultimate romantic hotel experience.

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