Top Texas Annual Festivals That Are Great For a Family Road Trip

Texas Fair Ferris Wheel

5 Exciting Annual Texas Festivals

Annual Texas Festivals

The Lone Star State of Texas is renowned for its barbecue and live music, but this state has much more to offer for visitors from near or far away. If you’re looking for your next big festival to attend and road trip to take, keep Texas in your mind—it has some of the nation’s most popular festivals every year. Here’s a list of five exciting annual festivals in Texas that are sure to be a blast.

State Fair of Texas / DALLAS, TX

If you’ve ever heard the saying, “Everything is bigger in Texas,” and you attend this fair, you’ll know exactly what it means! This festival offers everything Texas and never disappoints. The State Fair of Texas is perfect for a family outing or a night out with your friends.

The fair’s main attraction is its livestock and agriculture exhibits. More than 5,200 students participate in youth events, according to the State Fair of Texas. Agriculture education is at the core of these events showing the importance of ranching and farming to the fair’s many visitors.

Texas Fair Ferris Wheel

Before you stand in line to hop on the 212-foot-tall Ferris Wheel, grab a bite to eat. The fair is known for its spectacular food, especially the corn dogs and turkey legs. If the food vendors can throw something in the fryer, they will. Look for fried Oreos, Twinkies, cheesecake, and everything you can imagine; you will never be able to eat a normal sweet again.

South by Southwest / AUSTIN, TX

South by Southwest, also known as SXSW, began in 1987 and honors the film and music industry. Visitors get to interact with the presenters and learn the creative processes behind these successful people. This festival is a fun experience for everyone; it’s a place for open-mindedness, new discoveries, and creativity.

Texas BBQ

Speakers are on hand to discuss advertising and marketing, space exploration, sports, journalism, design, the future—the list is endless!  SXSW also offers many different types of exhibits such as virtual cinemas, gaming expos, and art programs. Immerse yourself in the latest technology and explore the creative minds behind these gadgets.

South by Southwest is also the perfect place for networking. There are multiple lounges and parties so you can connect with people from around the world and get pointers from international experts.

Texas Renaissance Festival / TODD MISSION, TX

The Texas Renaissance Festival is the nation’s largest Renaissance festival, and it lives up to every expectation. Founded in 1974, the Renaissance festival boasts over 50 international performers, musicians, and dancers who put shows to demonstrate the history of the Renaissance era.

This festival is spread out across 55 acres and there are over 200 camping sites. Check out the 25 stages for performers and 350 shopping sites. This festival averages over 500,000 guests each year giving you the opportunity to meet all different types of people.

The Texas Book Festival / AUSTIN, TX

Founded in 1995, the Texas Book Festival’s mission is to bring readers and authors together to celebrate and share their passion for literature. Being one of the nation’s premier annual literary events, they feature 300 authors of the year’s best books and attract 50,000 visitors a year, according to the Texas Book Festival.

Although the primary focus of this festival is books and authors, there’s a lot more to see and do at the Texas Book Festival.  There are over 100 different exhibits, food trucks, and activities for all. Every attendee’s favorite part of this festival is meeting their favorite authors. Margaret Atwood, Liz Carpenter, Walter Mosley, and many other famous authors have made an appearance at the Texas Book Festival.


This festival attracts lovers of German food, German beer, and classic polka music. Wurstfest originated in 1961 to celebrate the humble sausage, but it has evolved over the years. Now it’s one of the largest celebrations of German culture in the country.

Make sure to wear your favorite German attire while you sample pork chops on a stick, schnitzel, wurst, and funnel cakes. Eat your heart out and drink your weight in beer, then dance and sing the night away along with the other thousands of other wurst lovers.

Which of these festivals is calling your name this year? If you are looking for an adventure, Texas is the perfect place to join the fun.

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