Visit The Most Fascinating Museums in Athens Greece

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Top Athens Museums

Visiting the wonderful museums in Athens

Top Athens Museums

A trip to Athens is certainly a memorable experience but will remain incomplete if one does not visit the many exotic museums. Athens is one of those places that can take every history lover by surprise through the plethora of museums it has got to offer. Known for its brilliant architectural marvels and other sight-seeing places, Athens will always be at the top of the wish list of travelers in search of culture, ancient history and memorable sites.

We have compiled a list of some of Athen’s most compelling museums that travelers should visit. These museums in Athens are going to take you to bygone eras and reveal the history and the evolution of the most famous ancient Greek civilizations.

Visiting the Acropolis Museum and the Shadow Puppet Museum in Athens are on everyone’s list, but apart from these two iconic museums, there are many others that should be visited. It might surprise you to hear that there are more than 60 museums here and visiting all in one visit is not realistic.   You may even end up staying for a longer duration or even make multiple trips just to visit these classy museums.

Let’s take a look at the most interesting Museums in Athens to visit after you’ve seen the Acropolis:

Byzantine Museum Athens

This is one of those spectacular museums that can give you an unforgettable experience with displays of the religious artworks that date back to the Byzantine period beginning in 330 CE. Walking through this museum can give a quick glimpse of the strong religious principles and doctrines followed in Greek culture. This massive museum houses more than 25,000 pieces of Byzantine icons, pottery, frescoes, sculptures, and manuscripts. This museum is regarded to be one of the top-class museums amongst all other Byzantine museums.

The Museum of Cycladic Art

Cyclid Museum of Art Athens

How about taking a tour in a museum and spending time viewing classic pieces of art and artifacts from 4000BC, including Greek antiquities and prehistoric art from the Cyclades islands. This museum is probably one of the most intriguing museums amongst the others as it is an abode to all those relics. This museum has a different building for different types of artwork. Cycladic Art, Ancient Greek Art, Cypriot Antiquities, Scenes from Daily Life in antiquity are the different genres that you get to witness here.

Museum of the Ancient Agora

To know more about the history of Agora, (center market) visiting this museum is important. You would be able to collect all the necessary details of this particular region and its evolution within a few hours of being there at this wonderful museum. It gives you a complete and orderly overview of the evolution of Agora by walking you down from the Neolithic period to the current generation. This can be quite an interesting museum if you are an enthusiast for history.

Museum of Greek Folkart

Museum of Folk Arts Athens

Would you believe if we said that there are more than ten buildings included in the Museum of Greek Folkart? Yes, you read that right! Visiting all these museum buildings will make you fall in love with Athens even more as they are all extremely different from one another.

The Museum of Greek Folk Musical Instruments houses samples of all of the musical instruments used by the ancient Greeks till now. Apart from these, there is the Bath House of the Winds, The Museum at 22 Panos Street and more.

Frissiras Museum

If you want to understand the history and the evolution of some of the best contemporary paintings, take a tour of the Frissiras Museum. This is the only museum in Athens that houses paintings belonging to the Contemporary style. 3500 pieces of contemporary artwork by Vlassis Frissiras is the specialty of this museum. Watching these wonderful paintings is going to be quite an exciting thing to do when you are at this museum.

National Glyptotheque Museum

Modern Art Museum Athens

Located in an old army basecamp, the National Glyptotheque Museum is going to give you a different experience altogether. One building here is completely dedicated to the Modern Greek sculptures, and that’s the main attraction at this site. The artworks from the National Art Gallery are kept in the second building.

Athens War Museum

After visiting a museum at the army camp, it becomes essential to explore the Athens War Museum. All the weapons used by the Greek Armed forces are housed in this massive building. A lot of people flock to this museum, and it is one of the major tourist attractions. All the weapons used during different wars and conflicts, the uniforms, and other artifacts from the war are preserved safely at his museum.

Hellenic Motor Museum

Hellenic Motor Museum Athens

Hellenic Motor Museum is a must-visit for all automobile enthusiasts. The collection of cool and striking four-wheelers and other motor-vehicles used in Greece from the 1800s to-date can be seen here. Spending time in this beautiful round building, watching your favorite car, and knowing all about it can really be a thrilling experience.

Well, these are some of the most interesting museums in Athens that one must certainly consider visiting at least once during their trip to this fantastic place.


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