Spanish Food Guide: 8 Traditional Foods Every Traveler Should Try

Segovia Spain Cafe

The Spanish Food Guide: You Deserve to Try These 8 Traditional Dishes

Segovia Spain Cafe

Traditional Spanish cuisine is striking in its richness and unusual components, which may seem simply incompatible with each other but delivers big flavor.  Modern-day cuisine is not much different from the original. Fresh greens, goat cheese, olives, and sangria wine are goodies that are appreciated in the hot rays of the Spanish sun. But what about the traditional dishes that you will not taste in other countries?  Let’s take a look at a guide to the traditional dishes of Spain worth discovering.

If you plan to visit Spain, then we have prepared for you a mini-tour of the best foods in Spain that you certainly need to try.  Spanish cuisine is an unexpected mix of ingredients that give an amazing taste.   So, if you’re wondering what kind of foods to indulge in during your Spain adventure, let’s clear this issue!

Jamon: The Worldwide Famous Delicacy

Not trying Jamon in Spain is a real crime!

Jamon served in Spain

The Spaniards are ready to sing an ode to Jamon and there are even museums dedicated to this delicacy. You can taste Jamon in almost every place, in specialized cafes, or for sale in the markets.

Jamon is a naturally dried pork leg with a special salting technique. The most expensive Jamon is made from black Iberian pigs. In Spain, you have the opportunity to taste all the varieties of this delicacy and you should not miss this chance. In your homeland, this delicacy will be very expensive, while in Spain the prices are much more affordable.

Asturian Fabada: Feel The Traditional Atmosphere

Asturian Fabada Soup Spain
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Despite the fabulous name of this dish, it is a thick and rich soup, and the main component is beans. Why Asturian Fabada? Because fabada is a translation of beans, and Asturias is one of the most beautiful and picturesque provinces. This province is surrounded on one side by the ocean and on the other by mountains.

This dish has its origins back in the 17th century, and today there are more than 30 varieties of recipes. This dish has absorbed all the exoticism and spice of herbs in this region. So it will allow you to feel all the features of Spain.  The key feature of this dish is the variety of beans, which should be white. In addition to bacon and red stew, it is incredibly satisfying and a great option to keep warm.  Don’t pass by Restaurante El Ñeru in Madrid to try this dish.

Patatas Bravas: Must Eat with No Doubt

Patatas Bravas Tapas Spain
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Potatoes really are the core of this local cuisine. This dish is very popular and is served in almost all establishments. Is there something unusual in these fried potatoes with sauce? If you were lucky enough to get to Las Bravas, then consider that this is the most traditional of traditional dishes, and their sauce is a real trade secret. But if you try this dish in another restaurant, it will be delicious as well.  Diced fried potatoes are topped with a bold spicy sauce that varies from place to place.

When you make an order, ask for an extra crispy potato. Since crispy potato crust will make the taste of this dish unforgettable.

Paella: It’s Crime to Pass This By

Seafood Paella Spain

No doubt you have probably at least heard about this dish or even tried it before. Ignoring this dish in Spain is a mistake because even if you have tried it a hundred times in your own country, your taste sensation will turn upside down with the genuine flavors of Spain.

The history of this dish originates in Valencia where it is traditionally served with peas, rabbit or chicken. Equally popular is a paella with seafood. There are so many varieties of this dish that everyone can find something according to their taste preferences.

Be prepared to wait a little while for this dish to be prepared for you as this may take about half an hour. By the way, it is served in the pan in which it was cooked and usually, it is a pretty large portion.  We recommend that you try this dish at Paella Bar Boqueria and Arume Restaurant.

Croquettes: Famous Dish in a New Way

 Croquettes Jamon Spain
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It would seem that this is a familiar dish for many, but you can say without a doubt that the croquettes of Spain are unique. Delicate deep-fried croquettes served with bechamel sauce can cause a real addiction. In Spain, this dish is served as tapas with a variety of fillings. The most popular fillings include Jamon, goat cheese, seafood, ham, chicken, and broccoli. If you like to experiment, then you can try it with fillings such as pine nuts or apples.

In Madrid, there is even a restaurant “ La Coquette” specializing in croquettes!

 Huevos Rotos con Jamón: Ideal Spanish Lunch Food

 Huevos Rotos Spain
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Such a beautiful name does not immediately relay the simplicity and incredible taste of this dish. Literally translated, this dish is scrambled eggs with Jamon. But in fact, you get gently fried eggs with fragrant slices of world-famous crunchy Jamon. You can taste this dish at any time of the day, but Spaniards usually order it as breakfast. It is important to know how to eat this dish. First of all, you need to break the yolk so that it gets on the potatoes, and then mix everything. The dish is incredibly tasty and very satisfying, and the price is truly affordable.

Visit La Taverna del Born in Barcelona to taste this dish.

Catalan Cream: The Best Dessert

Crema Catalana
Source:  Wikipedia

Crema Catalana is dessert is a favorite among the Spaniards. Catalan cream is considered a traditional dessert, despite the fact that there are eternal debates about who was the first creator of the English, the French, or the Catalans.  Nevertheless, this dessert is completely different than in other countries. That is, this is not as Brulee cream that you might think about. For example, milk is used instead of cream, it is rich with egg yolks and traditionally flavored with lemon and cinnamon.

In Barcelona feel free to try this dish at Catalonia Restaurant.

Cochinillo de Segovia:  A Unique Dish

Cochinillo de Segovia

It’s worth apologizing to vegetarians in advance, as this dish may be too much for some diners. This dish is not cheap, but this is the best thing for real gourmets. In addition to the special cooking technology, the growth of piglets at specialized farms is also controlled.

This is a stewed milk pig that is cooked according to an old traditional recipe. The piglet is baked whole in a wood oven for about 3 hours. At the same time observing special cooking techniques. The meat is so tender that it just melts in your mouth. It is worth noting that a properly prepared piglet should have not only soft meat but also a beautiful golden color with a crispy crust.

You can taste this dish in many restaurants in Spain. Most tourists note that Restaurante José María cooks the best dish in the province of Segovia.

Final Thoughts

You can taste almost all these dishes in every corner of the country. And finally, we would like to recommend rather than spending money on magnets or statuettes as souvenirs, but bring home some of the taste experiences Spain’s traditional foods including Jamon or even Las Brava sauce. Believe it, absolutely everyone will like such souvenirs!

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