10 Fun Things To Do In Munich This Summer

Munich Travel Tips

Munich Travel Tips

Munich in the summer season is truly magical, with plenty of activities to enjoy in the warm weather. There are beer gardens, open-air markets, walking tours, concerts and more. Rather than taking an expensive flight back home once the semester ends, think about spending that time exploring this beautiful city, which really comes alive when the sun is high in the sky and everyone has a cold beer in their hands.

If this sounds like a plan, we’ve put a list together of fun things to do while enjoying a summer in Munich!

1. Olympiapark (Olympic park)

We think you’ll agree that summer offers the perfect environment for open-air festivals of all kinds. If you enjoy concerts or live music, and also want to save a little bit of money, then you can find several free concerts held at the Olympiapark.

Olympic Park Munich

During the month of August especially, we suggest you put the Theatron Festival on your calendar. They offer a program with several live music performances, including many music genres, ensuring that everyone finds an event that they will enjoy. To create an even cooler vibe, make this a real festival experience by bringing a picnic basket full of food, drinks and a big blanket for relaxing between performances.

2. Visit the Iconic Hofbräuhaus (Beer hall)

Whenever you spend any amount of time in Munich, you should always set some time aside to enjoy the world-famous Hofbräuhaus. Of course, there are countless different beer halls, but the Hofbräuhaus is definitely the most memorable. You can indulge in its delicious menu, boasting Bavarian specialties and traditional German food. You can also step out into the beer garden, where you can drink your fill of German-crafted beers.

If you aren’t up for drinking a couple of liters, just visiting to witness the historical attributes of the building is worth it. Plus, you can enjoy the brass band music or the many events held at Hofbräuhaus throughout the year, especially in the summertime. Spend an afternoon and learn why they are known for their “Gemütlichkeit,” or friendliness.

3. Mixxit

If you’d like to really immerse yourself in Munich’s exciting culture, be sure to visit Mixxit, a fun-filled improvisation theatre. Now, this is crowd participation to the max, as that [Mixxit](http://www.mixxit.de/\) will include your ideas spontaneously in the scenes, developing a thrilling story. Located in Munich for over 11 years, this theatre truly allows the audience to direct the entire evening, evoking feelings ranging from hilarious humor to dramatic events. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more unique way to spend an evening in Munich!

Now, if you feel like you want to take things a step further, Mixxit also offers workshops to learn more about being a “player,” teaching the art form of improvisation. You never know how your time abroad in Munich might end!

4. TANDEM Munich

If you love to learn new languages or would like to familiarize yourself with the native tongue of the German people during your time in Munich, we have a wonderful option for you! The TANDEM language school in Munich offers a variety of German classes, ranging from courses for beginners, to the intermediate level and on to advanced learners. There’s the perfect class for you, whether you want to touch up on your German or have never spoken the language before.

You’ll also find that these courses are not only informative, but also convenient. They offer summer sessions, which can help you learn the German language, while exploring the city during the summer months. If you want to spend your days full of adventurous activities, then you could also opt for an evening course. They also offer a social and “spare time” program, which allow you to get to know the city with other language students. Anyone studying abroad should take a course at TANDEM.

5. Munich’s Most Popular Park – The English Garden

During the warm summer months, you’ll find that the city of Munich offers many natural attractions. After a long semester at the university, you probably need a bit of recovery time to just relax in the peace and quiet that nature can provide, and the English Garden is the ideal space. The park is vast, reaching from the center of Munich to the northeast end of the city.

The park, which is 225 years old, received its name due to its lush, rolling hills and open landscapes. The reason why it is called the English Garden is due to the open landscape and the rolling hills. The garden is home to cultural events, beer gardens, beautiful architecture and areas for relaxation. If you’re in Munich for any length of time, you’ll soon find that the English Garden is one of your “happy places.”

6. Hirschgarten (Beer garden and park)

Hirschgarten Beer Garden Munich

Munich is known for its many beer gardens, and not just during Oktoberfest! Summer is the perfect time of the year to relax with friends, indulging in the best beer that you’ll ever have the pleasure of tasting. While there are numerous beer gardens, the largest and most well-known is the Hirschgarten. This is also the name of the park surrounding the beer garden, which keeps it tucked away as one of Munich’s best hidden secrets.

Once you arrive, guests can mix their own “Radler,” which is a delicious concoction of beer and lemonade. Be sure to sample the menu, filled with German favorites. As the name suggests, there are also deer next to the beer garden, which makes for an incredible view, so spend the entire afternoon!

7. River surfers

No, your eyes aren’t deceiving you. Munich is a mecca for surfing, but don’t expect the board shorts and tan bodies from California. River surfing is a popular sport in the city on the Eisbach, which is a small channel off the Isar River. This frigid stream of water produces continuous waves that roll through at almost all times during the day.

Something interesting to know is that this extreme sport was actually illegal up until 2010, due to its level of danger. This actually often attracts crowds, as people gather to watch these surfers as they try new tricks and master older ones.

8. Free walking tour

If you’d like to explore even more of the city, learning many interesting facts about Munich as you go, there are several ways to do this. You could try a guidebook or download an app to your phone, but chances are that you’ll miss a thing or two. Some walking tours can be expensive, and that may not fit into your limited student budget.

Things To Do Munich

However, the city of Munich offers free walking tours, full of fun tips about the city.

The guides always choose entertaining routes, so you will not be overwhelmed with floods of information or boring facts. There are a few different providers to choose from, such as New Europe Tours, and many depart from Marienplatz. The three-hour tour is one of the best, offering informative, fun information about the city. Once you’re done, you’ll feel like a local!

9. Viktualienmarkt (Market)

Fun Things To Do in Munich

If you like to shop, then you came to the right city. While Munich offers a plethora of shopping options throughout the city, wouldn’t it be great to have it all under one roof? The Viktualienmarkt can easily fulfill that request, offering just about everything your heart could possibly desire. Expect a wide variety of wares for sale, such as flowers, wine, decorations, clothing and much more. If you’re thinking about making a large breakfast at home in your apartment, you can purchase all of the ingredients right there at the market.

10. KulturRaum München

If you’re looking for even more events around the Olympiapark area, you should definitely head over to KulturRaum. You can experience free concerts, events and even movies, along with cultural programs. It also includes a wide variety of diverse offering, with everything from orchestra concerts to rock bands, truly offering something for everyone!

While this list might get you off to a great start, there are still countless other activities to keep you busy throughout the summer. Plus, you can take a look at our Munich City Guide for even more inspiration on dining, fun activities and local events!


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