Helpful Travel Tips for Vacationing in North Carolina

5 Useful Tips For Planning a Happening Vacation To North Carolina

If you have been planning a vacation to North Carolina and aren’t sure about where to start, where to end, and how many stops to make in between, this post is for you.  We understand that you want to make your vacation worth every single penny and every single moment that you spend here, so we have some great tips for you.  In this post, we will explore five simple and useful tips that can easily help you plan a happening vacation to North Carolina.  Let’s get started!

1. Sunsets? Beaches? Mountains? Or The Meteor Shower? Pick Your Priorities

North Carolina is a destination filled with all the adventures and travel escapades that one can dream of.  It’s a state that has beautiful sunsets and sunrises with a backdrop of dramatic terrains.   There are miles of beaches for those who want to enjoy a happening beach vacation, and beautiful mountain ranges for anyone looking to reach for the sky.  Meteor showers are a yearly event which are anticipated to take place around August 11-13 in 2020.

North Carolina Mountains

The question is, which will it be?  Not that you can’t visit them all in one trip. However, if you have time constraints, you wouldn’t want to miss the destinations that matter to you the most.  So, before you lay a plan about where in NC you are going to deboard, stay and travel, it’d be best to know your destination priorities.

2. Climate In North Carolina Can Largely Influence Your Vacation Plans

If you are planning to travel to North Carolina, it’s important to remember that the temperature is generally moderate but varies greatly by elevation.  In winter months, average temperatures stay in the 60s near the southern coast where most of the land is just above sea level. As you move north towards the Outer Banks, the temperature can go down up to 40 degrees Fahrenheit.  If you drive west into the Great Smoky Mountains, elevation can rise to over 5,000′ above sea level and you can experience below freezing weather and even snow in winter months!

The temperature during the summer months can go up to 100 degrees on occasion, along with high humidity, so everyone heads to the beaches and swimming pools.  If you are looking for a cooler and a less humid environment during the summers, you can go to the western mountain regions.

Also, when you are on the coast, you will feel the sea breezes that help maintain a pleasant temperature during the night. In North Carolina, fall begins late in September or early in October.  If you want to see the leaves change color, head to the mountains where deciduous trees turn from green to yellow and orange.  North Carolina mountain regions offer travellers unmatched hiking opportunities, and in September, these mountains become a resting spot for monarch butterflies.  If you are a fan of bottony the best time to visit is from March to April.

3. Mimosa For Breakfast? Think Again: It’s NC!

Before adding your favourite alcoholic drink to your everyday routine, go through the list of limitations that North Carolina has.

  • No alcoholic beverages can be sold before 12:30 pm.
  • There are dry and semi-dry counties, meaning alcohol is not served in restaurants.  In the past you could only order one drink per person at a time, so you couldn’t buy your buddy a beer if you were getting one too.  Thankfully this rule has recently been relaxed.  Beer breweries have also been granted the right to sell beer even in alcohol restricted counties.
  • There are zones where it’s prohibited to carry open containers of alcohol.
  • And for smokers, on January 1, 2020 smoking in bars and restaurants was banned. Also, if you are caught smoking in at any of these places you can be fined.

4. Finding Hotels In NC Isn’t The Easiest

North Carolina Lodging

Finding the perfect accommodation of your choice can often be a big challenge when you haven’t made plans before leaving.  And then, if you are planning to visit during the peak season, the task can be even more challenging.  It’s always better to plan your accommodation long before your arrival.  In addition to traditional lodging, there are also many convenient vacation rentals available in North Carolina.  Getting in touch with a qualified and trusted vacation rental service like Carolina Designs can help you effortlessly plan your accommodation.

5. NC Is Uniquely Famous For Night Time Activities

Anyone who visits North Carolina must know that the place isn’t famous only for its beaches or mountain ranges alone. There’s a bunch of fun activities that you can do in NC even after the sun has set. And the best part? You may not find these in most of the other places.

Here’s a quick list of activities that you can do in NC in the nighttime.

  • Black Light Mine Tour, Emerald Village: Anyone with interest in mining is going to love this place.  The tour will let you closely observe all the vibrant colors hidden in the rocks like the Hyalite Opal.To know more, you can check out the organizing authority’s official website.
  • Meteor Shower: As mentioned in the first section, this is one of the prime attractions that pull tourists to NC from across the globe in 2020.  If beautiful stargazing sites attract you, find a secluded location, away from city light and lay down on your back to calmly witness and enjoy the miraculous meteor shower.Dates for this year: August 11-13, 2020 for the Perseid showers with an estimated 50 per hour looking NE.  The best time for viewing is just before dawn.

Brown Mountain Lights

  • Brown Mountain Lights: The mystery of the floating brown mountain lights is yet unresolved. However, the sight is worth our attention.  Just visit the Brown Mountain Overlook during nighttime, and you may get lucky to see thick orbs of light floating and jumping between treetops, to finally disappear into thin air.

Wrapping Up

Planning your vacation to North Carolina can be a challenging task when you aren’t familiar with the state.  Hopefully, we’ve remedied some of that.  Happy exploring!

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