Best Digital Nomad Destinations For Spanish Speakers

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Spanish Speaking Digital Nomads

5 Best Destinations for Digital Nomads who Speak Spanish

Digital nomads enjoy the advantage of mobility. They are proficient in a profession that is not limited to physical space and they are mostly the curious type. Many digital nomads travel to discover, broaden their knowledge and of course, learn languages.  The official language in 20 of the most attractive destinations in the world, the Spanish language, is second on the lists of languages by the number of native speakers. With most of these destinations being the top choice for digital nomads, many young freelancers decide to learn Spanish in order to live there and explore these great places.

Spanish Speaking Digital Nomads

Learning remotely on platforms such as suits the mobile lifestyle and brings many advantages to those who seek to live and work remotely in some of the most exciting destinations in the world. Not only that these places offer mesmerizing sceneries and quality lifestyles, they are waiting to accommodate digital nomads in the best way possible.

Are you looking for the world’s most exciting Spanish speaking countries that can best accommodate a digital nomad? Here are some excellent destinations and tips on how to enjoy your stay to the fullest.


Spain is one of the most attractive destinations for all people around the world. It boasts of fantastic landscapes, an excellent Mediterranean climate and good food. The sheer size of Spain offers many opportunities for travelers, beautiful beaches, coastal destinations and warm weather. All these are also attractive to digital nomads, but what makes Spain a really enjoyable destination for them are several more factors.

Spain offers a lower cost of living for most foreigners. It is a very safe country to live in as a foreigner and there is a vast international community that can help you fit in. The enjoyable street cafe lifestyle and beach bars offer perfect working conditions. Moreover, Spain has a stable and efficient internet service providers and you will enjoy high-speed internet packages and fast download speeds. Most importantly, the laidback lifestyle allows an atmosphere for productive work and helps you manage your time better so you can explore more and spend time with Spaniards, enjoying beautiful places and living the time of your life.

Best cities in Spain for digital nomads:

  • Barcelona
  • Madrid
  • Las Palmas
  • Tarifa
  • Mallorca
  • Andalucia


Ah, the warm weather, fresh fruits on street vendors, beaches and cocktails, isn’t that the best work break ever? It’s proven that the sunny and warm weather is affecting the working mood in the most positive ways and if you can work on the beach, looking at the endless azure, you’ll be making millions! Or maybe you’ll be enjoying life a little bit more, which is even better!

Columbia Digital Nomads

Colombia, a controversial country in the past decades, today it seems like a very attractive part of the world for digital nomads. It offers good living conditions for digital nomads with a good standard for living at a low cost. Many of the biggest cities are now offering modern coworking spaces with excellent internet speed and stability. But apart from all these, digital nomads mostly choose Colombia for the friendly vibe and slow-paced lifestyle. Here, you can meet friendly Colombians and have fun with everyone sitting on the street, enjoy a good dance in local pubs and most importantly, practice your Spanish as most of your new companions can’t understand any other language.

Colombia has a great visa policy that enables most digital nomads to stay in the country for months at a time.

Here are some of the spots that can best accommodate digital nomads:

  • Medellin
  • Bogota
  • Cartagena
  • Barranquilla
  • Cali


Digital nomads would say that Mexico is an uber-cheap destination to live in. So if you are one of those that want to save most of the money you make, while having the best life experiences, Mexico is the place to go.

Mexico Digital Nomads

The diversities that make Mexico special, offer digital nomads suitable destinations that can suit all preferences. From mountains for short ski runs, Pacific bays, to soaring volcanos and pine forests, you have it all in one country. Thankfully, Mexico offers uninterrupted stays of between six months and four years with a temporary resident visa, so you won’t have to worry that your time is limited.

Great year-round weather, excellent internet connection in urban spots, exciting coworking spaces and international community of freelancers will help make your living here great. If you enjoy a more laid back lifestyle for your working conditions in everyday life, make sure to stay away from the most popular touristic places as it can be loud and crowded.

Best destinations for digital nomads in Mexico:

  • Mexico City
  • Playa Del Carmen
  • San Pancho
  • San Miguel De Allende
  • Morelia


Argentina is a country that stands out from the rest as being a very modern and cultural hub. Most of the young people that decide to live there as digital nomads head straight to Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. It is a great place to reside and work and from here you can discover and visit many must-see sites in Argentina.

Argentina Digital Nomads

Unlike the other countries on this list, Argentina’s financial setting is changing constantly. Moreover, inflation rates occasionally change the country’s affordability for digital nomads. Year by year the conditions and the cost of living changes, thus, you need to make a good evaluation of the standard before you decide to go. Apart from that, Argentina is praised for the European feel. The modern and buzzing Buenos Aires offers endless opportunities for digital nomads. A stable internet connection, many coworking and modern cafe places with excellent working conditions, international community of freelancers and a lot of fun!

If your destination of choice is Argentina, head straight to Buenos Aires!


Peru remains attractive for its mystical vibe and a lot of historic and cultural sites to be explored. Digital nomads in search of a living place with a rich offer in the field of culture, fun, leisure and ancient history decide to head straight to Peru for a new chapter in their nomadic life.

With many freelancers choosing Peru as a destination to live and travel around in, the country has started to see this as an opportunity for growth. Accordingly, the rise of the co-working community has resulted in a growing start-up scene, new coworking spaces, vibrant culture and cosmopolitan cities that make the region an amazingly convenient space to work from.

Peru Digital Nomads

There is nothing like the Peruvian vibe anywhere in the world. In spite of becoming modern and urban, most of the cities and destinations in Peru ooze a unique vibe. In rural parts you might not find good working conditions, however, in urban cities, there are coworking places and good internet service. Experienced digital nomads love Peru for the creativity and inspiration it induces, motivating them to become better and innovative in their work.

Here are the best spots for the best digital nomads experience in Peru:

  • Lima
  • Arequipa
  • Cusco
  • Trujillo/Huanchaco


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