Croatia’s Beautiful Lesser-Known Coastal Towns For a Less Crowded Holiday

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5 Lesser-Known Coastal Towns to Tour in Croatia

Although Croatia is a popular tourist destination for many people, it has seen a 14% increase in tourism (about 15 million tourists) in recent years. With many popular attractions becoming crowded and overwhelming, travelers may get discouraged with their experience.  But it doesn’t have to be this way.  When you plan your next travel to Croatia, consider visiting these five lesser-known spots where there are lovely sites but are not so crowded.  In fact, while these places aren’t as widely known as their popular go-to counterparts, they are just as fascinating.


Poreč (pronounced as “poor-ich”) is known to locals as the go-to destination for resorts and boating; however, this ancient Roman city is not as busy as the usual tour spots Split or Dubrovnik.

Porec Croatia

Also known for its outdoorsy lifestyle and atmosphere, people can jog and/or cycle along the interconnected path along the waterfront, where they’ll pass by pine forests, beaches, and many restaurants to choose from. And since this town is rich in history and culture, you’ll get to experience ancient Roman temples, and medieval town walls and fortresses, including the town’s main staple, the Episcopal Complex of Euphrasian Basilica (a UNESCO World Heritage Site, by the way).


The fifth largest city in Croatia, Zadar is abundant in Venetian and Roman ruins, thus heavily influenced historically.

Zadar Croatia
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Over time, Zadar has been divided into two sections: the traditional architecture of the walled ‘Old Town,’ where much of the history lies. And the more modern industrial part of Zadar, where you won’t miss out on today’s happenings. However, the Old Town is more unique to tourists, since it tends to come alive with its small streets, state-of-the-art crafted buildings, centuries-old Roman columns, and decades-old churches and buildings.

And when you go over the Morske Orgulje, or the Sea Organ, on the promenade, you’ll hear it make a beautiful sound once the waves pass over it – that’s 35 organ pipes making that amazing noise. It’s one treasure to check out in Zadar.


Nehaj Senj Croatia
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Just a two-hour drive from Zadar, is a small haven called Senj. Located at the bottom of the Velebit and Male Kapela mountains, this town is rich in its history, especially with its medieval fortress called Nehaj. You can also learn more about its history by visiting the museums and learning the city’s unique symbol.

And while you’re at it, you can get a good view of the clear beaches, secret coves, lovely buildings, quiet fishing spots, and a town hall that looks as if it was straight out of a gothic tale.


Another quiet place to go fishing is in the tiny village of Novigrad, located in northern Istria, which is often overlooked by tourists.

Uncrowded Croatia

The reason why Novigrad is always overlooked by travelers, is because of its location. Right smack in the middle of two busy resort towns, Novigrad is drastically different, with its quiet population of less than 4,000 people. So, it’s not as busy or fancy as its neighboring towns; but regardless, it’s still a bastion of great places to do and eat.

With great parks to relax and cycle around in, Novigrad is also a unique paradise full of olive trees and vineyards.


Korcula Island Croatia

Like Novigrad, Korčula is also a cultural place with vineyards and olive groves. Known for its historical sites like Marco Polo’s childhood home, and its cultural vibe from its age-old ceremonies and folk dances, Korčula is a bastion of ancient tradition, as well as being the sixth largest island in the Adriatic.

A lot of the things in Korčula is absolutely authentic, from the meals being made with natural ingredients straight from the source, to the wines being made straight from the vineyards themselves. You can even catch a ferry or a charter boat to tour around the island.


So, if you’re looking for somewhere new to travel to, if you still want the Croatian travel experience without the hassle from the hustle and bustle from other tourists and the heavy crowds, then consider one of these five places as your next destination. These places will surely take your breath away, while saving you from the frustration of getting lost in a sea of people. Happy travels!


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