Guide to Getting Travel Refunds During Covid Outbreak

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Travel During Covid

Comprehensive Guide to Travel Refunds During the Coronavirus Outbreak

At this moment in time, the coronavirus has seriously impaired travel options around the world. International companies and organizations have been ordered to provide refunds, but we all know that nothing is every easy, so here’s a guide on what to expect when you request a refund for your travel bookings.

Travel During Covid

There’s no denying that the coronavirus pandemic has been making travel very difficult. So many travel-based companies from holiday organizations to airlines are forced to provide refunds for their customers. Sometimes it’s difficult to negotiate repayment with travel companies in the first place. In this article, we’re going to look at different types of organizations that the coronavirus effects and provide information on refund options.


The current consensus is that you can only receive a full refund from an airline if it has canceled your flight. Many airlines have waived the change fee in hopes that you will rebook your flight to a future date.  Plus there may be a differential between changed fares if you have purchased a non-refundable ticket.  In other words, your future ticket may cost more than your original fare and you will have to pay that difference.  These companies have realized that it is not only good PR but also vital for their business to waive this fee, considering how many people are choosing not to book flights. Another airline tactic is to offer you a voucher for future travel instead of a full refund.  Be cautious of these offers as most vouchers have exirations dates.  Do check every airline’s website for information and scrutinize each policy before purchasing a ticket.

Rental Cars

The vast majority of rental car companies offer full refunds unless you have booked a special negotiated rental rate through a third-party website. If you have done this, you may have to press hard to get your refund. This is not always the case, but we’ve seen that this is generally how things are going now. However, just like with airlines, many companies are relaxing the rules due to the pandemic.


For cruises that are due to depart in a couple of months, you could end up losing your deposit. If you’re much closer to your departure date, you could be left without a lot more of your fare if you choose to cancel a cruise that will be operating. We’ve seen some companies take away up to 70%. However, if the cruise is canceled, a full refund will come to you. Most refund policies will be based on the type of your ticket and how much time there is until casting off. The terms are not identical, so do look at the small print.  With the date that cruise ships can begin operating again being delayed until at least fall 2020 or beyond, you should be able to secure a refund if you were scheduled to cruise during the summer months.


We have found that the vast majority of hotels will refund your entire stay if you make a cancellation before 48 hours. However, a number of results and all-inclusive packages can be more restrictive. You must read the cancellation policy carefully. In general, resorts and hotels are not strict about refunds because it is a far more competitive industry than AI, for example, so you might have some luck.

Travel Insurance Options

It can be difficult to use your travel insurance for cancellations due to the Covid virus outbreak.  The fact of the matter is that travel insurance is that many companies have exclusions for this type of happening, so it is vital to check every policy carefully. A lot of people have been struggling because they bought their policy before the outbreak happened, so they are not sure whether they will be covered for coronavirus complications or not. Contact your insurance company and discuss their coverage for your particular policy.

Don’t Be Afraid to Ask

If you’re not really that sure about what you’ve booked or what you intended to book, the best thing to do is just ask. Go to the source and reach out to the company in question. In general, you will find that smaller companies may find it difficult to offer discounted rates and exceptions, such as no-fee changes or vouchers. This is understandable given how the pandemic has damaged the travel industry, so if you’re thinking of making a booking, then look towards established organizations. It is also worth noting that even the best travel companies are experiencing problems, so read the news to see how they’re coping.

If you’re trying to negotiate a refund or discount after you’ve made a booking, try to communicate via social media and email. This is a must because you’ll have proof in writing, which simplifies the negotiation process, and there will be no ambiguity — you’ll have a clear record of what the other party has said.

Travel Refund Options Are Available

Practically every travel expert agrees that it is difficult to travel in this time of the coronavirus, but responsible travel is entirely possible. When you’re travel hunting and shopping around for various policies, flights, and whatever you have in mind, we hope that you take our advice on board. Refunds are important to consider, whatever vacation you have in mind, whether you want to go on a treasure hunt, road tirp, or just lounge around at a beach resort. If you’ve already made a purchase, hopefully, you will have credible options for getting your money back. Good luck and all the best!

About The Author:  Thomas Quarry works as a data scientist, and since his job doesn’t take him outside too often, he started treasure hunting as a hobby. After discovering the amazing community of treasure hunters and how exciting looking for hidden treasures is, he decided to write about it and share the good news.

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