Romantic London Restaurants For Your Big Night Out

Le Pont De La Tour London

Most Romantic Restaurants in London For A Birthday Celebration

Romantic London Restaurants

When that particular time approaches when you need to make your boo feel special and loved for the evening, it can  be daunting while you are in the UK. If you look around London, there are a myriad of top romantic restaurants surrounding you. They are places where you can have an absolute blast for a birthday celebration, anniversary, or a special night out.  Even if you have no poetic chops in your blood, a special romantic dinner will work as you have an intimate time with your partner.

We selected our choice of the top 6 romantic restaurants in London for your special night out:

Bob Bob Ricard –

What you will get; A magnificent luxurious experience. As you sit down, a conspicuous button that says, ‘press for champagne.’ Just before you press that button, get the food menu, which should have an opulent twist.

Bobbo Bricard Restaurant London

Get spoiled by choice of English or Russian cuisine. Delicacies such as chicken kiev, or lobster for white meat lovers. Hey, there’s a special beef Wellington aged for 28 days. Forget the mac & cheese that you always try to make at home. What you will get in Bob’s is the real deal. If you are a vegan, you will enjoy a menu of no animal gelatine.

London’s best romantic restaurant is perfect for a  birthday celebration as you can get a private booth, sipping champagne on the tap up to your capacity.

What makes it stand out? Bob is a renowned restaurant for its superb champagne and fine wine. It is a place endorsed by the remarkable Chateau d’Yquem.

Budget: Starting from € 70 per head.  Location: 1 Upper James Street-Soho-London W1F-9DF

Daphne’s –

Daphne's London

Daphne’s is an intimate and cozy place with beautiful rooms. The décor has a tasteful artwork, and a roaring fireplace will keep you warm as you sip a glass of your ideal drink. You will swoon over a la carte of exquisite Italian cuisine-for instance, the mouth-watering aubergine parmigiana, which is soft and buttery.

The epicure comes to Daphne to try the famous zucchini fritte, which comes along with deep-fried courgette. You will appreciate their meaty caponata. If you have a sweet tooth, a chocolate fondant, topped with butterscotch ice-cream, will amaze you. Being here for a special romantic celebration is the best place that every lover has to experience.

Why come to Daphne’s? Well, you can have a romantic dinner in the private room with your sweetheart.

Budget: Special dish starts from € 75.  Location: 112 Draycott Avenue-London SW3.

Clos Maggiore –

Clos Maggiore Restaurant

Everyone wants to come and see a place that has consistently topped as London’s top romantic restaurant. It is no wonder because the joint has a high-end French cuisine that consists of a lamb of Welsh rack that is oven-roasted. A dessert of Valrhona bahibé, and finally, you can pair that with a list of stellar wine. The overall service is outstanding.

The interior décor of the decorative ceiling is impeccable. Marriage proposals happen weekly on the glass roof as the lovers enjoy the wintry night sky.

Why visit Clos Maggiore? To quench your curiosity about this famous place, since it’s a hot spot.

Budget: Their four-course menu starts from € 45.  Location: 33 King St-WC2E, 8JD,

Le Pont De La Tour –

Le Pont De La Tour London

Take your date to this super classic joint, with a view of the beautiful panoramic tower bridge and the famous Thames. Especially if they love the French cuisine, they will enjoy a la carte menu that includes cured-smoked-salmon for starters, and caviar served with the traditional condiment. Your main dish may be veal cutlet or potato gnocchi, served with pumpkin puree.

What a great outdoor vibe to have a birthday party for your better-have as you pair all the delicious meals with a list of fine affordable wine. Or if you both prefer a private room, you might as well go for that, because it’s an option.

Why should you visit Le Pont? Apart from the exquisite meal, you can also enjoy music, film, and art.

Budget: A full-course meal starts from € 45.  Location: 36D Shad, Thames- SE1 2YE

Ormer Mayfair Restaurant

Ormer Mayfair Restaurant

It is an intimate restaurant that falls among the best eateries in London. Maybe it’s because of its local seasonal produce that includes oysters, fresh lobsters, and their shoreline foraged hand-picked herbs.

What standouts in Ormer? Apart from a delicious meal, an afternoon cup of tea will delight you.

Budget: The main course starts at € 32.  Location: Flemings Mayfair 7-12 Half Moon Street, London W1J-7BH

Andrew Edmunds

Andrew Edmunds Restaurant Soho London

When you step into this London’s romantic restaurant that sits in Soho’s quiet place, you will get invited by an ambiance of candle lights that sets the mood.  No doubt, it’s an excellent place to throw your marriage proposal, birthday celebration, anniversary, or any other romantic course that you want.

Since 1985, Andrew has been a dark and intimate den for love birds. Serving European and British classic cuisine paired with a list of tasty wine. It is one of those places that you want to scream, ‘honey, I love you!’

What will bring you to Andrew Edmunds? Let’s say If you are trying to woo someone, take her here, and the place will speak your language.

Budget; Dinner for two should range € 100.  Location: 46 Lexington St, London-W1F, OLP England.

In conclusion, our curated best restaurant will ramp up your romance with your sweetheart. Dining here makes the day truly memorable. Don’t shy away, book one of these London’s best restaurants for your love’s birthday celebration, and it will go on their sweet life record.


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