Top 10 Places For Romantic Photos in Madrid Spain

Top 10 places to take memorable and romantic photos in Madrid

Madrid Travel Tips

Madrid, the capital city of Spain, is known for its culture and historical place to discover. But what if I tell you that the city also provides incredibly romantic places where you can take memorable photos?  I will also recommend a few special things to do for a romantic weekend in the capital. So here are my top 10 things to see and do for a memorable romantic weekend in Madrid and great places to take those romantic photos with your special someone.

Visit the Debod Temple

Debod Madrid

The Debod Temple was initially built in Egypt and transferred to Madrid in order to protect it from destruction. In fact, because of the Aswan Dam, several temples in the country were scheduled to be destroyed. In order to keep those monuments, they were transported to other countries and one of them is the Debod Temple in Spain. It is now located in the west of the city in the “Parque del Oeste”. It is a romantic setting and a perfect place to watch the sunset and to take beautiful pictures.

Principal Hotel Rooftop Bar

Principal Hotel Roof Top Bar Madrid

At the very top of this 5-star hotel, you will find its bar called “la Terraza” which offers amazing drinks and snacks. It is the perfect place to refresh yourself while enjoying a mojito and benefit from the amazing and panoramic view over the city.

Navigate on a little boat Retiro Park

Retiro Park Madrid

In the middle of Retiro Park, you will find a lake where the Alfonso XII monument is also located. On this lake, you will be able to rent a boat to row for an hour or go for a solar model to navigate the scenic lake.  This is the perfect activity to do as a couple to have a nice chat under the sun, in the middle of the water, surrounded by birds and ducks. It is also a very instagrammable place where you can choose to pose with the statue of the former King Alfonso XII right behind you!

Palacio Real Gardens

The Royal Palace of Madrid has got 2 gardens: the Campo del Moro and the Sabatini garden. The Sabatini one allows you to pose next to sculptures of former kings. The second one enables you poses either in front of the fountain with the back facade of the monument as a background or to go upstairs on the left of the building to overlook the garden and have a perfect view over the magnificent baroque building. It is perfect for a nice walk with your beloved one, in a romantic atmosphere, which will make you forget the bustling city and focus on a magical moment making you feel like kings and queens for an evening.

Museum of Romanticism

Museum of Romance Madrid

Salón de baile

The romanticism museum is one of the numerous museums in the city.   It is pretty unknown but will well worth a visit!  This museum houses collections of all types of paintings and sculptures from the 19th-century movement. But it’s major collection is made up of instruments; especially pianos. It’s most beautiful room is for sure the ballroom where you will be surrounded by portraits of former members of the bourgeoisie class in a place decorated only with pink furniture and gold tones. Another place that is perfect for a romantic date is the magnolia garden where you can have a seat in a peaceful area with the fragrance of magnolia flowers. At the very back, you can even go to the museum’s café to enjoy cakes and hot chocolate.

Have a Romantic dinner at the Salvador Bachiller Restaurant

As they are 3 different locations of the restaurant in the city and each one offers a different kind of atmosphere, you can choose either to have lunch in the garden surrounded by flowers and natural materials or to have a coffee or drink in a very intimate place and finally to have dinner in a room designed to be a greenhouse surrounded by exotic plants. All those different places are incredibly good looking for taking photos and are designed to make you have a great time away from the city just the two of you. But it is not only a beautiful place, but they also offer great and original cocktails and good dishes or cakes!

Enjoy a Wine Tasting

Spain may not be as acclaimed for its wine as some nearby neighboring countries, but they do offer a wide variety of good quality wines that should not be missed. Why not discover them through a wine tasting tour? They are various places where you can go in the city to have a wine sampling and at the same time learn something behind. At the wine bar La Cristaleria for example, you will be able to have dinner and at the same time taste different types of wine. They even do blind tastings, which can be a funny thing to do!

See a Flamenco Show

Flamenco Madrid Spain
Flickr by: Prayitno

Experience the Baths and Massages at the Al Andalus Hammam

One of the most famous places in Madrid to relax is probably the Al Andalus Hammam. This place will enable you  feel calm and peaceful while swimming in the hot water of the Arabic Baths. They also provide incredible massages with essential oils. Perfect to relax after long walks in the city and to enjoy a quiet moment together.

Book a Stay in a Luxurious Hotel

To enjoy your stay even more and to benefit from a full service, why not booking a luxurious hotel? Madrid is full of 4 and 5 stars hotels where the staff takes care of everything and you just have to make the most of your stay without any stress! Most of the luxury properties provide room service and breakfast. Some of them such as the Urban Hotel or the Hyatt Hotel even have a gastronomic restaurant in the building. Another bonus, of these two hotels is they also have a rooftop with a bar at the very top of the building that overlooks the city – perfect to enjoy a few drinks with a breathtaking view!


About The Author:  Juliette Smith is passionate about travelling. I’ve already been nearly everywhere in Europe and experienced different travelling types from backpacks to luxury ones, from leisure and relaxing trips to more adventurous ones. But Spain is where my heart is!  Link to my website: Madrid Discovery.


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