Experience Europe’s Famous Tea Flavors

Tea Flavors of Europe

Famous, Not-to-Miss Tea Flavors of Europe

It may surprise you to know that tea is the most consumed drink in the world after water, and the most consumed hot beverage in the universe. Tea presents a lot of benefits and comes in approximately one thousand, five hundred flavors. With cultures across the world drinking a variety of tea flavors, you can understand where its popularity comes from. Europe is known as one of the hottest tea hubs in the world. They present a variety of famous and not-to-miss tea flavors that you do not want to end your European adventure without tasting.

Fun Fact About Tea

Tea was discovered by accident in 2737 BC by Shennong, a Chinese emperor, and herbalist. He usually preferred his water boiled, and one day during his boiled water drinking endeavors, dried leaves of a nearby plant fell inside his boiled water. The taste aroused curiosity, and since then, Tea was considered purely medicinal until 300BC.

When drinking tea became fashionable in Britain in the 17th Century, it was still expensive to import, and the only way to access and buy loose Tea was by smuggling to avoid the high customs fees. The smuggled illegal Tea contained dry leaves and pieces of bark from other plants to maximize profits.

Tea Flavors of Europe

Let us take a ride and explore some of the famous and not-to-miss tea flavors in Europe

Earl Grey Tea

Earl Grey is one of the most famous flavored Tea in Europe. It is traditionally made with black tea flavored with bergamot oil. Earl grey tea is sold in the form of loose leaf tea or tea bags. One of its strongest attributes is a slightly yielding tannic tea that bears intense citrusy bergamot aromas.

Earl Grey tea is believed to have been named after prime minister Charles Grey back in the 1880s. Numerous theories are attached to its origin, but the tea is believed to have been already familiar among veteran Chinese tea masters. It was given to the prime minister as a show of respect to nobility. This is the reason as to why Earl Grey tea was promoted among the upper class.

Ordinarily, Earl Grey tea is used as a hot beverage, but it bears particular uses. It is used as a flavoring in savory and sweet dishes as well. Earl grey tea superbly compliments desserts. You will also find it a miraculous fitting match for curry dishes.

Wild Lily Tea

Wild Lily Tea

Wild lily (Lilium martagon) can also be identified as Martagon lily or Turk’s cap lily, but the locals call it bar tamthi. It is usually gathered during early to mid-summer from the famous Alpine Meadows, Lëpushë, by the Kelmendi community in a mountainous village in the Northern Albanian Alps.

The wild lily tea is a wild plant distinguished by beautiful turban-like flowers. It is usually harvested for its bulbs and leaves and can be sold in tea bags or loose leaf tea. The bulbs and leaves are dried and used to prepare traditional infusions, decoctions, and, most importantly, traditional loose Tea.

Wild lily tea is known as the “herb of the liver” in traditional medicine. Wild lily bulbs are known to help with digestion problems and various liver diseases. This is a must-taste Tea while in Europe.

English Breakfast Tea

English breakfast is not only famous in the United Kingdom, but it is one of the most popular tea varieties in the world. English breakfast tea is a blend made with Ceylon, Assam, Kenyan, and Chinese black Tea. The origin of the name and its birthplace is vague and often disputed since many different theories are associated with its origin.

English breakfast tea has many variations, including Yorkshire tea, PG Tips, and Tetley. In the UK, English breakfast tea is usually sweetened and served with milk because of its full-bodied, robust, intense flavor. It is known to have a rich and hearty flavor.

Tea in the United Kingdom has special cultural importance. You will find it a norm to be offered a cup of tea almost immediately after entering an English person’s home. Furthermore, a UK online tea and coffee shop is like no ordinary webshop from other countries.  Profuse quantities of English Breakfast tea are consumed in the United Kingdom. It has been prevalent across the universe for a long time, and it is one of the best not-to-miss kind of Tea.

Thyme Tea

Thyme Tea

Thymus Vulgaris is a perennial shrub native to Europe. It grows with a woody stem, tiny green-grey leaves, and seasonal flowers. The small green-grey leaves are exceptionally aromatic. The leaves are the ones used in making Thyme herbal tea and the tea carries all the thyme tea benefits.  It is a member of the loose tea family.  There are a handful of benefits associated with Thyme Tea. It is utilized in weight loss, coughs and colds, thyroid health, and inflammation. It is also broadly argued that thyme tea is used in curing fibromyalgia.

Tea Bags

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Bottom Line

Regardless of tht Tea flavor and taste of your liking, you can never miss out on these and other tea flavors in Europe. You can always find your favorite in an online tea and coffee shop across Europe. Tea is the most health beneficial hot beverage in the universe. Please make the most out of it.


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