Classic Romantic Meals To Try in Paris

Romantic Paris Meals

Romantic Meals to Try While Visiting Paris or to Cook at Home for a Special Evening

Romantic Paris Meals

Taking your partner to a romantic dinner can be one of the most special ways to show them true love and affection. Since Paris is the City of Love, it remains the ultimate romantic dinner destination for visiting couples.  I’m going to focus on romantic meals you should try while visiting the city that you should be able to find throughout the city. Lucky for those who are residing here by the way. But if you are not living or touring in Paris, don’t let this make you feel dejected. If you can dream it, you can do it! For now, you can cook these delicacies at home instead, as long as you have the necessary ingredients and instructions. With that said, let’s get started;

1. Broiled Stuffed Oysters

A favorite with many French couples, broiled stuffed oysters are a must-try delicacy when you are touring Parish with your sweetheart. This seafood delicacy consists of oysters and some spices as well as a topping.  It is not only delicious and healthy, but it also creates a romantic mood in some type of way that’s just perfect for the two of you. Going for around $34 dollars, it’s served in most restaurants in the city, including several mid-range budget restaurants.

Broiled Oysters

By the way, you can also try the quick and easy recipe for this when you return home. You will only need a few oysters on the half shell, trimmed and topped with minced celery, softened butter, and minced fresh tarragon leaves. Other necessary ingredients include fresh bread crumbs, freshly ground black pepper, and salt and perhaps minced garlic.

You can get all or some of the necessary ingredients and/or instructions on Home Chef. Never heard about this meal delivery service before? No worries, click here to read the comprehensive review of the service. You may also check out other alternative services such as Hello Fresh and Sun Basket to obtain the rest of the ingredients that you may not find on Home Chef.

2. Potato-Celeriac Gratin

Just like broiled stuffed oysters, potato-celeriac gratin is a very popular delicacy among French couples. The sliced potatoes, creme fraiche, tomatoes, celeriac “celery root”, and Emmentaler cheese or comte cheese combination is the ideal dish for many diners in Paris. This is because not only is it sumptuous, but also generally romantic. Women love the tender and succulent taste complemented by a rich flavor of the mouth-watering combination, and it is perfect for vegetarians.

As long as you have around $29, you and your significant other can enjoy a plate of potato-celeriac gratin at a decent eatery in the heart of Paris. Plus with the right ingredients and instructions, you can make this fantastic delicacy for lovers at home and relive the romantic memories of your Paris trip, taking a trip down memory lane. You can get the recipe as well as the ingredients online and get started.

3. Terrine de Foie Gras

Known in English as ” Foie Gras Terrine”, Terrine de Foie Gras is another excellent delicacy choice for a romantic couple who are dining out in Parish.  Foie Gras is a prized specialty dish through France.  This tasty dish perfectly benefits you and your better half. When it comes to nutritional benefits, it’s a rich source of Vitamin B12, which plays some critical roles in the body. For example, this vitamin helps with DNA formation and protection of blood cells and the nerve system. Apart from that, it helps prevent megaloblastic anemia, a rare type of anemia that makes patients extraordinarily tired as well as weak.

Foie Gras

For the budget-conscious individuals, you don’t have to shy away from Terrine de Foie Gras as a serving of the delicacy goes for around just $21 in a good restaurant that’s located within a nice area of the city. I think 50 dollars isn’t too much money to spend on a romantic delicacy in the French capital with the love of your life. Is it?

4. Filet Mignons with Bordelaise Sauce

For the classy couples who tour or who reside in Paris, filet mignons with bordelaise sauce will not disappoint when it comes to a romantic delicacy that matches their caliber. Very popular among the French couples, this dish features a sophisticated, wine-enriched, luscious sauce paired with a tender filet mignon steak. The sauce can be served with beef marrow or fresh chopped rosemary and parsley.

Filet Mignon

Wikimedia Commons by: Arnold Gatilao

Nevertheless, this delicacy is an important part of the menus served by many standard restaurants in Paris. And for as little as $60, you can order mouthwatering filet mignons with bordelaise sauce for two in a nice restaurant within the French capital. A great way to save money is to book in the morning or late at night as some restaurants will give discounts to diners who order during these off-peak times.

5. Daube

Daube is a very popular dish of Provence that is equally admired in Paris.  It is an overwhelmingly palatable romantic delicacy that consists of beef or lamb stew, wine, along with different vegetables as well as seasonings like bay leaves, cinnamon, thyme, peppercorns, and cloves. All the ingredients are combined in a pot and simmered slowly on low heat until well-cooked and luscious with a rich wine-like flavor. This French-inspired stew is a rich source of protein you and your significant other require for important functions in the body. Just like other romantic French delicacies above, daube is an affordable option. For as little as $40, you can order two plates; one for you and one for your partner in a decent Paris-based restaurant.

Final Thoughts

Love is all about throwing little, priceless treats and surprises for the two of you like going on a vacation in Paris. Looking for creative ideas for romantic meals to try while visiting Paris? If so, try broiled stuffed oysters, potato-celeriac gratin, terrine de foie gras, filet mignons with bordelaise sauce or daube, and you can thank me later.


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