Popular Jobs You Can Do While Traveling

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Remote Travel Jobs

4 Fantastic Jobs You Can Do While Travelling To Make Money

The spread of fast internet service across the globe has enabled the world of work to go global.  Gone are the days when you have to sit in a boring cubicle office space all day.  If you have a laptop computer and wifi connection, you can work from almost anywhere your heart desires.  If you are looking for ideas for jobs that you can do while travelling, check out these four fantastic jobs that we have put together just for you.

Remote Travel Jobs

Travel Blogger

Many people desire to become a travel blogger because it allows you to see the world and share your experiences. The best thing about it is that you get paid to do it. The opportunities are endless for the travel blogger – they can generate revenue from advertising placements, sponsorship, eBooks, courses, and book deals. Travel bloggers have the opportunity to have multiple streams of income if their blogs have a large audience and become popular.

However, it can take some time, even months and years before your travel blog can build a large audience. But with the right strategies and use of social media, your blog can become profitable within a short time. Having the right mindset is important in growing your audience. You may become discouraged if you are unable to generate traffic, but as we mentioned earlier, you must be patient if you want to make money from blogging about your travel experience.

Voice Over Artist

Another job that will give you the freedom to travel and make money is voice over business. The opportunities in this field are endless from advertising to voice acting – depending on your area of expertise. If you are a frequent traveller and you don’t see a life where you are spending hours behind the desk at an office, then this job might be a great fit. The potential for making good money from recording voice over is enormous and is worth considering. Websites like Voquent make it easy to do your job and deliver to your client since they care less about where it is being recorded. Record a few demos and upload them on Voquent to get your voice over skills out there.

Hospitality and Tourism Expert

If you think you know the tourism and hospitality business, then you may have found the right job that matches your love for travelling. Now that more people can pay for air travel, the hospitality and tourism field has become a multi-billion Euro sector. More countries are dedicating their resources to their tourism industries intending to attract foreign investment.  Some countries are depending on tourism as their source of revenue, so this presents an opportunity to turn your expertise into money.

The hospitality and tourism sector offers numerous opportunities for people who love to travel.

 Performing Arts Entertainer

If you enjoying performing on stage or in front of an audience, then there are numerous opportunities waiting for you while you travel the world. Many performing groups such as bands, orchestras, and theatre companies are always on the road looking for new stages and audiences to share their art with across the globe.

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