5 Must Have Items For Your European Summer Trip 2020 Packing List.

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Europe Packing List

5 Packing Essentials If You Are Heading To Europe This Summer

Europe Packing List

With all the excitement in the air from the lifting of lockdown status and the world regaining normality, there will be a lot of people looking to reinstate their travel plans, and for many of those people, their travel destination is Europe. Packed full of beautiful cities, endless countryside, and a huge amount of history there is no wonder why Europe tops many peoples must-visit destinations. Now, with everything that is going on around us you may be left grasping for ideas when it comes to packing what you will need for your summer trip, so here are 5 must-have items for your European Packing List.

Travel Documents

We will start with the easiest and arguably the most important, and that is your travel documentation. This includes things such as your passport, tickets, boarding passes, and visas and health card if they are applicable to you. These are essential for your trip so be sure the check everything is in date and valid, and most importantly kept together in a safe place that is easily accessible in your luggage.  Be sure that your passport is valid for 6 months past your return date, as many countries have this requirement.


When it comes to packing your clothes, it’s useful to be mindful of the activities you wish to undertake during your European trip. By doing so you can begin to plan your outfits, which will make packing much easier. Once you have planned your outfits and which clothes you will be taking with you, you can assess whether you have covered all bases, with formal, casual and comfortable outfits you can rest assured wherever you may end up, you won’t be over or under-dressed for the occasion. Have you considered using clothing to make memories? These great personalised t shirts from Banana Moon are the perfect way to show off your unique designs, as well as to wear when your trip over and you are reliving those memories!

Prepaid Travel Card

Having a prepaid travel card to use whilst away is a great idea, as you can keep all your money in one place.  This will be extremely useful if you will be travelling through different countries that have different currencies.  Depending on the card you opt for, you may even save money on the exchange rate whilst you are at it. Another benefit is you can see how much you have been spending, as many cards come with an app to monitor your spending helping you stay on budget throughout your trip.

European Adaptor

A multi-adaptor is the perfect way to keep your phone and other electronics charged wherever you may be.

Here’s one that is often missed off many lists, resulting in an expensive airport purchase once the realisation sets in. You can avoid this by packing carefully and taking your time to think about what you need. A European adaptor is an essential to keep your electricals running throughout your trip. If you are one of the lucky ones travelling to a number of different locations a multi-region adaptor is a handy essential, which can help save space in your luggage.

Filtering Water Bottle

Adding a water bottle to your packing list is a brilliant way to keep yourself hydrated, as well as reducing the need to purchase any single-use plastic, helping to curb the environmental crisis we are seeing at present. Opting for a water bottle with built in filter will give your clean crisp drinking water from any source on your trip, giving you the hydration to continue your journey!


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