10 Most Popular Destinations to Visit in Malaysia

Malaysia Popular Destinations

10 Best Holiday Destinations in Malaysia

If you’re planning to go on vacation this year, Malaysia might be a great choice for your holiday. Malaysia is one of the Southeast Asian countries known for stunning beaches, green highlands, peaceful culture, beautiful mountains, and nature reserves. The diversified mix of Malay, China, and Indian culture makes Malaysia the perfect choice to offer the best in food, aesthetic location, and activity engagement.

Why is Malaysia an Excellent Holiday Destination?

Malaysia Popular Destinations

Malaysia has long since attracted tourists and vacationers around the globe mainly because of its diversity in culture and landscape. This diversity is what makes Malaysia a very interesting holiday destination as there is never a shortage of activities and things to experience.

Where Should You Go In Malaysia For the Holidays?

Are you hell-bent on making the most of your holiday? Then make sure you visit at least one of these impressive cities and islands to make your holiday very memorable

Perhentian Islands

Malaysia Top Destinations

This is a collection of islands in Terengganu, Malaysia which is suitable for a tropical getaway. With its turquoise blue sea and white coral sand beaches, the island offers a great variety of accommodation options. The two major islands are Besar and Kecil.

Besar is the larger island appropriate for couples and families that are able to afford better accommodation for vacation.  While Kecil, the smaller island is the best option for lone travelers and backpackers on a tighter budget.  Both islands boast dozens of dive sites for scuba divers and shallow beaches for an afternoon swim with friends and families. It also has a great coral bay for snorkelers.  This island is best visited during peak season which is usually February through November for the best vacation experience.


Penang Malaysia

Penang state, with thrilling modern culture, is well known as an exotic location for a holiday. Penang island is well-known for its smooth sandy beach and excellent mix of cuisine. Whether it’s a weekend getaway trip or a fully planned vacation, you must ensure you don’t miss out on exploring Penang to the fullest because there is a lot to take in. From the spotlight view to be seen from the top of flagstaff hill to a thrilling trip to Escape Adventureland, you will never have a dull moment. And make sure you don’t forget the art while you’re exploring. You will find many former Chinese storefront murals gracing old buildings that are worth appreciating.


Malacca River Malaysia

Malacca is a city of impressive architecture, culture, and history. Since 2008, UNESCO has continually featured Malacca as a World Heritage site. The history of malacca dates back to when the dutch, Portuguese and British governments fought over the reign. The interesting history of this ancient city has garnered popularity among locals and foreigners alike making it one of the most visited cities in Malaysia.

Cameron highlands

Tea Plantation Malaysia

If you’re looking to enjoy a fresh climate and a lot of outdoor activity during your vacation, Cameron highlands might just be the perfect place for you. With its blooming green plantation and cool climate condition, it makes a day out hiking enjoyable. It offers beautiful scenery with its wide expanse of vegetable farms, tea plantation, honey bee farm, and butterfly garden. It provides a perfect diversion from the heat of the lowlands.


This is the largest state in Malaysia. popular for its sophistication and urbanization.  It is a fully industrialized state and might not be a perfect choice for those looking for something more exotic. However, it has attractions like the rainforest and big shopping centers ideal for sightseeing.

Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur Malaysia

The capital of Malaysia and also the largest city in the country, Kuala Lumpur is an impressive city put simply. The city is known for its grand architectural buildings, busy shopping centers, and a wide variety of attractions to choose from. A vacation in Kuala Lumpur provides a great opportunity to experience a lot within a short period. From a day trip to the National Museum to a fun getaway at Sunway Lagoon Theme Park, you are sure going to have a lot to talk about back home.


Pulau Malaysia

Pulau Tioman is an island found on the east coast of peninsular Malaysia. It is the best holiday location for those that want to spend vacation scuba diving, snorkeling, and fishing. The island is inhabited by coral reefs and much different flora and fauna. The water is clear enough to see clearly when under.

The island also allows for a great many other activities such as hiking, jungle trekking, golfing, deep-sea fishing, beach, and waterfall visits.  The best time of the year to visit is any time from March to October as the island will be closed for the remaining year.


Langkawi, Malaysia

Langkawi is another archipelago of about 99 islands in Malaysia. it’s the perfect holiday spot for enthusiasts of various water activities- Snorkeling, cruising, and Diving. Due to the popularity of the island and its surrounding beaches, it is home to many historical attractions that are a must-see should you come to the island.

Kota Kinabalu

Kota Malaysia

An enchanting city and the capital city of Sabah. It is majorly known for Mount Kinabalu which is what attracts foreigners to the city. Some interesting things to do while in the city include river cruising, a visit to the Atkinson clock tower, climbing mount Kinabalu, visiting the Green Connection Aquarium, Shopping at Kota Kinabalu Handicraft Market and other interesting activities.


Kuching Malaysia

Kuching is a city situated on the Sarawak River and well known for its impressive architectural landmarks. Exciting things to do in Kuching include visiting Sarawak cultural village, Kuching waterfront, cat museum. Pay a visit to Tua Pek Kong Chinese Temple, and other places of interest. You can also shop at the main Bazaar for traditional arts and souvenirs.


Malaysia can be an excellent vacation home for many especially those into water sport and is also perfect for those who would love a quiet getaway to some faraway island. The first step is deciding where you want to go and then, everything else becomes clearer.


About The Author:  Sehrish Yunus is a tourist advisor who works for Limo Services USA. Sehrish has considerable experience in advising on travel experience for Southeast Asian and Middle Eastern countries. She is an avid traveler herself and provides advice based on her personal travel experiences.

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