Discover Exotic Myanmar in Southeast Asia

Myanmar Temples

Consider The Interesting Features Of A Myanmar Tour 

Are you in search of some majestic travel spot to bathe in the calmness and spirituality?  If you are in agreement, then exploring these unknown lands of SouthEast Asia is worth it.   Myanmar is located between India to the west, China to the north, Thailand to the east and the Bay of Bengal to the south.  Travelers visiting Myanmar for the first time can sense the undiscovered gorgeousness of the country. Experience a land full of natural resources, beauty and architectural wonders.

Myanmar Temples

A trip to Myanmar is very dependent on the selection of an ideal tour manager.  Travel to Myanmar is most comfortably done by air.  Due to years of internal struggle, the country has only recently become open to tourism again and the country’s transportation infrastructure is rudimentary at best. The tour guides of Myanmar are well adept in crafting entertaining holiday travel plans and are essential to planning a journey here.  Your travel within the country will be by air-conditioned touring coach with experienced guides to see to your needs and provide insight into the fascinating country of Myanmar.

Sightseeing Highlights

Travelers who have an intense interest in gardens will appreciate wanding among the mesmerizing views of four hundred and eighty species of shrubs, flowers, and trees of the Kandawgyi garden.

Have you ever seen the surprising feature of the reclining Buddha? If not, then Myanmar will be the perfect spot to view the same. The famous tourist spot of the Chauk-that-gyi Temple, features the reclining Buddha. However, in comparison to Bangkok, the reclining Buddha of Myanmar is older.

Myanmar Budha

No trip to Myanmar is complete without a visit to the old market of Myanmar. Next, the Scott market entails an example of the same. Travelers can enjoy wandering through the market to purchase the latest Burmese souvenirs and lacquerware. And female travelers cannot restrain themselves from shopping in abundance for gems and jewelry.

Traveling to Myanmar opens up the chance to visit many of the beautiful monasteries.  Myanmar features monasteries throughout the country of many styles and descriptions.  Some are built on a rocky outcrop such as the Popa Taungkalat monastery as an example. Travelers will see amazing effects and learn interesting historical facts.  The architectural differences in the crafting of monasteries are fascinating to tourists. Another example is the Shwenandaw Monastery which is carved out of teak wood.

Explorations Of Tourist Interests

Hot Air Balloon Ride In Bagan

Myanmar Floating Gardens

Still, wondering about exciting things to explore? Have you ever experienced a hot air balloon ride? If not, a must-to-do option is the hot air balloon ride in Bagan. Fly high, enjoy the aerial shot, and the underlying vastness of the city. Foating over the countryside you can view the many spectacular pagodas and temples of the city.

Spectacular Sunset Against The Bay Of Bengal

This ideal destination has impressive beaches to offer. Travelers can choose from options such as strolling sandy beaches and enjoying the mesmerizing sunsets over the bay.  Alternatively, observe the beautiful sun setting on the western coast of Myanmar. The bright light allows the sky to be set ablaze with color.

Ready to approach and share a few happenings with the locals of Myanmar? Next, get that done through finding locals at Chaung Tha. Couples and friends will love to embrace the enjoying spree. Set the mood by drinking in a beachside bar in Ngwe Saung. Catch up with the crowd to engage in a sunset viewing party at Ngapali.

View The Natural Spot Of Floating Gardens

Myanmar Floating Gardens

Does the idea of the beautiful floating gardens strike your fancy? If yes, do not neglect a visit to the ravishing beauty of the floating gardens of Inle Lake. Next, vegetative productions such as tomato, cucumber, and gourds are abundant in this lake. Throughout the gardens, there are numerous wooden bamboo poles that anchor the entire garden in place on the lake.  It is a unique agricultural scene that should not be missed.

Visit The Land Of Mrauk U

Explore Mrauk U which is known for its temples and archeological ruins. Soak up the beauty and freshness of the misty mornings.  To know the intricate points, travelers should explore the Northern Rakhine State which is still less explored than Bagan. Scores of iconic pagoda tops present an unforgettable image.

Next, there are numerous spiraling temple tunnels. The statues of the Buddha create magic in the eyes of the tourists.  Reaching the spot of Mrauk U is not hard if travelers are traveling on a well planned tour itinerary.  Travelers can travel from Yangon to Sittwe by flight, followed by the boat ride across the Kaladan river.

Bottom Line

Despite the challenges of traveling in the parts of a Myanmar Tour, it is well worth the challenge to gain a memorable travel experience in Myanmar.

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