Pay To Live Remote Locations

14 Remarkable Countries, Cities and Regions that Pay You to Live There

Yes, you read right! There are beautiful communities across the globe that offer you money and other incentives to go live there and spread the word about how great your life has become in your new place of residence.  With more and more people realizing that they can work remotely, there is no better time to opt for more space and an adventurous lifestyle by taking advantage of these remarkable places that offer real incentives to move to their community.

Pay To Live Remote Locations

We know that many of you would love to leave your native country and have an incredible adventure and experience, exploring a completely new and different place.  Not everyone has the necessary funds however, to make it possible (moving abroad involves legal procedures, transportation of goods, taxes and long lists of preparations.

For this reason, in addition to the money supply, many of these countries also offer extra incentives, such as lower taxes and lower housing costs, among others. All this, of course, as long as you meet the prerequisites requested by each of them.  Many of these communities are seeking families to populate their schools and entrepreneurs to start businesses.  Without further ado, below is our list of communities who are offering enticements to move to their country:

Guide To Communities That Pay You To Live There


If in addition to the traveling bug, you have the “entrepreneurial bug” inside you as well and you are looking to start your own business.  We will tell you that Chile is the ideal option for you, since the Chilean government started a program called Start-Up Chile, that seeks to convert that country into a business center in South America.

Santiago, Chile

If you think your business idea has the potential to become a great success, you could apply to this program and if accepted, you would receive the following benefits: a fund of 50,000 Chilean pesos to start your StartUp, work visa for everything one year, flights, Amazon credit, mentors and business contacts, and up to 100,000 Chilean pesos in other miscellaneous benefits.

Other great advantages that you would enjoy if you decide to move to Chile would be the low cost of living and taxes, the beautiful landscapes and the excellent culture, characteristic of this beautiful country.

Pay To Live Opportunities in Europe

Ponga, Asturias, Spain

Ponga Spain
Flickr by: Víctor Fernández Salinas

If your desire is a small town located in the mountains, which seem to be taken from fairy tales, this beautiful and old village of fewer than 800 inhabitants could be an excellent option for you.

This picturesque place (which also has an incredible climate), offers 3,000 euros to all young couples who qualify and decide to move there, and include an extra 3,000 euros for each child that said the couple has.  The only other requirement to apply to the program (besides being a young couple), is that you must commit to living in Ponga for a minimum of 5 years.

Additionally, peaking about the issue of legal procedures, Spain is considered one of the easiest countries to emigrate today and according to research, “Spain has the largest number of repopulation projects in Europe”.

Albinen, Switzerland

For the great adventurers, the Swiss Alps is the perfect place and if you belong to this group, Albinen could become your next home.

Albinen Switerland
Flickr by: Vasile Cotovanu

Because the place only has 240 permanent residents, they made the decision to offer money to those who decide to move to this Swiss village. The offer consists of awarding accepted families an approximate amount of $ 25,000 for each adult and $ 10,000 for each child. Among the requirements to enter the program are: be under 45 years old, commit to living in the village for a minimum of 10 consecutive years, and buy or build a house with a minimum value of $ 215,000.  Currently, the offer is only open to people with C residence permits or Swiss passports


Like Chile, Ireland has also created a program called “ Enterprise Ireland ”, designed to attract entrepreneurs from different parts of the world.

Dublin Ireland

For those who have a digital venture with high potential for success, this program offers you the opportunity to live and work in Ireland, as well as providing thousands of euros in funds, for your growth and development.

This program is highly competitive, but if accepted, you would have the enormous opportunity to live in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, which also gives you a first-rate lifestyle, access to the euro and the European Union market, with the extra low taxes for emerging businesses.

Candela, Italy

A town that looks like something out of a medieval movie is Candela, located in the Puglia region of  Italy. If you like baroque architecture (including palaces!) and some of the best wines produced in all of Italy, this may be the right choice for you.  If you are a lover of quiet places and ancient history, this beautiful place is going to enchant you.

Candela has gone from having more than 8,000 inhabitants to less than 3,000, so the mayor has decided to offer monetary incentives to young people who decide to move to this territory. Incentives range from around € 800 for single people to over € 2,000 for families of 4 or more. Additionally, they could also offer tax credits and nurseries, among other things.

The requirements to apply are to rent or buy a home in the area, and to get a job that pays a minimum of 7,500 euros per year (approximately 700.00 US dollars per month). Not bad at all, right?

Locana, Italy

This quaint alpine Italian village in the Piedmont region, bordering Switzerland and France, is offering an enticement of $10,3o0 payable over three years to attract new families to settle in its town.  To qualify for the deal, families must have at least one child.  There are opportunities here to take over existing businesses or ones that have been shuttered in recent years.   If you’ve always dreamed of having a small bakery, restaurant, bar or shop, this may be the perfect place for a new start.

Molise, Italy

Molise Italy

If relocating to a small mountain village is your dream, then this area of 100 mountain villages may be perfect for you.  As reported last September by CNN, this area located east of Rome and bordering the Adriatic Sea is offering up to $27,000 for families to locate there and start a business.  With the area brimming with hillsides of olive groves, woodlands known for truffles, and beautiful medieval towns, it’s a wonder that populations have been on the decline.

Teora, Italy

This pretty village located east of the Amalfi coast is offering a different incentive.  They will pay the rent of families who move here for two years.  Then if they wish to purchase a home, the town will provide the first 5,000 euros which would amount of 15-20% of the anticipated purchase price.  With average rents running about 200 euroes per month, the incentive allotment would cover almost all of the rental costs.

Cammarata, Sicily

This pretty hillside town located in the interior of Sicily is noted for many amazing examples of ancient Greek architecture.  In addition to offering homes free of charge(!),  the community will provide new families with an additional 1,000 euro bonus.  Young families with children are given priority, and anyone applying must commit to renovating the home that is given to them for free.

Antikythera, Greece

If your dream has always been to live in seclusion on a beautiful island in Greece, this may be the opportunity you’ve been looking for.  Located on a small island near Crete, Antikythera is populated by only 20 year-round residents!  The Greek Orthodox Church has sponsored an initiative to sponsor families to revitalize the island.  They are offering a stipend of 500 euros per month for 3 years, plus a residence and lot of land.  The island must be reached by ferry that brings food, gas and necessities to the island.


Denmark does not offer money for you to move, but its offer is specifically aimed at people with established businesses or new entrepreneurs, and it consists of providing access to their health systems (immediately), for those who decide to move to their territory.

Copenhagen Denmark

It is worth mentioning that Denmark’s health and welfare system is one of the most generous in the world and as a member of the European Union, those who move to this country would also gain access to one of the largest markets on the planet.

Pay To Live Opportunities in the United States

Tulsa, Oklahoma

Tusla is going all out to attract remote workers and is actively seeking 250 more applicants in 2020.  They have no doubt that you will love it there and have a dedicated Tulsa Remote website with all the details.

Tulsa Oklahoma Skyline

Basically, they are offering $10,000 in cash to help with relocation expenses and a monthly stipend, plus workspace in a shared working environment and a low cost of living rental market in the area.  To qualify you must be over 18 years of age, able to work in the USA, willing to relocate to Tulsa within 6 months, have full-time remote employment or currently self-employed outside of the Tulsa area.


If you are looking to settle on one of America’s most scenic and friendly areas, look no further than the rolling green hills of Vermont.  The state is looking to attract remote workers by offering $5,000 reimbursement of qualified expenses over two years for remote workers who are willing to relocate there.  Qualified expenses can be relocation costs, and business expenses that are not covered by your employer.


This program is not new, not temporary, and not meant to entice new residents, but it is a wonderful financial support program.  For many years, Alaska has shared its profits from natural resources (primarily oil) with all full-time residents of the state.  In 2019, for instance, every resident of the state received the annual dividend was $1,606 per person!  This means that a family of 5 would receive $8,030 in a shared dividend from the state.  This may be an annual windfall that would entice you to move to the wide-open spaces of Alaska.


About The Author:  Julien Chbib is the founder of Julius Homes His interest in hiking, skiing, and adventure holidays made him bring together the choicest accommodations around the globe to make holidays relaxing and comfortable.





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