RV Camper vs Destination Trailer – Which One Is Right For You?

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Recreation Vehicle Questions: What Is a Destination Trailer (And Why Do I Need One?)

What is a destination trailer? It’s the ultimate home away from home that you can park anywhere you want.

We know what you’re thinking and you’re right. That does sound the same as an RV, travel trailer, or any other houselike vehicle for the serious vacationer.  But there are many unique advantages to the destination trailer that make it the superior choice for many travelers. It’s especially appealing to those who are looking for a more long-term stay at the exotic locale of their choice (within driving range).

Want to learn more? Read on to discover what a destination trailer will do for your next adventure.

Your Long-Term Home Away From Home

The main thing that distinguishes a destination trailer from other trailers or recreation vehicles is its purpose. Specifically, destination trailers are intended for very long vacation stays. In contrast, recreational vehicles and travel trailers are designed more for the journey than the destination.

Destination trailers are designed to provide a comfortable living space for an entire season. While RVs are merely “more comfortable than a tent,” a destination trailer is basically an apartment on wheels.  But there’s a thorn to every rose. As implied by the name, these trailers are made to make your destination as comfortable as possible. As such, the travel portion of your trip may be somewhat less convenient.

All the added features of destination trailers make them quite bulky for traveling, especially if you’re planning on booking a hotel stay on the way. So, if you want luxurious comfort mainly for the journey, you’ll be better off getting an RV. But if you’re spending all summer in the Rocky Mountains, or all winter in a warm climate, get a destination trailer from a reputable dealer near you, like Leisurelandrvcenter.com.

RVs at Beach

What Is a Destination Trailer Like?

Destination trailers include extra features to accommodate long stays that other recreation vehicles don’t have. They are self-contained, which means you can live in it and operate it without having to rely on outside resources. They include their own electrical system plus tanks for fresh water and grey and black wastewater.  In other words, you can use all the features of your destination trailer for quite some time without hooking it up or even stepping outside. Even better, you still can choose to hook into water, septic, and power lines if your destination provides the option.

Aside from this, the interior of destination trailers is enormously spacious by comparison. Their square footage and ceiling height extend far beyond that of other campers. Some models even feature multiple bedrooms and bathrooms.

Bring Home With You

With a destination trailer, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for travel. You can bring the comfort of home anywhere you go. Or rather, you can transform every destination you visit into your second home (or third, or fourth, etc.).

The point is, you don’t have to settle for “better than a tent.” You can enjoy homelike solace and the adventure of bucket listing at the same time. If you’re considering buying a vacation vehicle, look into destination trailers in your area.

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