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Whether you are going as a family or you are by yourself, self-drive holiday is one of the best ways to explore the breathtaking sights of the Cape York Peninsula and its surrounding areas in the Far North of Queensland, Australia. You can camp in the forest and take in all that the tropics have to offer. What better way to do so than in a caravan or trailer equipped with modern amenities and features to make your stay in the forest memorable?

Why You Should Explore Northern Queensland

Cairns and its surrounding towns as well as cities in the Northern part of Queensland are located on the Cape York Peninsula which is a coastal strip that abounds with beautiful attractions. It is an area teeming with lakes, beaches, mountains, bays, rivers, mangrove swamps, rich coastal plains, and so on. A World Heritage site, the Great Barrier Reef, which is one of the seven natural wonders of the world is located here alongside the wet tropical forest. You can see this article to learn more about the area.

Northern Queensland Sites

All of these make the area a popular tourist attraction and many people flock here annually to take in the sights and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.  Moving around the peninsula can be challenging because of the terrain which is extensive and diverse with varying features. You will experience rocky and muddy paths that are filled with lakes making it a not so easy place to navigate. Do not despair, 4WD vehicles are available to make the journey easier and enjoyable for you.

Reasons You Need a 4WD

4WDs or four-wheel drives, which can also be referred to as 4×4 drives, are vehicles designed to weather any kind of challenge that you may encounter on off-road journeys. They are suitable for extreme conditions such as driving along gravel, rocky, and dirt plains which standard vehicles cannot reach. They will get stuck and you run the risk of severe damage to the car. They can be useful for driving on paths where there is little traction, climbing steep plains, driving through lakes and rivers and climbing over boulders.

North Queensland Australia

4WDs, which are mostly found on SUVs and trucks, can either be part-time meaning it is manual or “on-demand” where when you need the four-wheel feature, you engage it by either the press of a button or by manually shifting a gear. Some systems are smart enough to discover when you have lost traction and the 4WD feature kicks in while some are full-time meaning they are constantly on a four-wheel operation. Whichever system you drive, what is important to know is that when you require extra power and traction to navigate mud, ruts, soft sand, etc., you can easily come out any situation and won’t get stuck. This is what makes 4WD the best vehicle for Australian outback.

Features and Amenities to Look For in a 4WD Camper

Apart from the driving prowess and the ruggedness a 4WD offers, it can also be used to provide you with comfort and luxury when you are up in the forest. You can either use one that comes with features that make camping comfortable or you can attach a trailer or caravan to it. They all come with different amenities to make your life comfortable while you focus on enjoying your time out.

Some of the features and amenities of a camper 4WD can include:

  • Navigation systems
  • First aid kits
  • Pantry
  • GVM suspensions
  • Solar panels
  • LED lights
  • Hot water
  • Television and radio
  • Toilets
  • Mattress
  • Winch
  • Camp chairs and tables
  • Roof racks
  • Awning
  • Freezer and fridge
  • Outdoor kitchen and so much more.

For people that need more room, trailers can offer the above and with further features and amenities such as:

  • Queen size beds
  • Skyward deck hatch
  • Hot water system
  • External pull out kitchen
  • Internal heating and fans
  • External hot and cold showers
  • Storage

Added to the above, caravans can offer you features such as

  • Air conditioning
  • Washing machines
  • Triple bunks
  • Ensuite toilet and shower
  • Electronic awning
  • Fully equipped kitchen
  • Microwave
  • Bike carrier

There is also the hybrid option that combines the features of a caravan with the 4WD to form a single unit. Any of these options can go anywhere in Australia no matter how tough the terrain is.

Hiring a 4WD – Know Before You Go

It has been established that as a tourist to Cairns and the Cape York Peninsula or anywhere in Australia for that matter, you need a rugged and capable vehicle to take you around to different places. Since you will not use the vehicle or trailer often, it is wiser to get a rental for the short period you need it. To help with the ride and adventure, some companies and businesses provide 4WD hire services. You can visit http://roam4wdhirecairns.com.au to learn more about how to go about hiring one.

The beauty of hiring is that you do not have to do anything aside just hoping in and driving because everything is set and taken care of so that you can concentrate on enjoying your adventure. You have all the features plus amenities as well as the information you need to make your trip comfortable and enjoyable so much so that you will not miss home. If you are with your family, it is all the more enjoyable and merrier.

Hiring a 4WD offers you flexibility as you can stop the vehicle wherever and whenever you so desire and spend time there till you move to the next adventure point. It is recommended that you book for your vehicle early so that you do not get disappointed as lots of people go on holiday and sometimes book 4WDs as early as a year or more in advance.

Also, when getting a 4WD camper, ensure you check that everything is made available including tool kits and spares before accepting delivery. If the company needs to fix anything, ensure you document it and let them know. You can also ask for a replacement if you feel uncomfortable with the vehicle.


Camping can be so much fun especially when you have all that you need and that is what a 4WD camper provides you with; toughness, style, and comfort. There are many options and features available to choose from to help you enjoy a great experience. What you need to do is ensure you hire your vehicle in advance from a trusted rental company so that your adventure can be memorable.

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