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7 Top Pet-Friendly Destinations You Can Travel Post Lockdown

Pet Friendly Travel Destinations

The COVID-19 pandemic has been hard for all of us as it has caused lockdowns in most countries across the planet. It has been very hard since most people can’t move out freely without landing in trouble. Also, nobody wants to get the virus hence the need to stay indoors.

Like most people, you are probably planning to travel to different places after the lockdown to catch a break from the long time you have been under restriction in the house alone or with your family and close friends. There are innumerable places where you can travel today, but that list can be quite shorter if you want to travel with your pet. Here are some of the best places that you should consider visiting post lockdown that are very pet friendly. Check them out.

Visiting The United Kingdom With Your Pet

The United Kingdom has very few rules concerning traveling with a pet, mainly because most Brits love cats and dogs. Many people traveling to the UK carry their pets along. However, depending on where you’re travel from, you might have to enter into quarantine for a specific time if you do not comply with the very reasonable UK Pet Entry Requirments.

Pet-Friendly Places To Visit in Britain

Newhaven port, the Crich Tramway Museum, and the Newlyn Art Gallery are some of the best places you can visit with your pooch. You can even travel to the north or the south of the Scottish Highlands using a train because the National Rail System allows pets, especially dogs of all sizes, on the train and the stations.

If you love visiting parks, the good news is that there are several in the UK that you can visit or walk with your pet. The British Isles have very green spaces where you can relax or play with your pet. However, if you have a dog, make sure it has a dog harness to reduce the likelihood of it bumping on other people when jumping around or disturbing other people relaxing on the parks or even on the roads.

Visiting Germany With Your Pet

Travel With Pets

If you want to witness a perfect example of how people should treat animals humanely, Germany is the best place to visit. Check the pet entry requirements for Germany in advance of your journey.  Berlin city is home to the most prominent animal sanctuary in all of Europe. It contains about 2000 animals, including horses. There is also a strict no-kill policy in Germany hence making it the perfect place to own a pet or visit. Most citizens here understand that pets, especially dogs, are a huge part of everyday life and therefore deserve much respect.

Pet-Friendly Sightseeing in Germany

Like other pet-friendly places in the universe, Germany allows people to enter public transit with their pets provided they have a leash, so they don’t disturb anyone. You might also need a muzzle when traveling with a pet, but it is not always necessary.  You can even go with your dogs to your dinner dates in many restaurants around the country. However, larger breeds might not be very welcome in some hotels. You will see people even going to the store and shops with their pets as it’s never an issue.

Berlin is the best place to visit in Germany as it has many exciting places to check out, including parks where you can take your pet for a walk. If you plan on visiting the beach, then there are several pet-friendly beaches you should consider, especially those on the Baltic coast. You can also walk along the Bavarian Forest with your pet, which can be exciting and adventurous since you will have some company.

Visiting France With Pet

Pet-Friendly Travel Destinations

France, precisely Paris, is undoubtedly among the most popular destinations that many people dream of visiting. If France is one of the best places you’ve looked forward to visiting in your lifetime, then the good news is that you can even carry your dog along. Just check the pet entry requirements for France.  Taking a pet is always fun because it keeps you company reducing the likelihood of feeling lonely, especially if you don’t know anyone.

Most people here own dogs, and you will see a good number going with them, even inside restaurants. It is sporadic to see someone leave their dog outside when entering a restaurant or shop.  You are also free to travel around the country with your pet on a leash and not an excellent carrier. So, you now have no excuse why you can’t go with your cat or dog to France.

Visiting Switzerland with Your Pet

Switzerland is usually quite stringent when it comes to pet ownership. If you are a first-time owner, then you are required to take your dog to a training course recommended by the government. However, once your dog is fully registered and trained, you can take your dog along to different places.  Be sure to check the Pet Entry Requirments for Switzerland in advance.

Restaurants are even more pet friendly here as they often offer your dog some water after you sit down, which is fantastic.


Norway is another amazing place you should consider visiting after the lockdown to catch a break from all this. Although not all pets are welcome in Norway as some breeds are banned, you can most likely travel with your dog to this beautiful destination.  Be sure to check the Norway Pet Entry Requirments to be sure you are in compliance.   You will also find hotels to stay easily because there are many pet-friendly ones, especially in Oslo.

If you love taking a morning run with your pet, you can still do the same while on vacation. There is lots of open space in Norway where you can do all that without anyone bothering you.

Visiting The Netherlands With Your Pet

The Netherlands is well-known for being very cyclist-friendly, but some cities like Amsterdam are usually pet-friendly as well. If you plan to visit the Netherlands, be sure to consider visiting Amsterdam where you will find many other enthusiastic pet owners.  Check the Pet Entry Requirments for The Netherlands before taking your trip.

Pet-Friendly Places To Visit in The Netherlands

Restaurants offering outdoor dining and even regular dinners allow you to bring your leashed pet. Shops also allow pets, but it is always best to ask the owners before getting inside to avoid any issues if they don’t like dogs or cats in particular.

Oosterpark is a great park that you can visit with your dog in Amsterdam. This park is split into 2 parts; a children zone and the other where dogs are very welcome hence making it an excellent spot to visit.

Visiting Italy With Your Pet

Pet-Friendly Travel Destinations

Italy is one of the most popular countries to visit in Europe.  Travelers come to tour the historic architecture and experience La Dolce Vita! It is also a very pet-friendly country, making it enjoyable to travel with your pet and move around in hotels, restaurants, and stores.  Research in advance for all the Pet Entry Requirments for Italy.

Pet-Friendly Places To Visit in Italy

Northern Italy is considered more pet-friendly compared to the south. Rome, especially, is very pet-friendly, more so to dogs than other pets. You can bring your dog when visiting some tourist centers and even on trains without a carrier. However, you might be asked to pay a fare for the pet but at a lesser price.


A pet is always unique to the owner, which explains why most people love traveling with them. Although there are several places, you can visit, but not all are pet friendly. In this article are the most interesting ones that you should consider. Therefore, do some more research on them and see which one seems like an excellent fit for you and your pet.

About The Author:  Rebecca Siggers is a Travel Blogger and a dog mother. She enjoys writing about dog care, dog harnesses, and healthy pet care. She has been working as a freelance writer for quite some time now. Through her writing, she hopes to influence as many people to love paw animals.


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