Fun Ways Avid Travelers Cope With Travel Restrictions

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Travel Planning Tips

Fun Ways Geeky Travelers Cope with Travel Restrictions

Travel Planning Tips

The novel coronavirus has thrown a wrench into countless travel plans. Given the virus’s highly infectious nature, millions of people have opted to help flatten the curve by staying home and placing big trips on the backburner. While having to cancel or postpone a trip can certainly be frustrating, there’s no shortage of ways for dedicated geeks to stave off boredom. Being stuck at home for the foreseeable future may be less than ideal, but with the help of the following pointers, geeks who have been bitten by the travel bug will have no problem keeping themselves entertained until the pandemic has run its course.  So let’s look at some fun ways to cope with travel restrictions.

Start Planning Your Next Big Adventure 

As devastating as the current pandemic is, it’s not going to last forever. While staying home is the right course of action to take in the present, this doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to travel again. If you can’t shake the urge to embark on a big trip, why not start planning your first post-pandemic travel excursion?

The more time you have to plan, the more enjoyable and fulfilling a trip is likely to be. If there’s a locale you’ve wanted to visit for years, now is the time to start setting the wheels in motion. For example, if you’re eager to visit one of the world’s most beautiful and historically rich cities, why not start searching for London hotels? Plotting out your next big adventure will also provide you with something to look forward to, with the trip itself serving as a light at the end of a long tunnel.

Indulge in Escapist Fiction 

It’s no secret that geeks have a tendency to become very invested in works of fiction. As any longtime nerd can attest, indulging in escapist fiction can provide people with a safe haven from personal problems and undesirable circumstances. So, if there are any fictional worlds of which you’re particularly fond, there’s never been a better time to revisit them. Conversely, if there are any books, films, television shows or video games you’ve been meaning to check out, take this opportunity to make a dent in your media backlog.

Give Virtual Reality Gaming a Try 

Although virtual reality-based games used to be found exclusively at high-end arcades, the VR experience has become considerably more accessible in recent years. With dedicated VR devices and virtual reality attachments for popular gaming consoles now commonplace, visiting virtual worlds has never been easier. Gamers looking to take a break from their usual surroundings should consider diving into one of the many available VR titles. Whether you’re a fan of science fiction, a connoisseur of horror or an aficionado of high fantasy, virtual reality has you covered.

Of course, this isn’t to say that VR is the only genre of gaming in which people can immerse themselves. There are countless open-world games, dungeon crawlers and RPGs designed to provide gamers with hundreds of hours of entertainment. If you’ve ever been curious about massive multiplayer online role-playing games (MMORPGs), being stuck at home is the perfect excuse to give one a try. In addition to providing players with immersive, ever-expanding gaming experiences, MMORPGs enable people to easily connect with fellow gamers. So, if social distancing has left you feeling lonely or isolated, online games may prove helpful in your efforts to meet new people.

Embark on a Virtual Vacation 

Gaming isn’t the only thing VR headsets are good for. Virtual tours of exotic locations around the globe are readily available for a wide assortment of headsets. Depending on the tour you select, you may even be able to explore your desired locale at your own pace, thereby adding another layer of realism to the experience. While virtual vacations may not be quite as satisfying as real-life travel, they’re often the next best thing.

Having to cancel or postpone a highly-anticipated travel excursion can be equal parts depressing and disappointing. However, by accepting the cancellation in stride, you’re effectively doing your part to curb the spread of the novel coronavirus – in addition to protecting your own health. While being stuck at home is often synonymous with boredom, there are numerous ways for lifelong geeks to make the most of these strange circumstances.

Let Social Media Take You Away

Social media sites like Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest have proven to be a terrific escape mechanism for quick visual escapes to new places.  You can spend some happy time browsing through beautiful pictures and reading interesting articles about destinations that are new to you and ones that you are yearning to visit again.

Follow some of your favorite travel bloggers and well-known travel companies to get a steady feed of new travel ideas.  Some of our favorites are JohnnyJet, Travel and Leisure and Lonely Planet.

Join some fun travel groups on Facebook.  We have a group called Where I’d Like To Be Today that posts inspirational photos of wonderful places all across the globe.  Just do a search on Facebook for ‘travel groups’ to find similar communities to join and share your pictures with other travel enthusiasts.

And let’s not forget the all powerful YouTube for travel inspiration and instant escapes!  Just do a search for ‘travel video’ or ‘travel drone video’ or your desired travel destination and you will find dozens of wonderful videos to take you away!


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