Favorite Hikes to Stunning Waterfalls Western in Canada

Johnson Canyon Waterfall Canada

Tips for Hikes to Waterfalls in Western Canada

Canada boasts beautiful and mesmerizing waterfalls globally; there are over 1700 waterfalls in the vast country. Blending well with the towering Rocky Mountains, waterfalls offer attractive features for hiking. This paper provides tips for hiking in Canada waterfalls.

Choosing Your Waterfall Hike

When planning the most enjoyable days away from work or college during your holiday there are many things to consider.  Discovering waterfalls are an incredible way to make your outdoor experience complete, but you have to choose the best waterfall to have significant experience. Hiking to a scenic waterfall will leave you with beautiful memories as long as you choose one appropriate to your hiking abilities.  You can choose from many highly-rated waterfalls online through the waterfalls of the Canada website and here are our choices for some of the best waterfall hikes in Canada.

Waterfalls Near Calgary

Summer seasons are always the perfect time for experiencing beautiful sceneries while enjoying outdoor activities with your family and friends. Calgary’s three major waterfalls come in at the top of the list of places to visit.  Even during the winter, people use the hiking trails for snowshoeing and cross-country skiing, making the Calgary waterfalls suitable for hiking all-year-round.

Troll Falls

Troll Falls Canada
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Troll falls is a beautiful place for hikers, and many families mostly take their kids to the trails during the summer. The hiking trail is accessible in all seasons of the year.  Most people use the trails for cross-country skiing and snowshoeing during the winter when there is adequate snow. The beautiful view of Kananaskis forest from the courses through to the waterfall offers an enjoyable experience. The hiking trails are many, and you can make a plan for a hike out and back or use the loop option.

Johnston Canyon

Johnston Canyon Waterfall Canada
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One of the easiest and popular trails in Banff is the Johnston Canyon. Covered by the canyon and two waterfalls, the Johnston hike provides the perfect experience for hikers of all ages. The walk is about 25 kilometers from Banff town, and it gives a clear view of the Johnston Creek. Many families and groups hiking around, and it offers round trips for different distances, walking to the lower falls (2.2 km), upper falls (5.2 km), and the Ink Pots covers over 11 km. Hiking trails are available in the winter when covered in ice for winter hiking. The Johnston Canyon trails are busiest in the summer, and you have to visit in the morning to avoid the big crowds.

Elbow Falls

Elbow Falls Alberta Canada
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The trail is always a perfect stop if you are in Bragg Creek, Alberta. When it rains heavily during the spring, water flows faster and creates the big Elbow falls on the Elbow River. The hiking trail involves more walking and has a viewpoint for experiencing the beautiful scenery around the waterfalls. Elbow Falls is a popular destination for families and groups, and they mainly go to the trail to view the waterfalls, making it an ideal spot for kids. Out and back hike or loop are the most used types of hiking on the 1 km trail. Since it is mainly walking on the path, it’s an ideal place to take your dog on a leash.

Waterfalls Near Jasper Alberta

The Jasper National Park is on the north of Banff Park, and the most exciting drives in Canada is the scenic Icefields Parkway between the two towns of Banff and Jasper, Alberta. In Jasper, Alberta, you have an array of things to explore; mountains, canyons, hot springs, forests, glaciers, and lakes where you can stop and take photos s the beautiful scenery. The dreamy sunsets and beautiful night skies complement your summer experience into a memorable holiday. Also, you can start hiking on the trails from Jasper town since Jasper is within the park. There are many dramatic sites to explore in Jasper throughout the year.

Mistaya Canyon

Mistaya Canyon Waterfalls Jasper Canada
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The hiking destination is in Banff National Park, a 90-minute drive from Banff town through the famous Icefields Parkway leading to Jasper. The place gets many visitors, and you have to visit early to avoid many tourist groups. At the Mistaya Canyon, you can have fun with your pet dog on a leash for a walk. The Mistaya Canyon has other beautiful features around like lake Louise, forests, glaciers, and towering mountains. The out and back hike in Mistaya Canyon covers a distance of 1 km at an elevation of 190 feet. There is a short trail to the Mistaya Canyon, a walking distance of 0.5 km, which is super easy for many people.

Before You Head Out On The Trail

D0 Route Research

Most waterfalls in Canada are in the forests or halfway up mountains. It isn’t easy to go hiking in these destinations without proper knowledge of the routes, and sometimes the many different paths do not have necessary marks. Therefore, getting the map of the area around the waterfalls can help you study and understand the directions. When you visit, ensure to carry a GPS and a compass.

Check Weather Conditions

Weather is also a key determinant of your hiking experience. You do not want to go for hiking only to find the weather around adverse than expected. Before visiting the waterfall or your hiking place, learn the weather patterns over a certain period to know the expected conditions.

Be Ready for Snow

Snow is widespread in Canada, especially in the mountains and the places around glaciers. Most waterfalls are around the mountains, and hiking can be challenging if you do not prepare well. You must be ready to encounter snow while hiking around the famous Niagara waterfalls Canada.

Take Trekking Poles and Boots

Everyone would want to have the best hiking experience in Canada. Hiking involves walking along rocky paths and stepping on many injury-causing things. If you are visiting hiking parks, carry trekking poles to help you climb raised places with easy. Also, boots are essential to protect your feet from injuries.

Ask People on the Road for Advice

You cannot get all information about Canada waterfalls yourself, especially if you are touring that place for the first time. Many people on the road may have useful information that you do not know about the site you are visiting for a hike. Therefore, it is advisable to ask for advice from people living around the town.


Canada boasts rich of many scenic hiking destinations, including waterfalls. During the summer vacation, you can visit some of Canada’s best destinations for a memorable holiday. However, you have to plan and know the place you want to see. Equip yourself with essential materials for hiking.


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