Best Steps to Maintain Your RV Camper Awning

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RV Awning Care

How to Maintain and Keep Your Caravan Awning in Top Condition

Got a caravan that equipped with an awning? Do you recall the last time you cleaned it? And when was the last time you thoroughly inspected it? If you don’t recall when, that means it has been a while since you did.  Here are important steps to your RV Caravan awning care.

RV Awning Care

So now, it’s time to check and clean your caravan awning so it’s ready for another season. Read on to learn how to maintain and keep your caravan awning in top condition. Doing so would save you money versus having to buy a new one, and caravan awnings can be expensive. Thus, you have to be more conscious of maintaining it before it’s too late.

Regular Cleaning Steps

Pull down the awning and then clean your fabric with clean water. Ensure you allow it to dry well and completely before you roll it up again. Otherwise, you might grow mold and mildew. Before you set out on a trip, do this in advance. This will ensure you leave with a clean and dry awning for your outing.

It is best to clean your caravan awning monthly. Even if you don’t use your RV, you still have to clean it regularly.  Storing your RV for a long period can make your RV prone to mildew growth. Stains can also develop over a long period of storage. Hence to avoid these, hose your awning once in a while. This will keep your awning clean. It will help prevent the mildew and stains from setting in.

Deep Cleaning 

Once in a while, you need to do a deep cleaning on your caravan awning. Don’t use harsh or overly strong detergents. These types can remove the waterproof and mold resistant coating of the caravan.

What can you use instead? You can use a lightly chlorinated water solution. Use 1: 10 bleach and water solution. There are also specialty RV awning cleaners you can buy. Apply this evenly to the fabric. Roll up the awning. Leave it for 10 minutes. Then re-open it and hose down with water again.

You also have to carefully choose your RV awning cleaner. You don’t get the same result with any regular commercial cleaner. It is better to find a specially made RV awning cleaning solution.

Don’t use oil-based or any abrasive cleaner. If you are not sure what to buy, check with your awning manufacturer. Also, read the product’s instructions carefully. Make sure to follow these.  But don’t worry using awning cleaners is easy. You only have to apply these both on the inside and the outside. Allow it to sink in.  Tip though is to roll the awning up so you can distribute the cleaner better. Wait for several minutes. Gently scrub the fabric. Rinse on both sides of the fabric.

In cleaning, use a softer brush to help avoid scratching. You can also use a sponge or soft cloth in cleaning. Don’t scrub an acrylic awning. For water, use cold or lukewarm. Again, allow the caravan to fully dry before you roll it up again.

Inspect Your Awning 

Once in a while, you should thoroughly inspect your awning fabric and frame. This is important to see if there are tears or excessive wear. Take a closer look at all of the hardware. Look at the bottom awning brackets support. Also inspect the screws, brackets, and end caps. But please do not remove the end caps. Check the arm pivot holes. Make sure the awning rail is mounted securely.

A closer inspection of your RV awning is very helpful. Minor problems can easily be addressed. You may notice you may need to replace spare parts or accessories. You can buy these online from a reputable supplier with a wide variety of caravan awnings, parts, and accessories.

Repairing A Damaged Awning 

Do you have damaged awning fabric? Does it have a hole or tear in the vinyl? To repair awning vinyl, you need specialty adhesive.  This can give you a long-lasting repair. You can also use clear tapes and patches to repair. These can help prevent your awning vinyl to continue tearing.

You can also use sealants and cloth tape applied to the sides. Putting the tapes around the corners ensure giving a stronger finish. Don’t forget to clean first your vinyl before doing any repair.

Heavy rains can also damage vinyl. Try lowering one corner to assist in water to run down. You can also try straight or curved rafters. These supply the added tension. It can also serve as wind de-flappers.  In some situations, patching is not enough. If the damage is big, you may already need full vinyl replacement. It is better to get the vinyl on the roller. It’s easier to swap over and replace. The price is not so high versus the fabric.

Hardware can also be damaged. This is due to the windy climate. You can’t control the winds that can put pressure on the awning. Components can break because of such situations.  Don’t worry, you can still buy awning spare parts.  There is a wide variety of caravan awnings spare parts you can buy online.

Buying Caravan Awnings and Spare Parts

In searching for a dealer for caravan awnings and spare parts, look for the expert. RV Parts Express has a wide variety of caravan awnings and accessories. They have branded products from leading manufacturers Camco, Carefree, and Aussie Traveller. At RV Parts Express, you know you are buying the best RV products in the market.

With the Covid virus still in our midst, RV camping will likely remain a popular option for family getaways.  Before taking to the highways, be sure your camper is in tip top condition.


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