Top Day Trips From Bangkok Thailand

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Bangkok Day Trips

Top Day Trips To Take While Visiting Bangkok Thailand

Bangkok Day Trips
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Each and every trip from Bangkok is distinctive in its own way. Therefore it is only suggested to plan some activities. Most tours are extremely excellent with a guide. Don’t let yourself be frightened, there are lots of reputable providers who will make your excursion more fascinating! The costs are very good value for money. Furthermore, a day trip is much easier since you don’t have to bother about getting there and back. Listed below are five perfect day trips from Bangkok.

Ancient Siam

Ancient Siam tries to depict the entire of Thailand in a few square kilometres, with replicas of many sights from all over the kingdom.

Bangkok Thailand Day Trips
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What is exceptionally pleasant about Ancient Siam is that the sights are in the centre of a well-kept park, and it is possible to check out everything by cycle. Regardless of 700 Baht pp’ high entry fees, Ancient Siam is a perfect day trip point from Bangkok and a must-see for every visitor to Thailand. A bicycle is included when you enter. You will find a small floating market in Ancient Sam with tasty and not too pricey food. You can get to Ancient Siam from Khao San Road’s tourist area in just under 1.5 hours by bus No. 511 to Pak Nam Market (Pak Nam Talad). There you turn to a songthaew. The bus drivers are fully aware of if you say “Muang Boran” Ancient City.

Day trip from Bangkok – Ayutthaya

If you are searching for the history of Thailand and wish to witness unique buildings, you need to make an expedition to the city of Ayutthaya, about 60 km from Thailand capital and can be reached by train from Bangkok to Ayutthaya. The spot is known as after a kingdom from the Middle Ages. It thus remains a well-liked spot for visitors in Thailand. The temple Wat Phra Si Sanphet is especially worth seeing. This temple is a place of prayer. It was used by the Thai royal family several decades ago. The whole area is constructed with typical Thai temples, but additionally, there are some wrecks of previously temples that stood at the same place but were damaged with time. In 1350, Ayutthaya became the second Siamese capital in the kingdom. The metropolis continued to be an essential seat of Thai power up until the Burmese occupied it. Nowadays, it’s a UNESCO World Heritage site and a fascinating assortment of antiquated chedis, pagodas, and temples.

National Park Khao Yai

Bangkok Top Day Trips
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If you are seeking an economical venture destination near Bangkok, you have found a great spot in the Khao Yai National Park. Because for fairly little money you can not only backpack and adore the nature of Thailand but also do a number of other activities. Tours by bicycle are especially well-liked here. There are actually different paths that can only be utilized by mountain bikes so that you aren’t required to bother about having to stop repeatedly for tourists who’re walking.

Along with various waterfalls, the native creatures are especially worth viewing here. Due to the fact no matter whether different types of monkeys, wild cats and elephants, everything can be found here. So if you have always desired to see uncommon animals up close in their natural environment, the Khao Yai National Park is definitely the right spot for you.

Erawan waterfall

Located in the national park of the same name is the Erawan waterfall. Erawan waterfall, which is a great place to go for an excursion. Admission to the park is about 11$ for adults and 7.5$ for kids, but you get a great insight into the most fantastic nature in Thailand. If you would like to visit the waterfall, you need to have a short hike for the spectacular sight with which you will be compensated. As soon as you get there, you can be pleased that the water at the waterfall is sufficiently warm for swimming throughout the year.

Day Trips Bangkok Thailand

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The morning is perfect for a visit. But even in the afternoon, it is not so congested that the other people would become a shadow on this excursion. If you don’t desire to make the journey yourself or book a rental car, you can also book a guided trip, that may be an advantage when you are there for the first time, as the guides know precisely getting to the waterfall immediately.

Kanchanaburi and Bridge Over The River Kwai

River Kwai Day Trip
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One more place that is certainly suitable for a day trip is Kanchanaburi. This place is about 130 km from Bangkok. Along with the Erawan National Park, there are many ancient monuments of Thai history in this place, which primarily connect with the Second World War. But even those who are interested in souvenirs can find what they are trying to find in Kanchanaburi. Once you have viewed all the sights, you should undoubtedly spend some time to visit one of the city’s karaoke bars in the afternoon or evening, because here it is possible to chat with the Thais and make new friends rapidly.

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