Exotic Timeshare Destinations To Surprise and Delight You

Bawah Reserve Indonesia

The World’s Most Exotic Destinations for Timeshares

Did you know that nearly 10 million people in the United States own one or more timeshares?  Although many people are heading back into quarantine for the flu season, it has never been a better time to plan for the future.  With enough time, you can create a vacation itinerary that you’ve always dreamt of, without settling on a location. Continue reading to discover which exotic destinations have a timeshare for you to enjoy!

Lapland, Finland

Lapland, located in Finland, is one of the best exotic destinations to buy a timeshare in.

The Levin Iglut Golden Crown is a popular place for people to buy timeshares because of its spectacular views. You can make an igloo your warm and cozy home for part of the year and look at the northern lights dancing in the sky. Beautiful greens and blues will shimmer above you, giving you the best rest and imagination boost!

During the warmer months, you can visit Lapland for horse-back riding trips and golf games.

Bawah Reserve, Indonesia

For those of you wanting travel destinations with soft sands and sunny skies, the Bawah Reserve is an excellent choice.

Bawah Reserve Indonesia
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The turquoise waters and sunsets that occur on this marine conservation in India are a sight that you will never forget. This destination is so exotic and remote that you must take a seaplane for more than an hour to get there. If you are looking for a timeshare that will reconnect you with nature and wildlife, check this place out.

Fun activities to try during your stay in Bawah are snorkeling, stargazing, and boating.


No matter where you are in Iceland, it is always a good place to get a timeshare.

Iceland Exotic Timeshares

Iceland is one of the most breath-taking places on the planet and each season has its perks. While you are vacationing in Iceland, be sure to check out the Silfra fissure. This is where the Eurasian and North American continental plates connect. The water is so clear that you can see to the bottom and there are dormant volcanos nearby.

The best part about Iceland is that there are always good restaurants to dine in and you can even see the Northern Lights. Visit https://lonestartransfer.com/ to get out of a previous timeshare, and relocate here!

Cappadocia, Turkey

A timeshare destination that will surely pique your interest and curiosity is Cappadocia, located in Turkey.

Cappadocia Timeshares

Have you ever heard of fairy chimneys? Fairy chimneys are all over the grounds of Cappadocia, are you can take a hot air balloon to see them! Many geologists recommend getting a timeshare here because there is so much to explore. Not only can you float above these rock formations that look like the top of a fairy home, but you can go below. There are cave systems below ground and subterranean towns that will make you want to stay for weeks!

Consider These Exotic Destinations for Your Getaway

There are many exotic destinations to consider when selecting where you want to get a timeshare.

If you are wanting to gaze at the Northern Lights, Iceland and Lapland are a good choice. Cappadocia and the Bawah reserve tend to be a bit warmer throughout the year and will keep you busy on your vacation. Don’t be afraid to explore new areas around the world, after all— now is the time for planning.

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