Ultimate Guide to The Legendary Castles of Scotland

Legendary Castles Scotland

Ultimate Guide to Scotland Castles You Would Be Astonished to See

Legendary Castles Scotland

Traveling is one of the most inspiring and engaging things you can do. You discover new cultures, new habits, and new people. The experience of traveling comes with a lot of positive emotions and boosts your mood.  Sadly, this has been stopped for the present time by the world pandemic. Now people are forced to spend more time inside and many countries have imposed travel restrictions. No one knows how everything will evolve, but one thing is sure, our desire to travel to new destinations like the legendary castles of Scotland has not been deminished.

Scientists and experts are working on finding a solution to keep the virus under control so traveling will be allowed again.  For now, having more time to plan a trip can be enlightening and the joy of anticipation will be great. Planning a trip fosters more positive emotions, which can help people get through these difficult times.

Scotland is a country rich in history, amazing landscapes, myths, beautiful lochs, and a lot of castles. Even though there are not so many left, historians say that there were over two thousand castles in Scotland. Some of these castles are now ruined or have only a few bricks left, but others have kept their charm over the years. They have been built in strategic points to help protect the communities and now they offer incredible views over the highlands of Scotland.

So, let’s look at the most astonishing castles in Scotland.

Edinburgh Castle 

Edinburgh Castle Scotland

Edinburgh Castle is the most popular castle in Scotland, probably because it is easily accessible if you land in Edinburgh. It is full of history, as firstly it was a royal residence. But starting with the 17th century, it was used by the military and now it houses royal expositions. The most interesting fact about Edinburgh Castle is that it survived many attacks during its history. In fact, this castle is the most attacked one in the UK, so visiting it feels like a walk back in time.

The castle is located between the Old and the New Town of Edinburgh, offering spectacular views over the city. Depending on the season, its schedule is different, but you should know that it is open all year round.

If you visit it, make sure you check the National War Museum, the Museum of Royal Regiment, and the Edinburgh Care Hospital. All are located inside the castle, along with many other museums where you can learn more about the history of the castle and Scotland. Make sure to not miss the West Princes Street Gardens, right near the castle where you can discover amazing fountains and relax.

Ardverikie Castle 

Ardverikie Castle Scotland

Ardverikie Castle is a castle you will be astonished by. Even though its style says that it is more like a baronial house, it looks like an amazing castle. It was built in the 19th century and it was made famous because many TV series was filmed here. Among the most popular ones is The Crown by Netflix and Monarch of the Glen by BBC.

It takes you about 3 hours to reach it by car from Edinburgh, but the journey is worth it. Keep in mind that you are asked to leave your car in the parking and you need to walk about 5 kilometers on foot. And the best thing about this castle is that you can sleep here.

Booking your accommodation in advance will reserve a seat in this amazing castle where you can spend your holiday and explore the surroundings.

Urquhart Castle 

Urquhart Castle Scotland

Urquhart Castle is one of the most popular castles in Scotland. And one of the most visited also, and this is because it offers an incredible view over Loch Ness. Loch Ness is one of the most visited towns in Scotland and this is because of the legend of the Lessie monster.

Although Urquhart Castle is only a ruin now, it was founded in the 13th century and bears a lot of history in its walls. Many clans of Scotland have fought over it over history, but now it is open to the public and becomes one of the most attractive in Scotland.

It is easily accessible by car from Inverness (that is a 3-hour drive from Edinburgh) or by public transportation (the buses run regularly).

Balmoral Castle 

Balmoral Castle Scotland

Balmoral Castle is an astonishing castle and it looks gorgeous. It shows the fine taste of the Scottish architects and it is open to the public only from April to August. Maybe one of the most interesting things about Balmoral Castle is that it is owned by the Queen of England.

The castle became a royal residence back in the 19th century and it has been the property of the Queen since then. So, when the royal family is there, the castle is closed to the public. Be sure to not miss the ponies, the Highland cattle, and catching a glimpse of how living in the castle as a royal look like. It takes you about 2 hours by car from Edinburgh to reach it.

Scotland is full of amazing and astonishing castles that wait for their visitors. These are four of the most interesting and full of history ones which you can include in your Scottish trip.


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