A Yacht Charter in Turks and Caicos Will Rock Your World

Turks and Caicos Travel Tips

5 Reasons a Yacht Charter in Turks and Caicos Will Rock Your World

Turks and Caicos Yacht Charter

Caribbean islands are a major tourist attraction among visitors all around the globe, and Trucks and Caicos is no exception to this. Comprising 40 islands this place has a lot of world-class beaches and is less than 600 miles from Miami. The food is incredible and the views this place has to offer are simply to die for.

The weather in Turks and Caicos is different from other Caribbean countries and thus attracts many tourists throughout the year. The place has one of the lowest annual average rainfalls and has a high percentage of sunny days which makes its beaches a must-visit place to spend quality time.

Luxury tourism is the primary source of income for the island. Turks and Caicos have a wide range of places to stay from all-inclusive resorts to rental luxurious villas and quiet hotels. The real estate and investment market has also expanded in the region in recent years. Planning to visit Turks and Caicos, then, yacht chartering is highly recommended for the visitors. Here are the top 5 reasons how chartering a yacht will amplify your trip’s experience.

Visit uninhabited island and beaches

Turks and Caicos are best known for their beautiful beaches. People around the globe visit to see the world-class beaches it has and still, there are some beaches that go undiscovered as they are lesser-known than others.

Little water cay and Water cay are the two uninhabited and undeveloped islands near Half Moon Bay beach. Hiring a Turks and Caicos Yacht is the best way to visit these islands and enjoy the serene beauty.

Turks and Caicos Islands

Little water cay

This island is also known locally as ‘Iguana Island’. Island is the home of rock iguanas that used to cover most Turks and Caicos. The island is roughly 456 meters from Providenciales and can reach this island via tour boat or kayak. Many local companies offer packages to visit Iguana islands, but be aware of currents in between Providenciales and Little water cay

Water cay

This is one of the best beaches in Turks and Caicos and there is no doubt about this. It is a popular boat cruise destination as it is close to Providenciales. One of the best places in Turks and Caicos to do kayaking, paddle boarding and put on a BBQ.

Turks and Caicos Travel Tips


Snorkeling and Fishing

What sets apart the Turks and Caicos from any other place popular for the beaches is that each site here has something different and new to offer. You can see small sheltered reefs that support reef fish, barrier reefs with yellow sea fan beds, the deep blue ocean off the wall, and many more wonderful things.

Snorkeling with dolphins and whales will be an unforgettable experience with these sea mammals. A snorkel guide is always there to guide you and point out many interesting sea creatures that we don’t notice sometimes. Snorkeling or go kayaking along the miles of coral reef, watch colorful fishes, lobsters, and enjoy your ride. The best thing about having a yacht is that you can do fishing anywhere and whenever you like and enjoy the calmness of the sea in the company of your loved one. Make sure to add this one to your list when planning to visit Turks and Caicos.

Mangrove Cay

Planning to visit Mangrove cay, then, hiring a private boat charter Turks and Caicos is the best way to enjoy this beautiful location. The uninhabited cay has the unique red mangrove, trees with twisted roots, and protected waters. The best way to see this wonderful place is by guided water tours. There is nothing as compared to paddling the crystalline waters and seeing wonderful sea creatures like baby sharks and starfish. Having a guide will surely enhance your experience and it is recommended to ask for one, it is always beneficial to have someone local by your side.

Scuba diving and water sports

Turks and Caicos Travel Tips

Turks and Caicos have a lot to offer for every tourist planning to visit this wonderful place with beautiful beaches. Scuba diving, snorkeling, windsurfing, kiteboarding, and other water sports will surely add to your travel experience. Every year, many water games tournaments are held and tourists all around the globe visit to witness and participate in these events.

For those who haven’t done SCUBA diving, the Turks and Caicos Islands will provide them with the experience of their lifetime. Yacht chartering with a local experience operator will certainly add to the diving experience as the guide knows all the less explored places that can make the scuba diving experience a memorable one. Local experienced scuba diving operators will get you through PADI certified course and relieve all your stress or anxiety you had about scuba diving

Island Cuisine and Local Rum

There is no better way to enjoy a place than having native food and refreshments. Popular common dishes like conch, with fresh local fish, lobster is a must for every tourist whether foodie or not. You can always look for the best local restaurants that offer a variety of native food so that you don’t miss anything.

Yacht Charter Turks and Caicos

However, there are some yachts chartering services that offer the best native food and mouth-watering dishes while you sail across the water and have a fun time with your loved ones. A grilled lobster with the calm sea all around, music and few tropical drinks is the dine-in experience of the lifetime.

All these above mentioned 5 reasons are enough to emphasize the fact yacht chartering will prove to be an experience that you don’t want to miss. Add yacht chartering, kayaking, snorkeling, BBQ, and other fun activities to make your trip a memorable one. There are a lot of yacht services available that you can book in advance or even when you are on the island. Looking for Turks And Caicos Beaches Deals for a perfect family vacation or a fun trip with friends email your requirement at [email protected] and these guys will surely give the best offers for your trip.

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