Great Ideas For Having Creative and Artistic Vacation Experiences

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How To Discover Creative and Artistic Vacation Experiences

Artistic Destinations

There are all sorts of reasons to travel. Maybe you want to escape how humdrum your life has become. Perhaps you can’t wait to explore this very unpredictable world. Maybe you’re interested in seeing more of a culture, and really deeply exploring it first-hand. Maybe you just like chasing good weather, or perhaps you like chasing bad weather. Many love nothing more than seeing a majestic view, as you ski down the side of a mountain. That’s all great. But one topic that’s rarely discussed is that of the inspiring travel adventure, one geared at giving you artistic insight and appreciation for this beautiful world around us. No matter if you’re a writer, a painter, a musician, or a strange combination between many disciplines, seeing the world first hand can be tremendously empowering and uplifting.  After all, if Planet Earth doesn’t serve as your muse – what can? In the following post, we discuss a few tips, tricks, insights and guidance to help you make the most of your vacation or travel experience to experience the creative side of travel.

Follow Your Inspirations – Visit Places Of Importance

Shakespeare Theater England

Visiting places of importance to you and your craft can be a great idea. For instance, a young, budding playwright might wish to visit the birthplace of Shakespeare in Stratford-Upon-Avon, soaking in the sights and sounds that he may have, centuries ago. It could be that you just wish to visit the most beautiful works of art in the world, such as the Sistine Chapel and its amazing ceiling. It’s good to feel inspired in life, and to visit inspirational places of of era’s past that help you feel wonder. Why is this? Well, in the modern world, it’s very easy to only live life through a screen. This can sometimes lead you to believe that there’s nothing new on Earth, and nothing can move you. But see something in person and it’s hard not to have an emotional or inspirational reaction. We’d recommend you do exactly that, following the landmarks of your choice. They can really help inspire you, gain great historical context, or they may simply help you think outside of the box you may have been stuck in for some time.

Consider Living Abroad

Provence Marketplace

Many people fail to recognize just how living abroad can completely upend their worldview, but it happens. It could be that you decide to rent a property and work on your novel, soaking in the sights and sounds of a culture you’re writing about. That kind of primacy experience can be a wonderful idea, provided you keep your attention on your surroundings. Living abroad can also help you disconnect from the current place of your life. People in Spain, for example, are known to enjoy a much slower pace of life than those in the United States. This can be ideal for a new impression of how life works, which is always good for artistic expression. More than this, heading somewhere new for a few months, or even years, could potentially give you more disciplined time to work on your magnum opus, as it were. Furthermore, this way, with a purpose and a motivation behind you, you’ll be more likely to make the most of your travel experience  – which may involve exploring the environment, meeting the locals, eating and drinking with them, and going out of your comfort zone. If art is anywhere to be found, we’d say it’s to be found exactly then and there.

Go On A Pilgrimage


Of course, there are many ways to define what a ‘pilgrimage’ might be in practice. Like visiting areas or landmarks that are important to you, heading on an artist voyage can help you curate the best possible trip, perhaps with something beautiful at the other end. Maybe you wish to travel to Marrakesh, for instance, seeing the beautiful buildings and history there, writing about it and using that experience to generate a wonderful short story. In some circumstances, a real, actual pilgrimage route can give you a wonderful trip through a wonderful location, such as the Camino De Santiago walk, known to monks, artists, tourists and the locals alike. A lovely rite of passage as an artist can help you become more and more professional, and it may even help you grow as a person. Don’t feel this as too indulgent – good art always is.

Follow Creative Passions and Pursuits

Cultural Travel

Think of a food tour, and how that might be organized. First, you decide on what cuisine is most important to you. This might be Italian. Okay, so you plan to head to Italy. Then, with your partners in tow, you plan which restaurants, pizzerias, Michelin-star establishments and amazing product areas, such as where they produce Parmesan in Modena, are worth your time to explore. You’re traveling and engaging with this wonderful culture, but you also have a baseline purpose, which is to eat as much beautiful and world-renowned food as you can. If you don’t leave the vacation a few kilograms heavier, you’re lucky. A creative pursuit can work in the same way. For instance, Bon Iver, when creating his hallmark album For Emma, Forever Ago, famously spent time in a remote cabin of Wisconsin, spending time in nature, soaking in the landscape. You can do the same thing, if only more active. You might spend some time in a stationary area, as suggested by our guidance to rent a property. You might decide to visit a list of Churches in a city, learning the history, expressing this as research for your novel. A creative pursuit as a throughline that helps you decide where to go, who to speak to and how to challenge yourself is always a great, fundamentally exciting idea. So why not go for it, when our travel opportunities open up once more? That could be a worthwhile adventure for any budding artist to have. With this advice, we hope your fully artistic traveling experience not only bears fruit, but is memorable for years to come.

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