Chase The Sun To Tropical Hot Spots That Are Warm All Winter Long

Tropical Hot Spots

Tropical vacation spots are known for their sparkling beaches, enthralling sunsets, lush green palm trees and a very blue ocean. But a lot of our readers might be wondering if it is possible to enjoy such weather now when winter is slowly setting all over the world. Well as it turns out, it is pretty much possible to enjoy the warmth of such vacation spots even in winter, thanks to them being situated in places that are warm year-round. Let us, therefore, look at some of the best of these tropical escapades located in warm climate countries.

Canary Islands, Spain

Canary Islands Spain

Located off the coast of northwestern Africa, this group of volcanic Islands has made for itself quite the name as a tropical winter destination. Based on the kind of activity or sport you are looking for, there are a number of different islands situated close by. The average winter temperature of the isles is 22-degree Celsius, whereas the coastal areas and southern part of the islands, such as that of Tenerife and Gran Canaria, receive a fair bit of warmth in winter.

Goa, India

Goa is located on the southwestern coast of India and receives a very short winter, making it a favorable tropical spot to spend a quality time in winter. So much so that the months between October and February form the busiest season for the tropical destination with days that can be as warm as 29-degree Celsius. Whether you are looking for water sports like scuba diving and snorkeling or planning to enjoy Portuguese architecture and the attractive nightlife, this little Indian state has everything to offer.

Fiji, Polynesia

Fiji Travel Tips

The long stretches of beaches with palm trees on all sides can be experienced as well in the winter months as in the summer due to the largely tropical climate of the region that can be as hot as 30-degrees Celsius in the day. The warm days even in the winter months will ensure that you do not miss out on enjoying diving activities that will introduce you to the vast coral reserves located around the archipelago. The fact that this South Pacific archipelago has more than 300 islands in it, should inspire travelers to explore some of the lesser-known isles instead of the already popular islands like Mamanucas Islands, Yasawa Islands, Robinson Crusoe Island, etc.

Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico

The Yucatan Peninsula, a tropical tourist spot that separates the Gulf of Mexico from the Caribbean Sea, experiences its winter months from November to February and stays about 28 to 30 degree Celsius warm. The peninsula is widely popular among explorers and hikers due to its tropical rainforests and Maya ruins. The regional cuisine of the place will pleasure the foodie inside you with dishes like Cochinita pibil, Sopa de Lima, Panuchos, etc. Try visiting a local eatery to enjoy most of the must-try dishes of the region.

Maldives, South Asia

Maldives Travel Tips

Known widely for its clean white sand beaches and enthralling blue ocean, Maldives is a primary tropical vacation sport located in the Indian Ocean. Make the most of the long sunshine on the beaches and over the shallow lagoons in summer as this group of islands maintains more or less the same temperature range throughout the year. First-time travelers should not forget to catch a taste of the delicious Indo-Maldivian cuisine which has popular dishes like Boshi mashuni (banana flower salad) and Garudhiya (fragrant fish soup) to offer. Travelers to Maldives may however find it a little difficult to adapt to the humid climate and the change in time zones. Such travelers should go through this guide on getting better sleep while travelling through Southeast Asia.

Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

There is no way that we are going to leave out Punta Cana while listing the best tropical destinations to look for in the winter. Located in the eastern part of Dominican Republic, this region is most popularly known for its white sand beaches and clear blue waters. The days in the coldest month of winter can get as warm as 27-degree Celsius which makes it a dream tropical destination for newlyweds due to its reputation as a romantic escapade. A trip to this resort town will ensure that couples never find themselves short of luxurious accommodations at an affordable price. To find mattresses that offer the comfort of luxurious hotels at a reasonable price range, go through Inside Bedroom.

Bora Bora, Tahiti

Bora Bora Tips

The average temperature during winter in Bora Bora remains around 25 degrees Celsius and receives a fair bit of lesser rainfall than the wet season, making it the perfect time to visit this island in South Pacific. This French Polynesian island has much to offer for the traveler looking for a tropical escapade such as lavish resorts, clear turquoise waters, diverse fish and corals, gorgeous sunsets, beachside bars, etc. The best part about the islands for most travelers remains the overwater bungalows that provide direct access to lagoons and have become synonymous with the name of the region.

Hawaii, USA

Hawaii is loved for its weather that remains more or less similar throughout the winter due to its proximity to the equator. The winter season (Hoolio) in Hawaii experiences days that on average are around 25-degree celsius. This US state makes it a preferable and unique tropical destination due to the presence of active volcanoes, long beaches, diverse sea life, and traditional Hawaiian cuisine among other things. While you are there during winter, do not forget to participate in the annual Waikiki Holiday Parade that takes place on the Friday after Thanksgiving to commemorates Pearl Harbor.

Vietnam, South East Asia

Vietnam Waterfalls

This tropical destination with an average winter temperature of 27-degree Celsius presents itself as the perfect place to relax all year round. Don’t wait for the warm climates to arrive, dive in straight into this heaven of lengthy sand beaches and revel in the beauty of the clear waters. Vietnam has a wide variety of activities to offer: indulge yourself in museum tours and refreshing temple visits in the capital city of Hanoi or explore the islets of Ha Long Bay that are present with amazing limestone mountains.

Bottom line:

You know that you need a trip to a tropical escapade when the bleak flame of the fireplace in winter is no longer proving sufficient. So, do not wait for the summer to begin working on your vacation checklist because tropical spots around the world have a lot to offer even in winters.

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