7 Astonishing Countries You Can Afford On A College Budget

Backpacker Destinations

7 Astonishing Countries Anyone on a College Budget Can Afford

College years give you the freedom and lenient responsibilities to travel around the world. However, the cost of traveling keeps most of the students at home. Perhaps you should consider getting cheap dissertation writing services online to free up time and allow you to go exploring and to travel the world.

Backpacker Destinations

Some countries have made it easy to travel on a budget and as a student. It happens through cheap tourism amenities like hotels, transport, and reduced entry fees for many attractions.  International travel is also rewarding because you get to visit some of the most amazing attractions around the world. What are these countries that are pocket friendly for student travelers?  Let’s take a look.


Thailand is famous for its affordable lifestyle, delicious street food and swinging beach parties.  Each of its idyllic islands has a rich serving of beauty and plentiful activities. Traveling to Thailand as a student also helps you to interact with some of the most diverse and fascinating cultures in the world. There are a lot of beach-huts that are open to tourists and offering some of the most rewarding experiences.

Accommodation and travel to Thailand is available at an amazingly low price. Though the country has been on the tourism radar for quite a while, there are also amazingly new places to visit away from the tourist centers. If you love nature, you can hire bikes and ride to the mountainous region for a breath of fresh air. It is one of the most amazing destinations for back-packers.


This south pacific island nation is famed for its beautiful scenery and friendly people. It has one of the most diverse tourism offerings with accommodations for all types of travelers from luxury honeymooners to budget-minded backpackers. The beaches seem endless even as you interact with some of the easiest people to befriend around the world.

Some resorts in the most picturesque and appealing destinations can be surprisingly affordable. The beaches are memorably pristine with world-class diving amenities. The restaurants serve tasty seafoods and fresh fruits and vegetables are in abundance.  An affordable trip to Fiji will be your most memorable memory as a student.

South Africa

South Africa appears to have its hands wide open to back-packers and student travelers because of the offers you get. It is one of the rare countries where all the big five can be found within a single drive. It is so connected that a student traveler can still keep up with assignments and friends while watching elephants and buffalos in the park.

Tourism amenities for student travelers are so cheap that it feels like you are traveling free of charge. The guides are English speakers, making communication easier. You also get to see where the Atlantic and Indian oceans meet, shark migrations, and enjoy a lot of sea activities. The country also has one of the most diverse education systems, giving you a new perspective of education around the world.


The Southeast Asia countries offer far beyond what it promises with air-conditioned rooms at $20 and a plateful of the tastiest meal at only $2. Transportation from one end to the other is the cheapest you can imagine. The entire trip could see you spend less than $50 a day yet have more than you ever imagined.

Cambodia offers a combination of history, nature, and amazing manmade attractions. The friendly people will take you to Angkor Wat Ruins, the Khmer Empire temple, and the national museum with its unrivaled archeological collection. The Gulf of Thailand has one of the most undefiled coastlines you can imagine. It is a real paradise for student travelers and backpackers.


A lot of attention goes to Brazil and Argentina at the expense of Uruguay, one of the most amazing destinations in South America. The neighbor is often ignored, leaving you with a lot of space and time to tour pristine destinations. The country has endless beaches, vineyards and ranches avilable to travelers.

Uruguay is also a haven for food travelers. They will enjoy some of the most amazing steak anywhere around the world. Cabo Polonio is a notable mention with its wildlife diversity and quiet environs. The old capital of Montevideo will amaze you.


It is easy to argue that China has left the league of cheap countries to travel only if you are talking about the major cities. These cities have been exhaustively covered such that there is little to see. Hostels cost less than $20 a day. You will get a tasty meal at $2-$3. The country also offers one of the most seamless blends of tradition and modernism. Take your chances with China.


Egypt is famous for its pyramids but there is more to the North African country than you can imagine. Whether you are looking to camp by the Mediterranean Sea, Suez Canal or River Nile, the options are endless. Activities along the longest river in the world are endless. You also get a taste of the world history by visiting pyramids or the one-of-a-kind museums in the capital. You create memories that are impossible to erase or replace.

The best years to travel the world are during college days. Do not allow workload in class or a lean budget to stop you. See the world before work and family responsibilities bog you down.

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