Guide to Essential Factors For Choosing The Right Tent

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Important Tent Tips

Important Factors to Consider when Choosing a New Tent

Important Tent Tips

So you’ve decided that 2021 is going to be the year when you and your family take to the great outdoors and start camping? Then it’s time to invest in some quality equipment. As your biggest purchase will be your tent, you’ll want it to last for years. Consider the factors below to ensure you make the best choice for your specific needs.


When choosing a tent, size matters.  How many people are likely to use it, and how long will your camping trips be? A good rule of thumb is to choose a tent size which will fit 2 extra people. That is,  if there are two of you, choose a tent for four. This provides more space to move around, and takes into consideration how much kit t you’ll want to store inside.

If you’re opting for a more specialized tent, such as one which attaches to your  SUV, you’ll be able to use the interior of your vehicle as a sleeping are, so the footprint of the tent can be smaller. Review sites such as can help you assess the pros and cons of SUV-adapted models.

If you’re only going to be camping out for one night, you’ll mainly use the tent for sleeping. For longer trips, you’ll most likely have more equipment and spend more time inside it, so a larger space will be more convenient.


When are you planning to go camping?  In summer, lightweight fabric and plenty of ventilation is key in preventing from you getting too hot and stuffy.  If you wanty to camp throughout the year, look for a ‘three seasons’ tent which will see you through most types of weather.  However, if winter camping is your thing, or you’re in altitudes where snow is likely, a heavy-duty winter tent is the only sensible option to protect you against extreme climatic conditions.


You want to spend your time enjoying the great outdoors, not struggling to erect a complicated tent.  Before selecting, find out how many people will it take to put up the tent. How long should it typically take?  What about setting it up in the dark, or in heavy rain?  Check how many components there are, and if possible, find an instructional video showing how to assemble that model – these days most manufacturers have these on their site or on Youtube.


Related to assembly is ease of transportation. How heavy is your tent in its carrying case, and how easy will it be to transport? How well will it fit in your vehicle?  If you’re planning to camp with a larger party, and have concerns about lifting heavy weights, it may be better to purchase two or more smaller, lighter tents.

Light and Air

Think about the amount of light you want inside your tent, and ensure that your chosen model has enough windows to provide it.  These need to have shades which can provide privacy as required.

Although we often assume tents will have a single door, some models, with two doors, can make entry and exit more convenient, especially when others are sleeping.


Your tent will only be as good as its floor, which has to keep you and your belongings dry.  Consider factoring the cost of a ‘footprint’, or groundsheet, to provide an additional layer of protection, into your budget.  There’s no need to buy from the same manufacturer, as inexpensive versions can easily be sourced online.


Although you may want to start with the basics, as time goes by, you could find it useful to accessorize the tent to increase comfort and range of uses.

For example, a larger awning can be great to provide additional weather protection or to link two tents together. Storage pockets can free up floor space and make items easier to locate.

Another cool way to increase floor space in larger tents would be to use bunk beds, complete with storage pockets, which can also serve as two separate cots.


If your tent is going to last for years, and be a wise investment, quality is all-important. Not only the fabric, but also the strength of the frame, zips and fasteners.  Look for makes that offer the best /warranties

Check out online reviews, from actual users, to learn more about how your chosen model performs in different conditions.

In summary, take your time in choosing the best tent for you and your family and the memories of your great camping trips will last a lifetime.

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